Tyger Claws

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Turf Watson
Estimated Gang Size 5,500

Tyger Claws is a Gang in Cyberpunk 2077. Gangs are the various groups that take hold of different areas of Night City. From technology-obsessed fully cybered gangs, combat obsessive warrior "tribes," and even gangs centered around cults, there is a diverse array of Gangs in Night City in 2077. These ferocious beasts are not to be trifled with without impunity.


Japantown is Tyger Claws’ main territory. No question. From illicit entertainment embedded deep in the red light district, to wholly legitimate services on the surface, these tattooed, katana-wielding gangsters know how to squeeze cash from over-stimulated pleasure seekers looking for a ‘good time’. Try to defy them, though, and you’ll lose more than just money.



Tyger Claws Information

  • Estimated Gang Size: 5,500
  • Turf: Westbrook, Japantown & Charter Hill. Watson, Kabuki & Little China.
  • The Tyger Claws, a clan of Japanese origin, is influenced by style and is intimidating in appearance. This ruthless gang who practices violence is located in Japantown. Katanas, street bikes, and lustrous tattoos are their trademarks.


Tyger Claws Related Quests

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Tyger Claws Related NPCs

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Events & Choices Related to the Tyger Claws 

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Tyger Claws Notes & Trivia

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