Transportation in  Cyberpunk 2077 is not limited to the player owned vehicles but also has a diverse public transportation available if the need ever comes up. This page would list said companies or entities that entails that part of Night City.


Transportation in Night City.

Taxi Services

Night City has three popular taxi services.

Red Cab, Inc- It is the largest taxi company of the city which focuses on its ground car fleet. Due to the sheer size their avg waiting time is within five minutes after hailing one.

Aerocab- Though more smaller and more expensive than its competitors. Its fleet of aerovehicles that use the city's air traffic makes it distinct. Its airborne capacity makes it more safer than ground cars due to gang members' lack of airborne capability threatening its passengers.

Combat Cabb- In comparison to its other taxi competitors, Combat Cabb relishes on the danger of Night City uses that as a distinct company advantage. It is the preferred taxi service for the extremely hairy situations and places due to their extremely skilled battledrivers and more armed taxi vehicles. Also they are the only taxi service that services to all parts of Night city.


Car Rentals

Honda-Avis - Rented out Metrocars that charges per day.

Renta-Robo- AI operated car rental that charge by milieage.



Night City Transit Corporation

The night city transit line is the bus operating for the city. The buses  are equipped  with driver operated anti-personnnel fragmentation belt around the suspension line, and cabin mounted sleepgas sprayers for passenger prtotection.

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