Zero Drag

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♦ Increases movement speed by 0.10/0.13/0.16/0.19/0.22

Zero Drag is a Clothing Mod in Cyberpunk 2077. Mods are modifications that can be used to improve Weapons, Armor and Cyberware in terms of both stats and usage. In order to insert a Mod, te piece of equipment must have a mod slot available.


In-game Description.


Zero Drag Information

  • Mod Type: Clothing Mod
  • Mod Rarity: Random
  • Mod Price: __price__


Zero Drag Acquisition

  • Most clothing vendors will sell this in some form. Up to Epic can be purchased, but those appear extremely infrequently. The Uncommon and Rare variants appear much more frequently, and at lower character levels.
  • Can occasionally be found on NPC clothing.


Zero Drag Notes & Trivia

  • This reddit post goes into deep detail about how movement speed boosts like Zero Drag work:


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    • Anonymous

      I got a legendary version by making a legendary shoe and dismount. It took a few tries, I simply made several of them and disassembled them in the inventory. Just can't forget to have the skill.

      They give 0,5 bonus speed

      • Anonymous

        As of 1.5 i found one legendary equipped in boots by the tiger claws vendor in kabuki.
        (Im Streed creed 50)

        • Anonymous

          1.5 patch: Tested one legendary Zero Drag in slot for shoes. Walking/sneaking is about 15% faster. Running is negligible faster, 5% max if at all. Not worth it even with the nerf to Armadillo mod.

          • Anonymous

            Couple helpful things I've picked up on these:
            -If you find them in boxes (there are at least two during the "Disasterpiece" main job) you can save/reload or re-render them up to epic if you're high enough level (suspect it's low 30s as with armadillo, rare at 15+). If you think you may not have looted them the area for Disasterpiece stays open, so you can return and check.
            -If you're crafting / dismantling for uncommons, you can sell the commons to any vendor, save and reload and they'll sell them back to you as uncommon (makes it much quicker to get a significant quantity of them).

            • Anonymous

              The only method I've seen to get this besides random drop. Dunno if it works yet.
              "I got 20 uncommon ones by crafting about 200 legendary boots and scrapping them with the get the mods back perk, but thats a pretty inefficient way of doing it, and its only uncommons"

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