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The Streetkid is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Streetkid is the starting Main Job of the Streetkid Lifepath. Completing  Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 progress the story forward.


The Streetkid Objectives

  1. Find Kirk on the second floor.
  2. Talk to Kirk.
  3. Leave the bar.
  4. Go to Embers.
  5. Take the elevator to the garage.
  6. Find the Rayfield.
  7. Find Rick (Optional)
  8. Disable the lock using Kirk's device.
  9. Get in the car.
  10. Steal the Rayfield.


The Streetkid Walkthrough

  • You start in front of the mirror of a bar, fixing your broken nose and receiving a drink from Pepe, the bartender. You tell him that someone attempted to mug you. Pepe proceeds to ask for your help, because he owes Kirk money. The deadline to pay him is tomorrow.
  • You accept to talk to Kirk on the second floor. Once you are done with Pepe, turn left and move forward until you reach the video game area, then turn right and take the stairs to the second floor.
  • There you will meet Kirk, along with his thug Big Joe. After a bit of talking, Kirk asks you to steal an Aerondight for him, to settle Pepe's debt. He gives you a device that according to him, will bypass the car's security system. You have to go to Embers and meet with Rick, a friend of Kirk.
  • Leave the bar, to do so, go downstairs and turn right. Once outside, turn right twice and move forward past the homeless, you will meet two guys near a car. One is Padre and the other one is Marcus Barros.
  • Get in the car to head to the Embers. During the travel you will be stopped by a car driven by 6th Street members. A gang member approaches the car and threatens Padre. After a few exchanges of words, the gang member leaves and you can continue towards your destination.
  • Once you reach your destination, Padre gives you his contact information. Leave the car and automatically jump down the bridge. Keep moving forward and turn right once you pass the guys to your left. You will face a few vending machines. Turn right again and enter the elevator.
  • Select the parking in the elevator's menu and you will receive a call from Kirk. You enter the garage and can talk to Rick, who is in the security booth. He tells you that you have 20 minutes to get the car, because that's the amount of time he can keep the cameras disabled.
  • From the security booth, move forward and turn to your left to find the Aerondight. Use Kirk's device to bypass the car's security system. Once you enter the car, you'll realize something's wrong.
  • Outside, Jackie Welles will point a gun at you, and prompt you to leave the car. Immediatly, the NCPD will arrive at the scene and arrest both of you. After a conversation with Kaoru Fujioka, the owner of the Aerondight, a cop knocks both you and Jackie out.
  • You will appear on the street, with Jackie. After talking with him, both of you decide to go to have lunch together.


 How to unlock The Streetkid


The Streetkid Rewards

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The Streetkid Notes & Tips

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