The Headsman

Power Weapon        Epic / Iconic
385.5 DPS
25-30 Damage
1.21 Attacks Per Second
Bullets can ricochet off surfaces
  • +18-22 Chemical Damage
  • Stat2
Doubles number of projectiles per shot and increases the chance for dismemberment or Bleeding. Increases spread, reduces reload time, reduces rate of fire and reduces clip capacity compared to the base version of the gun.

Upgrade Slots:
  • Scope Slot

The Headsman is an Iconic Power Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. The Headsman increases the number of pellets shot, reduces reload time and grants a chance to apply Bleeding. Iconic Weapons have unique perks often making them better than their regular counterparts.


The go-to choice for when you've lost track of your enemies.


How to acquire The Headsman

Can be crafted with Edgerunner Artisan Perk and loot the spec from the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in North Oak.


The Headsman information

  • Base Weapon: M2038 Tactician
  • Increased number of bullets shot, reduced reload time, chance to apply bleeding.


The Headsman Upgrades

The Headsman has the following upgrade slots

  • Scope Slot


The Headsman Notes and Tips

  • Will be visible in V's apartment on the wall of the storage room if it's in your storage.


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    • Anonymous

      21 Mar 2021 23:02  

      Best shotgun in the game. Aim for the legs if you cant get Center Torso. Ive one shot bosses with this thing its stupid!

      • Anonymous

        31 Dec 2020 17:48  

        Sadly this crafting spec did not spawn for me, instead I got the crafting spec for a legendary crusher. My favorite power shotgun but I was looking forward to the iconic.

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