Until Death Do Us Part

Gig Type Thievery
Location Westbrook (Charter Hill)
Requirement Street Cred Rank 1
Reward 375 XP / 843 Street Cred / €$1860

Until Death Do Us Part is a Gig in Cyberpunk 2077. Until Death Do Us Part can be acquired from Wakako Okada. Completing Gigs in Cyberpunk 2077 earns you experience points and may reward you with some items.


Until Death Do Us Part Objectives

  • Steal the shard with Emilio Gutierrez’s depository receipts.


Until Death Do Us Part Walkthrough

  • walk


 How to unlock Until Death Do Us Part

  • Quest Giver: Wakako Okada
  • Location:  Apartment on Palm St.


Until Death Do Us Part Rewards

  • Rewards


Until Death Do Us Part Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here



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    • Anonymous

      28 Dec 2020 01:05  

      There is currently a bug where you may not be granted access to the elevator, rendering you unable to complete the quest.

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