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Main Job
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I Walk the Line
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Ghost Town

Transmission is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Transmission can be acquired after completing I Walk the Line. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


It actually ****ing worked. Working with the Voodoo Boys, Brigitte... It leads us straight to Alt. Looks like your troubles are over, kid. Fixing your head is gonna be a walk in the park for Alt, that I guarantee. You just do what Brigitte says for now - I'll handle the rest.


Transmission Objectives

  • Return to Brigitte to accept her offer.
  • Follow Brigitte.
  • Get in the ice bath.
  • Complete Never Fade Away.
  • (Optional) Escape the Voodoo Boys' hideout.
  • Leave the chapel.


Transmission Walkthrough

The Cyberspace

  • To progress the objective of this job, you need to accept Brigitte's during the "I Walk the Line" job. If you refuse, you'll have to return later on. But most likely, she'll be gone and you need to contact her again. Only this time, you'll have to meet her at the chapel.
  • If ever you did refuse, you still need to accept her offer to progress the quest. Now, follow Brigitte to the chapel where you'll enter deep into the Voodoo Boys' den. After asking Brigitte what her deal is, get in the ice bath and you'll enter the Cyberpace and enter a flashback of Johnny just like in "Playing for Time"
  • From here, you'll play as Johnny in this flashback sequence "Never Fade Away". A job where you attempt to rescue Alt Cunningham.

Never Fade Away

  • You'll find yourself back at The Hammer where Johnny and his band were playing. Go to the dressing room and speak to Kerry. Here, you'll meet Alt Cunningham who is the love interest of Johnny. The dialogue options that you choose here won't have any impact on future events, so just answer as you see fit. Choosing either "You're confused. Get the f*** out of here" or "[Grab] That this meant something? Well aren't you imaginative" will make Alt treat Johnny harshly in future quests. (You'll know you got the good result if Johnny has the option to walk Alt home in the alley)
  • After the romance sequence with her, you'll both head outside and some thugs will approach you. Either way, if you fight or run away, Johnny gets knocked out and Alt gets taken - shortly after, Johnny awakens at a Riperdoc clinic.
  • Speak to Thompson who's also at the clinic and look for Rogue at the Atlantis. You'll find her in a private room of the bar on the upper area alongside Santiago. If you're having trouble, speak to the bouncer in the club to ask where she is.
  • After trying to convince Rogue to help, a group of agents from Arasaka will interrupt the conversation and try to take Johnny in. From here, you'll have to fight your way through Arasaka's forces and escape Atlantis. Once you're out, get in Johnnys Porsche and you'll still have to fight off the pursuers.
  • Simply finish the flashback sequence and exit the cyberspace to obtain your next objective which is when you're back as V in the Voodoo Boys' den.

Ally or Foe

  • Now, how this quest ends will depend on how you interacted with the NetWatch agent back in "I Walk the Line". As mentioned, there will be consequences if you took the agent's offer.

Taking the NetWatch agent's offer:

  • If you took the offer, you'll basically betray the Voodoo Boys.
  • You'll find all the netrunners of Voodoo Boys dead and you'll have to fight against the rest of the gang members as you exit the chapel.
  • Eventually, you will encounter Placide and you will have to fight him. After you defeat him, just grab the keys from his body and to open the chapel's door, and leave. This completes the main quest.

Rejecting the NetWatch agent's offer:

  • If you rejected the agent's offer, you'll walk out of the VDB's den peacefully, provided that you do not provoke them or attack them as you head out. Again, you'll complete this job when you leave the church.


 How to unlock Transmission


Transmission Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


Transmission Notes & Tips

  • The mission's name is a reference to a Joy Division single by the same name.


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