Voodoo Boys

Turf Pacifica
The Net
Estimated Gang Size Unknown

Voodoo Boys is a Gang in Cyberpunk 2077. Gangs are the various groups that take hold of different areas of Night City. From technology-obsessed fully cybered gangs, combat obsessive warrior "tribes," and even gangs centered around cults, there is a diverse array of Gangs in Night City in 2077. These ferocious beasts are not to be trifled with without impunity.


No-one else in Night City is so closely intertwined with the depths of the Net than the Voodoo Boys. Rooted in Haitian culture and tradition, these elite netrunners use their mastery of the digital realm to hack data and information that would otherwise be untouchable. Operating out of Pacifica, they’re your go-to for access beyond Blackwall, but watch your back; they’re especially wary of strangers.


Voodoo Boys Information

  • Estimated Gang Size: Unknown
  • Turf: Pacifica & The Net
  • The Voodoo Boys come from the Pacifica and they are netrunners that are devoted to revealing the secrets of the Old Net and what seems to be behind the Blackwall. This gang breaks every single rule that they'll encounter and infiltrate neural networks by programming viruses.


Voodoo Boys Related Quests

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Voodoo Boys Related NPCs

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Events & Choices Related to the Voodoo Boys 

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Voodoo Boys Notes & Trivia

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