X-22 Flashbang Grenade

Regular: Common
Homing: Rare
x22 flashbang grenade common 1 grenade cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide
Variable DPS
Variable Damage
6 m Blast Radius
  • Applies Blinding for 6 seconds
  • Non-Lethal

X-22 Flashbang Grenade is a Grenade in Cyberpunk 2077. Grenades are explosive items that can be thrown by hand to deal damage to a group of enemies or inflict high DPS on a single target. There are a variety of grenades that can affect enemies in different ways and deal different types of damage.


A grenade that temporarily blinds enemies.


X-22 Flashbang Grenade Information

  • Type: Regular / Homing
  • Blast Radius: 6 m Blast Radius
  • Applies Blinding
  • Deals no damage


Lvl 3: Deals 144-176 damage
Lvl 25: Deals 777-950 damage
Lvl 50: Deals 5,088-6,219 damage


X-22 Flashbang Grenade Acquiring

  • Location:


X-22 Flashbang Grenade  Notes & Tips

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