The Rescue

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Previous Job
Practice Makes Perfect
Next Job
The Ripperdoc
+40 Experience Points
+167 Street Cred Points

The Rescue is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Rescue starts automatically after completing Practice Makes Perfect. Completing  Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Wakako Okada's got us a gig. Fixer got an SOS call from one of her clients, Sandra Dorsett. All signs point to her having been plucked off the street by scavengers. Mother****ers are in the biz of carving people up and selling their implants on the black market. Think it's time we paid them a visit. Whaddaya say, ese/chica?


The Rescue Objectives

  1. Follow Jackie.
  2. Enter the elevator with Jackie.
  3. Talk to T-Bug.
  4. Head to the apartment.
  5. Hack the door.
  6. Follow Jackie.
  7. Examine the woman's body.
  8. Get to the next room.
  9. Sneak up to the Scavenger (Optional)
  10. Neutralize the Scavenger (Optional)
  11. Hide from the Scavengers (Optional)
  12. Wait while staying unnoticed (Optional)
  13. Neutralize the Scavenger (Optional)
  14. Use the path marked by T-Bug (Optional)
  15. Defeat the Scavenger Leader.
  16. Talk to T-Bug.
  17. Find Sandra Dorsett.
  18. Examine the body.
  19. Save Sandra
  20. Carry Sandra to the terrace.
  21. Wait for Trauma Team.
  22. Place Sandra on the Stretcher.
  23. Wait for Trauma Team to help Sandra.
  24. Talk to Jackie.
  25. Enter the elevator.
  26. Call Wakako
  27. Talk to Wakako
  28. Get into the passenger seat.
  29. Ride back with Jackie.
  30. Defeat the Scavengers.
  31. Exit the car.
  32. Go home.
  33. Check your Weapons stash (Optional)
  34. Go to bed.


The Rescue Walkthrough

  • Once the mission start, leave the car and follow Jackie to the elevator. Take the elevator to hear T-Bug's briefing about the mission. You are looking for Sandra Dorsett.
  • Leave the elevator, head straight. Until you reach the door, hack it and enter the apartment with Jackie.
  • Enter the apartment, there is a woman's body on one of the rooms but that's not the one you are looking for. 
  • Head to the next room, there is an enemy in there. Crouch slowly towards him and dispatch him stealthily.
  • Go past the black curtain and follow Jackie, hide beside him. Wait until two Scavengers pass by.
  • Jackie  will ask you to grab the one closest to you. Quietly take him down. Jackie  will take the other one.
  • Turn back and then left, take down the Scavenger near you that's wearing a coat.
  • Crouch, and turn right, go all the way to the end to find one more scavenger. This one is leaning on the lockers. Take him down quietly. Jackie will take down the remaining one.
  • Take the little gap on the right, crouch through it. On your left you will see the Scavenger Leader, you have to take him out.
  • Hack the industrial shutters to distract him and take him down from behind. Turn to your right and follow Jackie.
  • Enter the door where he is standing, you will find two bodies in the bathtub. One of them is Sandra Dorsett.
  • Jack into her Biomonitor, and T-Bug will ask you to pull the shard from Sandra. Doing so enables the communication and the Biomon informs you that a Trauma Team will arrive in 3 minutes.
  • Pick her up and take her to the terrace, until the Trauma Team arrives. Once they arrive, drop Sandra on the stretcher, and wait until they leave with her aboard.
  • Take the elevator back, can call Wakako Okada to tell her the job is done. She warns you about the NCPD locking down the district.
  • Get in the car to get back home. During the journey a van full of scavengers will appear to stop you. Once they are defeated you will reach a police cordon. You can persuade the officer to pass through.
  • Reach your apartment and rest.


 How to unlock The Rescue


The Rescue Rewards

  • +40 Experience Points.
  • +167 Street Cred Points.


The Rescue Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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      Re: opening the balcony window. If you go full stealth you can't. T-Bug opens the window for you when you fight the last scav.

      • Anonymous

        There is a bug with the "defeat the scavenger leader," but it doesn't seem to affect anything. I killed him, and this didn't check off and remained in the mission log, I even tried picking up the body, punching it, and shot him in the head 3 times. Mission still completes just fine though.

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          How do I access the sealed-off room by the balcony? I can see a vending machine and green loot item through the boards in the window.

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