Tetratronic Rippler Mk.4

Cyberdeck        Legendary
tetratronic mk2 cyberware cyberpunk2077 wiki guide

10 Base Ram

8 Buffer Size

6 Slots

♦ Allows you to perform quickhacks on targets and devices while scanning.
♦ Ultimate quickhacks can spread once.
♦ Cost of ultimate quickhacks is reduced by 3.
♦ Upload time is reduced by 75%.
♦ All quickhacks have cooldown reduced by 45%.

Device Hacks

Distract, Remote Activation, Take Control, Breach Protocol, Steal Data, Overload, Friendly Mode, Assist Mode

Tetratronic Rippler Mk.4 is a Cyberdeck in Cyberpunk 2077Cyberwares are implants that players can install, exchange, and upgrade into V's body to obtain passive buffs and various active effects that provide different combat tactics and many more. Cyberdecks allow you to use Quickhacks.


This beauty's fit for champions. How come? Because every element of this deck serves one goal - boosting your most powerful and advanced quickhacks.


Tetratronic Rippler Mk.4 Information

  • Cyberware Type: Cyberdeck
  • Cyberware Rarity: Legendary
  • Cyberware Price: 35000
  • Cyberware Street Cred: 40
  • Special Ability:
    - Allows you to perform quickhacks on targets and devices while scanning.
    - All quickhacks cooldown are reduced by 45%.
    - Upload time is reduced by 75%.
    - Ultimate quickhacks can spread once.
    - Cost of Ultimate quickhacks is reduced by 3. 

Tetratronic Rippler Mk.4 Acquisition

Legendary version can be bought from Kraviz's Clinic at Charter Hill, Westbrook
Street Cred Required: 40

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Tetratronic Rippler Mk.4 Notes & Trivia

  • The spread effect for Ultimate quickhacks is unaffected by everything that increases spread count. They will spread exactly once.
  • The 75% upload time reduction makes quickhacks like Contagion spread extremely fast.




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    • The best cyberdeck in the game second to none. Suicide, Detonate Grenade, Cyberpsychosis, all spread to an additional target and faster. There is nothing better than this. And nothing more powerful than this cyberdeck in the game.

      • Anonymous

        Does the ultimate spreading stack with other abilities that increase spread (such as legendary contagion, or perks)?

        • Anonymous

          I went to that shop and it wasnt there. Did they randomize after 1.5? Is there a mission where this is lootable?

          • Anonymous

            I testet all Cyberdecks and to be honest with legendary Quick Hacks (ping) every fight feels unfair and you can clean everything easyly.
            But this cyberdeck is a total different level! With a bit of cyberware and skills there is no more upload time or even cooldown. The ultis cost 1-2 RAM and you get back more ram per kill than the ultis cost.

            And you can respec and get back 8 skill points easyly as you don‘t need more dmg or crit dmg, more spread (doesn’t work) or several other skills.

            • Anonymous

              Don't use contagion with rippler... it somehow conflict with that ultimate spread which isn't supposed to. Rendering contagion to spread once even with plague perk

              Btw i tested this in 1.04 dunno about 1.05

              • Anonymous

                I just tried it with Ultimate Overheat, and didn't manage to get 2 close enemies burning. I also have Ultimate Contagion equipped, Anyone know why Oberheat didn't reach the other dude ? Is this like random or is it suppose to spread everytime ? Thanks choombas !

                • Anonymous

                  While checking out a quickhack inside of your Operating System, it'll say which type of hack it is. Which would either be:
                  Quickhack Type: Combat
                  Quickhack Type: Covert
                  Quickhack Type: Ultimate
                  Quickhack Type: Control

                  • Anonymous

                    I wonder if "Plague" perk applies to the Ultimate quickhacks with this cyberdeck. Anyone tested it already?

                    • Anonymous

                      havent been able to find any note that differentiates normal quickhacks, and the "ultimate" quickhacks, anyone know the difference?

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