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Violence is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Violence becomes available after completing Search and Destroy and when you receive a message from a mysterious client. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


Violence Objectives

  • Meet with the mysterious client at No-Tell Motel.
  • Talk to the client.
  • Go to Riot in the evening and ask for Liam.
  • (Optional) Ask about Liam.
  • Find proof of Liam's betrayal.
  • Go to the VIP area.
  • Check the cameras linked to the computer.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Steal the club's surveillance data.
  • Call Lizzy.
  • Talk to Lizzy.
  • Get rid of the body


Violence Walkthrough

Liam the Betrayer

  • This job becomes available after completing Search and Destroy and after receiving a message from a mysterious client.
  • When you do receive the message, head over to No-Tell Motel in Kabuki, Watson. In the meeting room, you'll find Lizzy Wizzy. Speak to her to formally start the job. She'll basically ask you to find proof regarding Liam's betrayal.
  • Head over to Riot club between 6 PM and 6 AM or skip the time if you want to. When you're at the front of the club, speak to the bouncer. Additionally, if you are playing with the Street Kid life path, you can ask for access to the VIP area where Liam is.
  • If you're playing a different Life Path, then just head inside the club and speak to the bartender. You can bribe him or intimidate him so that he tells you where Liam is.
  • To reach the VIP section, ride two lifts, one from backstage and the other one which is adjacent to the secondary lobby. If you have the required level of Intelligence, you can also hack the door terminal that will lead straight to the secondary lobby from the garage area. Upon reaching the VIP area, you now need to acquire data revealing Liam's betrayal.
  • Now, there are two ways for you to eavesdrop on the conversation, if you stay behind the glass door of the VIP lounge, you can listen in until the conversation finishes. Or, you can remotely take over the nearby surveillance camera, zoom in to the two, and listen to the conversation.
  • Alternatively, if you carefully double jump from the guardrail toward the stage up to the VIP section, you can speak to Liam directly.
  • Take note that you can also interrupt their conversation and convince Liam to pay you in exchange for your silence. However, if you stay too long or if your dialogue options end up with Liam feeling threatened, you'll trigger a combat sequence.
  • Once you have the data, call Lizzy Wizzy. You now have the option of either lying to her or telling her the truth about what you discovered. If you chose "You were right, an affair..." this will automatically end the quest. However, if you choose "It's worse..." then the quest will continue and you will have to wait for another call from her.

Dispose the Body

  • When Lizzy gets back to you, return to the No-Tell Motel and question her about what's going on, before the conversation ends, you will need to decide if you want to continue helping her or not. If you refuse, then the quest will end there, but if you continue to help her, then the next objective will be triggered and you'll even receive a high amount of cash reward upon completing this job.
  • If you accept, then all you have to do is take the body and dispose of it. You can dump the body in the chute of the hotel's lobby or exit the room via the balcony and put it in one of the dumpsters or car wrecks - the cash reward will be transferred to V's account later on and Lizzy sends you a thank you message as well.


 How to unlock Violence


Violence Rewards

  • Cash



Violence Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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    • Anonymous

      23 Jan 2021 22:04  

      The 2 bouncers in the VIP room drop Legendary gorilla arms mods. Black market battery and fists that cause bleeding.

      • Anonymous

        10 Jan 2021 12:59  

        meh i wish i could shot her in the face in that quest... basically she went psycho and murdered a dude with no repercussions and then expects u take care of the body.. i dont like how the quest stops if u refuse that

        • Anonymous

          09 Jan 2021 09:30  

          if you go the call her and tell the truth route, the quest will disappear. don't worry. my wait thing also bugged out and i couldnt use it, so i went home and slept. when i woke up i received a text from her. then after a few days she called me, asking to come over. when you get rid of the body the quest will officially end. she will text you and pay sometime later - 2k...

          • Anonymous

            04 Jan 2021 02:39  

            After a couple of playthroughs, I noticed not telling her "it's worse.." resulted in not receiving the Lizzy Wizzy movie poster in V's apartment. Guess no murder, no inspiration.

            • Anonymous

              03 Jan 2021 20:54  

              This is such a stupid quest. Not only is the gameplay during it incredibly boring, none of the choices you make actually matter. You either get Liam killed or you don't. The fuck is the point of antagonizing the bouncer at the door when he just lets you in immediately after skipping a WHOLE line of people outside? Why can't you at least get into a fucking fist fight with him? Why can't you just shoot up the club and fight your way to Liam? The fuck is the point of the dialogue options when confronting Liam when two out of three of them lead to the same outcome and one of them just gives you the option of a piddly money payout? Fuck the discretion. Why can't you at least call Lizzie when you confront Liam and make him talk to her right now about this? The fuck is the point of telling Lizzie that Liam basically wants to clone her if all is leads to is the option to dump his body or not? The fuck should I care about Lizzie and what she does period when the game tells me little to nothing about her outside of text on some shards? Obvious little details like these that a game like this SHOULD have but doesn't is the reason why people are so disappointed with this game.

              • 28 Dec 2020 17:11  

                Context: in the Dispose of the body part of the mission, Lizzyhas killed Liam upon finding out he betrayed her. She seems insensitive to what she just did.

                • Anonymous

                  19 Dec 2020 16:20  

                  there's a secret optional objective to this quest and it's not listed anywhere. The objective is to confront Liam in the V.I.P. lounge about what he's doing. After abit of back and forth he explains why he's doing this and such. You will then be given a option to accept his offer of around 1k cred and will send you a text saying he'll talk with her, just not yet. lizzie will then send you a message afterword saying "unf'ing believable what an A" and send you tour fee.

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