The Pickup

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
All Foods Warehouse, Watson
Previous Job
The Ride or
The Information
Next Job
The Heist

The Pickup is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Pickup can be acquired after completing The Ride or The Information. Completing Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward. The Pickup is the first main job that provides the player freedom on how to approach the mission. You'll find various guides such as unique interactions and possible scenarios below.


Know what I like about your run-of-the-mill gangoons? They know what they like. Cash, sex, power... maybe just the sight of their enemies' blood. Real rays of sunshine, they are. But these Maelstrom cabrones... ****, never can be sure. They look at you with those creepy-ass toaster faces and you can't get a read of 'em, got no clue what twisted thoughts are racin' through their processors. You ask me, that's why biz with Maelstrom never turns out pleasant. But... sometimes there's just no gettin' around it. Let's grab that spiderbot, yeah? Make Dex proud.


The Pickup Objectives

  • Meet with Jackie.
  • (Optional) Call Militech agent Meredith Stout.
  • (Optional) Meet with the Militech agent.
  • Go to the gate of All Foods.
  • Use the intercom to talk with the Maelstrom.
  • Get to the main production floor.
  • Ride the elevator
  • Talk to the Maelstromers.
  • Defeat the Maelstromers.
  • Pass through the maintenance hall.
  • Turn on the production line to clear the passage.
  • Escape from All Foods.
  • (Optional) Find a way to free Brick.
  • Leave the premises of All Foods.
  • Talk to Meredith Stout or Anthony Gilchrist.
  • Talk to Jackie.
  • Call Dex.


The Pickup Walkthrough

  • He tells you that he is preparing for a big job and wants you to work with him, but first, he needs to make sure you are trusty. He asks you to retrieve a MTOD12 Flathead that was stolen from a Militech convoy by the Maelstrom gang. The gang is hiding inside an abandoned All Food store that they’ve made their hideout. He asks you to retrieve the bot by any means and bring it back to him. He also gives you contact information of a Militech executive, Meredith Stout, that would be interested to gain information about the hit on the convoy. You agree to meet him at the bar “Afterlife” when the job is done.

  • From here you can call the Corporate Agent, Meredith Stout, or continue on your own. (Important Note: Meredith Stout is a romanceable character. If you cooperate with her, you may unlock a side job and spend a night with her. Any gender seems to have access to this encounter )

  • If you decide to call the Corporate Agent, she will agree to meet with you in person to try to make a deal.

  • Go to meet with Jackie Welles again to brief him about the mission. From here you can borrow his car to travel to the place you agreed to meet up with the Militech agent.

  • When you arrive, you will see Meredith Stout waiting for you with a Chevalier SUV and two bodyguards. You can move in alone or decide not to make contact.

  • If you go in and talk, they will hit you and hack you with a lie detector. A prisoner by the name of Anthony Gilchrist will be taken out of the SUV and they will ask you if he has leaked you information about the convoy. When you confirm that there is no relation between you and the prisoner, he will be taken inside the SUV once again and Meredith Stout will try to negotiate with you. You can tell her that you know where the gang that assaulted the convoy is, and you want her to give you funds to buy the bot and then leave her to do whatever she pleases with the gang. She tells you she is after the person that leaked the information and that she doesn’t care about the gang. She then gives you a chip with 50.000 E$ to buy the bot, with the condition that the chip must be placed inside the gang’s terminal. After that, she drives away in the SUV.

  • Go back to Jackie and tell him how things went on. From here, drive to the All Food abandoned factory where the Maelstrom hideout is to continue.


  • You can once again choose if you want to keep the money and take the bot by force or try to buy the bot from the gang by negotiating.

  • If you try to negotiate, you can approach the big door down the ramp, press the intercom and ask to speak to Royce (the leader). They will let you in and you will have to walk through some corridors where you will see automatic turrets and mines prepared. At the end of the path, you will find an elevator that will take you to the office.

  • Once in the office, tell them that you are looking for the spider bot, one of the gang members will ask you to wait while sitting in the couch. Jackie doesn’t feel safe and wants to stay standing. The gang member pulls a gun and points at him. Ask Jackie to sit down and things will come down. The Gang member sits with you and offers you to inhale Reflex Booster. If you agree he will be pleased and start negotiating. Ask him to see the bot, he will do a brief demonstration of the bots abilities. After he is done, tell him you are willing to buy the bot and the gang leader, Royce, will come in and interrupt the negotiation by pulling out a Gun asking what’s going on and who you are.

  • You can choose to initiate a confrontation or try to continue the negotiations.

  • If you continue negotiating, tell him that you have a chip with 50.000 E$ on it. He will accuse you of working for Militech. Tell him that Dexter Deshawn sent you. He will turn around and start insulting Dexter, use this opportunity to draw your gun. From here, he will ask you if you got the money on the chip. Give him the money and he will go to the terminal and insert the chip to check the funds.

  • When Royce inserts the chip on the terminal, a virus will fry the gang’s systems and the door where Royce is will close. Fight with the gang members that remain in the room. Once they are dead, retrieve the Spiderbot Splinter that is used to control the MTOD12 Flathead, load it into your system and the bot will start following you. You can also check the room and find a chest with Budget Arms inside of it.

Escape the Facility

  • There are two ways out of the now sealed room. One way is to hack the door. The other, to disassemble a maintenance using engineering skill panel located on the higher part of the room.

  • If you disassemble the panel, the door next to it will open. You will access a small room with a bed and a violet light. Jump to the upper part of the room and you will find a Conveyor Belt control that allows you to go through the door. From here, you will be on the top part of a big room and you will see 4x Maelstrom Ganger. Jump down and fight your way ahead.

  • On the next room, you will find another 4x Maelstrom Ganger taking cover and firing at you. A good strategy is to use the recent found Budget Arms to shoot through walls and take them easily. On the left, there will be a room with glasses where one of the ganger was taking cover. On top of the table you can find a Kang Tao Type 41.

  • Continue on and behind a door you will find the production room where 5x Maelstrom Ganger will start shooting at you. There are three on the upper side and two on the floor. After the fight has begun, 4x Maelstrom Ganger will appear from the right sealed door shooting at you. Two of them will jump to the upper bridge. Try to use the moving production line to aid you as cover as you move ahead and fight them.

  • Once you’ve defeated all the enemies, pass through the door on the top floor. Follow the corridor and you will stumble into a Maelstrom ganger that is looking downwards. You can attack him from behind allowing you to hack the gang system. After you are done, you’ll find 2x Maelstrom ganger on the lower level. Fight them and continue.

  • Continue through the blast door and on the next room go to the top level. You will find a small office with a chest. Inside the chest you can find 1x Militech M-31A1 AICW.

  • Go back and turn left, you will find yourself on the top level of a big open room where the boss fight will happen. You will see Royce being helped by a ganger to gear up inside an armor exoskeleton. Try to quickly dispatch the ganger and take cover. The exoskeleton provides with a shield that reduces all incoming damage. In order to turn out the shield, you have to fire at the module located on the rear part of the armor. Royce will charge his weapon and fire heat bullets at you. Try to wait until the burst is over to get near him and fire at the module. When he is ready to fight, take cover and repeat. Once the shield is off. Fire at Royce until he is down.

  • Now that the fight is over, you will find a door on the corner of the room that leads outside. There, you will find the corporate agent Meredith Stout. She has come with Militech support to take back the convoy stuff and take out what’s left of the gang. She will talk to you briefly and let you go.

  • Call Dexter Deshawn to tell him the operation was a success and that you will meet him at Afterlife.


 How to unlock The Pickup

  • You'll obtain this quest in two ways, either you tell Jackie that you'll check on the maelstrom issue at the end of The Ride quest or after completing The Information.


The Pickup Rewards

  • Chaos: Iconic Tech Pistol- This is obtained by killing Royce either during the negotation stage or the final fight of this mission.


The Pickup Scenarios

In this job, there are multiple scenarios that you can trigger, depending on the choices you make.

Peaceful Resolution

For the peaceful scenario, V and Jackie basically walk out of the warehouse without the need to fight against Militech or the Maelstrom. To achieve this, you need to purchase the Flathead with your own money during the negotiation scene with Dum Dum and Royce. Provided that you refuse Stout's offer when you meet her or by not meeting her at all.

Conflict against the Maelstrom

This scenario involves V and Jackie escaping the warehouse as they both fight against the Maelstrom boys. To trigger this, you either shoot Royce during the negotiation or purchase the Flathead with Stout's credchip. Either way, you will have to escape via the maintenance shaft and fight your way through the Maelstrom gang members. The catch is, if you allow Royce to survive during the deal sequence, you'll fight him as a boss before you reach the exit.


A Disaster

You read it right, a disastrous scenario. You can trigger this by attacking any Maelstrom member, destroying a turret, or by blowing things up as you enter the main room of the warehouse. This prevents you from triggering the negotiation scene with Dum Dum and Royce.

When this happens, you will need to fight multiple enemies, including Dum Dum, Kurt, and Lars before reaching the lift. Killing the Netrunners, and stealing the Flathead which is inside a small case in the small room to the south. And once you escape, you'll have to do the same where you pass through the maintenance shaft and face Royce before you exit the warehouse.

Conflict against Militech

Basically, you're double-crossing Militech here and the Maelstrom gang will help you in fighting against Militech forces. To achieve this scenario, first, you must meet with Stout and accept the credchip. Now, you either crack it and use the clean credchip to pay off the package, pay them with your own money, or warn Royce about the credchip being infected during the negotiation scene. From any of the three choices you make, the deal with Royce will come out smoothly.

The only thing is, Militech forces will raid the warehouse and you'll have to fight them, only this time, with the help of the Maelstrom gang. And when you're about to reach the end, you will encounter a different boss which is the Minotaurs. The good thing is, Jackie won't just be your only support, Royce will also support V and Dum Dum (if he's still alive).


The Pickup Future Events


The Militech event is what you want to watch out for. If you are after a romance scene with Meredith Stout, then she must prevail over Anthony Gilchrist. Click here to learn more about how to romance Agent Stout. Now, if you meet with Stout before heading to the warehouse, you will find out who comes out as the victor between their struggle when you step out of the warehouse. But if you don't meet with Stout, you won't find her or Gilchrist outside of the warehouse. However, you will still know who gets promoted and who dies behind the scenes.

Now, Gilchrist prevails over Stout if you do the following actions:

  • Meet Stout and refuse her credchip.
  • Purchase the Flathead with your own money.
  • Walk out of the warehouse without the need to fight the Maelstrom.


  • Meet Stout and accept the credchip.
  • Purchase the Flathead with the infected credchip and warn Royce.
  • Or crack the infected credchip and use it to purchase the Flathead.
  • Or purchase it with your own money even after accepting the credchip from Stout.
  • Fight your way through Militech forces along with the Maelstrom gang.


  • Do not meet Stout and head over to the warehouse.
  • Purchase the Flathead with your own money. Or
  • Shoot Royce during the negotiation and fight your way through the Maelstrom.
  • Or just go to the warehouse and start to attack the Maelstrom and cause chaos in the main hall, preventing the negotiation scene.

On the other hand, Stout prevails over Gilchrist if you do the following:

  • Meet Stout and refuse her credchip.
  • Shoot Royce during the negotiation and fight your way through the Maelstrom.


  • Meet Stout and accept the credchip.
  • Purchase the Flathead using the infected credchip or shoot Royce during the negotiation.
  • Fight your way through the Maelstrom.


You'll be able to find Brick the previous leader of Maelstrom who is now imprisoned in one of the cells in All Foods Warehouse. Choosing how to deal with him will trigger a few future events.

  • To start off, you can save him by freeing him from his cell. You can hack the door if you have the required Netrunner skill or by simply using the code to unlock it which can be found from a computer. The code is 9691. Apart from that, you also need to disarm the detonator near the door in the same room and/or the laser mine in Brick's cell.
  • Alternatively, you can just kill him by setting off the explosives or just leave him in the cell.
  • If Royce and Dum Dum dies, you'll encounter Brick during the Second Conflict side job and it will result in a peaceful outcome.
  • If Brick is left to die, you'll meet Patricia in the Second Conflict where things won't really go as smoothly as possible.
  • If you trigger a peaceful outcome during the negotiation between Dum Dum and Royce, you'll meet them again during the Second Conflict job.


The Pickup Unique Interactions

For this job, there are a couple of interactions that you can trigger depending on the Life Path you are playing or if you meet a certain level of an attribute.

Life Path: Corpo

If you chose the Corpo Life Path, you can tell Stout that you know about the credchip having a virus. This will unlock an additional objective where you'll be able to crack it in via the Inventory Menu. Once it's cracked, you can use the clean chip to buy the Flathead from Royce.

Life Path: Nomad

When you meet up with Militech Agent Stout, you can mention to her that you've "jumped convoys before" which implies that you are happy to work for her. And even if you chose the Nomad life path or the other two, you will need to find the manifest that reveals the mole at Militech, specifically the documents from Anthony Gilchrist entitled "Transports - LOA". You'll find it from a computer inside a small room on the west side corner of All Foods. It's on the left side when you reach a large room after going through the maintenance shaft.

Now, if you are able to grab the manifests, and if the outcome is where Meredith wins over Gilchrist, you can sell the data to her as you walk out of the warehouse, and later on, you will receive a reward from her. But if it's the other way around and Gilchrist wins over Stout, you can use the data to blackmail him and tell him that you know he's the mole as you walk out of the warehouse. And later on, he will try to make a deal with you in exchange for V's silence.


Life Path: Street Kid

Just before Dum Dum shows you the Flathead, you can tell him that you know about the Black Lace drug. Additionally, if you've come up with a peaceful outcome, Dum Dum will hand you his inhaler as he walks you and Jackie out of All Foods.

Technical Ability Requirement

If you are at least at Lvl. 8 of Technical Ability and picked the nomad life path, you gain an exclusive dialogue option when you are talking to Jackie outside the warehouse. Here, V suggests to Jackie that he should tune his motorcycle. And by doing so, you'll be able to interact with a tuned-up version of the vehicle instead of the default one later on in one of the Side Jobs, Heroes.



The Pickup Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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      Yeah I accepted the credchip and tried to pay using it but things ended up violent anyways. Did not get Stout at the end so that's either a bug or just not one of the conditions and the wiki is wrong.

      • Anonymous

        As of Patch 1.5, the factory is open to those who ended in with a peaceful resolution. To gain access to the weapon store, you must have 10,000 credits and you must not meet with Stout. After the mission, the store is immediately available.

        • Anonymous

          "Go to meet with Jackie Welles again to brief him about the mission. From here you can borrow his car to travel to the place you agreed to meet up with the Militech agent." Jackie does not give you a car, there's no option to even mention militech unless you went to Meredith first.

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            If you save Brick whilst teaming up with Maelstorm, Brick dies anyway. His grave is found in the cemetery during act 2.

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              There is an Ashura sniper rifle(up to an epic) in Royce's room, you can take it without fighting before picking up Flathead robot.

              • Anonymous

                knocking Royce out instead of shooting him (body requirement of 6/7 I think) will cause Anthony to prevail over stout as well. Pretty much did everything the same as i did the first time around except for that bit and this time I was greeted by Anthony instead of Meredith

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                  You can pass the skill check with Level 6 Technical Ability and receive the tuned up version Jackie's Arch with a quad exhaust; the standard version has a dual exhaust.

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