The Corpo-Rat

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Arasaka Tower
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Practice Makes Perfect

The Corpo-Rat is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Corpo-Rat can be acquired automatically after starting a Corpo playthrough. Completing  Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 progress the story forward.


Sometimes I wonder what it's like to work for Arasaka, y'know? Way I figure it, it's like playin' Russian roulette for a million eddies. Give it a spin, pull the trigger. You hear it click, you strike it rich, And if you don't, well... the mess is someone else's problem.

So to recap - Abernathy is Jenkins' boss, Jenkins is your boss and he ordered you to off Abernathy. It's a classic damned if you do, damned if you don't situation. You kill her - you're ****ed. You tell Abernathy - you're even more ****ed. Why? Because for the past few years you've been batting for Jenkins' team. If you get the job done, and do it well, you might get a promotion, but forget sleeping at night, because who knows how soon you'll be in someone's crosshairs. Only proves the wide variety of opportunities Arasaka has to offer.


The Corpo-Rat Objectives

  1. Leave the bathroom.
  2. Head to Jenkin's office.
  3. Talk to your old acquaintance (Optional)
  4. Sit.
  5. Talk to Jenkins.
  6. Leave Jenkins' office.
  7. Go to the AV garage.
  8. Talk to Jackie
  9. Read the report on your personal terminal (Optional)
  10. Get in Jenkins' AV.
  11. Deal with the Locals. 
  12. Head to Lizzie's.
  13. Talk to the bouncer.
  14. Meet with Jackie.
  15. Sit with Jackie.


The Corpo-Rat Walkthrough

  • After receiving the call from Jackie Welles, leave the bathroom. Turn to your right and head to the elevators, take the one on your left.
  • Once the elevator reaches the top, leave it and take the left path.
  • You will be meet by a man named Frank, who is an old acquaintance of yours. You can talk to him or ignore him if you like.
  • Either way, keep going to your left. Continue all along the corridor until the end and turn left again. You will reach a lass door, midway through that next corridor. Take it and keep going forward. After the AI grants you access, you can enter the office.
  • Jenkins is in the middle of a meeting when you arrive. After you witness the massacre of the European Space Council, he will be called by Abernathy. Once they finish discussing, talk to Arthur and he will give you a shard that contains information on Abernathy, and ask you to get rid of her.
  • While you are leaving the office, you will be meet by Carter, who proceeds to tell you that he has some reports ready for you. You will call Jackie, and can also read the reports on your personal terminal. This one is an optional objective.
  • Head to the AV Garage, go the left after you meet Carter. Continue going forward until you pass a long walkway. and you'll reach the garage. Jackie asks you to meet at Lizzie's Bar in an hour. Get in the AV to start the journey to Lizzie's.
  • During the travel, you will be contacted by your Life Coach, who asks you if you are doing all right. After landing, three residents will try to intimidate you but you will easily make short work of them.
  • Move forward and turn slightly to the left to reach the entrance of the bar, where you will find the bouncer, Mox. Tell her you don't want any trouble, she will let you in. Head downwards. Go to the dance floor level, and you will find Jackie by himself, on a table nearby.
  • You tell Jackie about the job, but he isn't too convinced of doing it. While discussing it, two Arasaka agents will interrupt you and demand you all the information you have about this task you've been assigned.
  • One of the agents hacks you, blocks your access to company networks and tells you that any company cybernetics in your possession will stop working in two minutes. After surrendering the datashard, Jackie jumps in and the agents retreat with the datashard.
  • Jackie approaches you to check on you. He says you've got your life back and now you can move on from the Corpo life.


 How to unlock The Corpo-Rat


The Corpo-Rat Rewards

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The Corpo-Rat Notes & Tips

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