The Space in Between

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Jig-Jig Street
Previous Job
Automatic Love
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The Space in Between is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Space in Between is acquired after completing Automatic Love. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


If I've learned one thing from joyhouses, it's to quit while the going's good. Stare at those fake smiles too long, and all you'll see is misery. As far as clubs go they're all pretty pathetic, but at least it's in their own way. You know the chances of finding Evelyn are close to zilch, right? Like that's gonna change your mind... Anyway, let's go pay a visit to this so-called Fingers. But if we don't find Parker, you owe me a drink.


The Space in Between Objectives

  • (Optional) Call Judy.
  • Go to Jig-Jig Street.
  • Find Fingers' Clinic.
  • Talk to the thugs.
  • Enter the clinic.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • (Optional) Sit and talk to the Joytoys.
  • Find a way into FIngers' office.
  • Talk to Fingers and interrogate him.


The Space in Between Walkthrough

Go to Jig-Jig Street

  • Once you've acquired this job, give Judy a call to give her an update about Evelyn. After talking to her, head to Jig-Jig Street and look for Fingers' Clinic.
  • When you reach the entrance of the clinic, you'll see some thugs outside. Approach them and talk to them. Now, there are a few ways on how to deal with them, kick their ass, talk your way through them, instantly resolve the issue through dialogue if you are playing with the Street Kid background, or if your Body stat is high enough, you can intimidate them.
  • If you want to avoid them, you can also force-open the side door or climb up the window of the upper floor via the dumpster. There is also another fun way to deal with them is to lie about you being an escort and that you need to see him due to a "busted implant".

Fingers' Clinic

  • Upon entering, you'll notice that there are many clients waiting for their appointment with Fingers. Again, there are multiple ways on how you want to approach this so you can reach Fingers - you'll find Judy in the waiting area.
  • If you have the required Technical Ability, you can enter the surgery room via the window in the waiting room and use the grate.
  • Force-open the door that leads to the surgery room, that's if you have the required Body attribute.
  • Talk to Judy until the surgery is finished.
  • Convince the patients in the waiting room to let you cut in line by bribing them
  • Hack the computer so that you'll be called next for the appointment. Or just simply wait for your turn. Either way, you'll be able to meet Fingers.

Fingers M.D.

  • Once you're inside the surgery room, your objective is to have Fingers tell you the information on how to find Evelyn. It's up to you on how you want to proceed, but it's recommended that you try to deal with this job peacefully or ask for Judy's help. It's also best that you try to defend her so that you can build up the relationship if you are planning to Romance her.
  • For example,  choose "[Sit] Start talking or you'll have the Mox to deal with". Followed by "Don't talk to her that way.".
  • If you end up approaching this violently and you choose to harm him, he won't be available as a Ripperdoc later on.
  • You'll complete this job after interrogating Fingers. Or if you punch him.


 How to unlock The Space in Between


The Space in Between Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


The Space in Between Notes & Tips

  • If you have a high body attribute, the option to force open the door that leads to the surgery room will not appear.
  • Notes & tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      The guard near the entrance kills you from one shoot on very hard, one use tech energetic weapon wethout charge.

      • Anonymous

        after talking to fingers there are a few options to get the xbd
        when going downstairs, v says "let me think for a sec" and several dialoge options pop up

        "dark net domain is our best bet" (probably always available)
        "saw a smut shop on jig jig street" (pops op for me even when i never saw the shop before)

        iirc there was another option "ill call wakako" on my first playthrough
        no idea what the condition for that dialoge option is

        • Anonymous

          Fingers has some unique chrome. So if you punch him - you wont get it. I wonder why i cant punch him everytime he doesnt want to cooperate.

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