Widow Maker

Tier 5 / Iconic
tech icon cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide 80pxTech Precision Rifle

widow maker iconic weapon cyberpunk 2077 220px2
Attack Speed 5
Damage 89.20
Reload Speed 2.25
Effective Range 50.75
Weapon Handling 5.41
+150% Headshot Damage Multiplier
+50% Armor Penetration
1.2sec Charge Time
+20% Poison Chance

Nash's rifle - looks like he won't be needing it anymore. Fires two projectiles per shot and deals Chemical damage with an increased chance to apply Poison. Charged shots deal more damage
No Slots
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Widow Maker is an Iconic Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077. Widow Maker is a Tech Precision Rifle known for its high damage and precision. It has a moderate attack speed and excels in medium to long-range combat.


How to get Widow Maker in Cyberpunk 2077

Widow Maker can be found at:

Can be found by killing Nash and looting his corpse in the optional fight alongside Panam after retrieving her Car.
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If that fight is skipped, Widow Maker can be found after the final confrontation with the Raffens, after V gets out of the Basilisk.


Cyberpunk 2077 Widow Maker Bonuses

Widow Maker provides the following bonuses:

+150% Hedshot Damage Multiplier
+50% Armor Penetration
1.2sec Charge Time
+20% Poison Chance


Cyberpunk Widow Maker Upgrades

Widow Maker has the following upgrade slots

  • No Slots


Widow Maker Notes and Tips

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    • Anonymous

      There is an elevator in "Afterlife" that you can take to the roof, as soon as you get out of it on the top-right side you can find the legendary crafting plans.

      • Anonymous

        This weapon is part of my established load out, along with a smart pistol (because ya boy is a troll), a katana, and the mantis arms. The widow maker is my favorite because it works like my two favorite weapon types, the shotgun and assault rifle. Plus it has elemental damage for me that does damage over time.

        • Anonymous

          For some reason, I'm getting Annihilation experience when I use this, as if it was a shotgun. To be fair, it works very similarly.

          • Anonymous

            Fully upgraded it at level 50 and it's still Rare, NOT Epic. Other than being an Epic disappointment I guess...

            • Anonymous

              Any way to reconstruct it would be nice - scrapped it for parts and now I can't get the new upgraded purple version

              • Anonymous

                I cant shoot widow maker while aiming with l2, only from hip fire does the gun actually fire. Was working fine for a few hours and then it stopped working. Anyone else having this issue? (PS4 PRO- 1.04 version)

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