They Won't Go When I Go

they wont go when i go side job cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide

Job Type
Side Job (Major)
Previous Job
There is a Light that Never Goes Out
Next Job
+667 EXP Points
+1501 Street Cred

They Won't Go When I Go is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. They Won't Go When I Go can be acquired from Rachel Casich, wait for her to call after completing Sinnerman or There is a Light that Never Goes Out. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


Well, whaddaya know. This corpo-slut from the crucifixion BD wants you to come back to give her star a pep talk, massage his ****ing shoulders and whatnot. Normally I'd tell you to drop it, find something more fun to do, but... I dunno, seems like this Jesus freak could really use your help.


They Won't Go When I Go Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Talk To Vasquez.
  • Go Inside the Braindance Studio.
  • Talk to Rachel.
  • Talk to Joshua Stephenson.
  • Help Joshua record the BD.
  • Take the hammer and nail.
  • Wait by the cross.
  • Nail Joshua to the cross.
  • Sit on the chair.
  • Stay with Joshua until he dies.
  • Talk to Rachel.


They Won't Go When I Go Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

The Messiah

  • The quest continues from the previous quest chain Sinnerman. V enters the NCPD cordoned area and speaks to Rachel Casich. Rachel directs V to speak with Joshua Stephenson.
  • V has a choice in dialogue to interact with Joshua Stephenson. When talking to Joshua Stephenson, V has the choice to either agree to nail Joshua to the cross during the Braindance recording, watch as someone else nails him to the cross, or refuse altogether and simply leave the area.
  • V's choice may impact the reward received at the end of the quest. The compensation will depend on the success or failure of the braindance. And in order to obtain a success rate, you need to make sure you pick the correct dialogue lines during the previous job: There is a Light that Never Goes Out.
  • Leaving the area without speaking to Joshua Stephenson will fail the mission and V will not receive a reward. After choosing to either watch the crucifixion or participate, Rachel will call V the next day and transfer the Eurodollars into V's account.
  • When you sit down and talk to Joshua, tell him that he's a true rebel, a true revolutionary. And when he asks you to pray, just go with it and pray in your own way. Shortly after, Rachel arrives and Joshua asks you to be the one to nail him on the cross. Agree with it.
  • Now, follow him to the cross, take the hammer and the nail and crucify him. Now, wait and stay with Joshua until he dies, and then talk to Rachel to formally close this job - your reward will be compensated to V's account later on when you receive another message from her.


How to unlock They Won't Go When I Go Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

There are two ways to trigger this job:


They Won't Go When I Go Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077

  • +667 EXP Points
  • +1501 Street Cred
  • A small amount of Eurodollars if the braindance is a failure.
  • A large amount of Eurodollars if the braindance is a success.


They Won't Go When I Go Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major side job.
  • You can easily reject this job just by answering Rachel with "You're on your own." when she calls.
  • To identify how the braindance will succeed, check the previous job, There is a Light that Never Goes Out.


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    • Anonymous

      This quest needed more of Johnny. I really liked how hyped he was about just getting you into the cop car.

      • Anonymous

        This mission has two interpretations. If Joshua is a true believer, then he's simply trying to exercise his religion by choosing his mode of death in the hopes of helping others find salvation.

        If he's full of it, he's trying to show people that the Christian god doesn't exist.

        In both cases, it's revolutionary and he died in the name of his beliefs either way. The corp still makes money either way too harkening to evangelic capitalism and the passage by Joshua's makeup station is about vanity and value of life which makes me think that Joshua (depending on whether or not he's a true believer) either had doubts and sought out a passage about his situation or he wanted to read what people had to say about life and vanity in the Bible.

        This quest is pure world-building. What is religion like in Night City? well, some people believe, some don't and people have varying faith just like now. Only in Night City, people are under a dystopia and religion is more rare because of it and people can become their own gods via technology and/or money (The Arasakas, Johnny Silverhand, Alt Cunningham, V). Is it really that much of a miracle for Jesus to rise from the dead if V can too? Is Saburo or Alt Cunningham gods for living forever? What's an exorcism if Johnny Silverhand can posses V? Is Silverhand a demon? Is Silverhand in heaven or hell and his engram just a really smart Alexa bot(is his engram just a bot with a downloaded personality or is his engram literally his very soul?)?

        • Anonymous

          Kinda funny that photomode is conveniently unavailable during the prayer and crucifixion parts and it's revealed next to the bible passage that the guy Joshua killed won the lottery, but can't claim it.

          • Anonymous

            Maybe it's due to my personal bias against Judeo-Christian Mythology, but I really didn't "Get" this quest.

            I assumed throughout that it was satire honestly, meant to poke at the hypocrisy of being "Saved" by a higher power, and the idiotic idea of Objective Morals.

            Guy wants to Murder the Murderer of his wife, he is just a Murderer, he is no better than the man he wants to kill.
            He dies.
            Original Murderer has been "Saved by God" and wants to spread the "Love" of Christianity.

            He dies making a BD re-enacting the crucifixion of Jesus, something that in ANY OTHER CONTEXT, would be an XBD like the ones tailored in the "Dirty Biz" sidequest... but this one is getting publicity and funding from an actual studio? Just due to some stupid religious reasons?

            This HAS to be satire commentating on religious zealotry yeah?

            But throughout all of this it's using the drama music, and acting like it's some big reverential hard-hitting story beat...

            It just makes no sense.

            • Anonymous

              I'm mildly irritated that they actually implied crucifixion involved nails. The Romans just used rope. Tie the victim to the cross (or more likely some tree that is vaguely cross shaped, that's cheaper) and they will inevitably suffocate. Nails are pointless, and I'm not even certain they would even work.

              • Anonymous

                The imagery, the music, the plot - everything about this quest is superb. It's likely one of the greatest side quests in the game.

                • Anonymous

                  Through Zuleika Joshua finds the love he never had before, so he wants to be Jesus, by being nailed to the cross, every customer who experience his thought might have a chance to understand what salvation be like, and finds the love they all had but somehow lost living in Nightcity.

                  And that brings you another question : if you just killed you him at first, will you still be saved? Or just another lost soul wandering around Nightciry?

                  Agreeing Joshua’s faith or not, I personally think this side quest is one of the best in game.

                  • Anonymous

                    I did everything and finished 'There is a light that never goes out', did not accept the bribe, but I never got a follow up mission. Its been literal weeks since I did the mission so there must be more to it then what it says here.

                    • Anonymous

                      I don’t know why it says V won’t be able to push through with the nailing, I was able to do all three without hesitation.

                      • Anonymous

                        Weird quest, no good rewards. Not sure the point of even having it in the game?
                        Could have actually made a good mission out of this but its just dull. Character dies, nothing else comes of it.

                        • Anonymous

                          May it be fucked up. But it feels underdeveloped. As many convo points there are it still ends the same. This one quest really, really needs more ways to finish it.

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