We Gotta Live Together

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Previous Job
Nocturne Op55N1
Next Job
Forward to Death
Nomad Jacket

We Gotta Live Together is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. We Gotta Live Together can be acquired after completing Nocturne Op55N1 and by asking for Panam 's help. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


I was gonna say that this time you'd have to go it alone, but it looks like the Aldecaldos've got some fight in them after all. Wonder what you see in them: a partner? Friend? Family? Something tells me sooner or later you're gonna have to choose one of the above, especially if it's thanks to them you get into Mikoshi.


We Gotta Live Together Objectives

  • Follow Mitch.
  • Talk to Saul.
  • (Optional) Talk to Mitch.
  • Talk to Dakota.
  • Talk to Saul.
  • (Optional) Talk to the nomads.
  • (Optional) Talk to the Mitch.
  • Talk to Panam Palmer.
  • Join Panam when you're ready.


We Gotta Live Together Walkthrough

One with the Nomads

  • You need to ask for Panam's help during Nocturne Op55N1 to unlock this job. After speaking to Johnny, head down to Misty's shop and speak to her. Shortly after, Panam arrives to pick V up. The next sequence will be at the Outskirts with the rest of the Nomads.
  • This job is pretty much story-driven, so just complete the objectives to complete this job. Your choices won't really have any impact on the epilogue of the game, so just answer as you see fit. When you reach the Nomad's camp, follow Mitch and talk to Saul to go over the plan with Panam.
  • Next, speak to Mitch and then head to the tent where Dakota is. When you're ready, step inside the tub to enter cyberspace. Here, you'll speak to the AI of Alt Cunningham.
  • Shortly after, V returns from Cyberspace, back in the Aldecaldos' camp. All that's left for you to do here is to speak to Saul, gear up and as an optional objective, you can speak to Mitch to learn more about controlling the Panzer, and also if you speak to Cassidy, you'll be able to join in a bottle-shooting challenge.
  • If you're all set, speak to Panam and join her to complete the quest. Next up is Forward to Death.


 How to unlock We Gotta Live Together


We Gotta Live Together Rewards

  • Nomad Jacket


We Gotta Live Together Notes & Tips

  • The title of this Main Job is in reference to a song by Jimi Hendrix, one of the best guitar player of all time
  • Other notes & player tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      Anyone else get a bug where after climbing in Dakota's tub, your pants disappear and you're left with a disturbing genital-less V?

      • Anonymous

        If the basilisk is stuck during the "return to camp" objective, save game just before the basilisk entering the tent, then reload that save. That fixed it for me. If you can't save, that is likely because Jake is singing. Make sure Jake finishes singing before you leave him and go to Mitch and the basilisk.

        • Anonymous

          So after taking the Panzer out and destroying the vehicles, the objective "return to camp" shows up and it seems bugged because I can't actually return to the tent. Very weird.

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