Zetatech Sandevistan

Operating Systems

Reflexes 6/9/12

♦ Activate to dilate time by 75/50/50% for 8/12/16 seconds.

♦ While active, Crit Chance +10/15/20%.

♦ Cooldown 30 seconds.

Zetatech Sandevistan is an Operating System in Cyberpunk 2077Cyberwares are implants that players can install, exchange, and upgrade into V's body to obtain passive buffs and various active effects that provide different combat tactics and many more.


The advanced Sandevistan from Zetatech's assembly line - faster and more powerful than ever, with extra built-in user-compensation protocols making combat substantially more effective.


Zetatech Sandevistan Information


Zetatech Sandevistan Acquisition

  • Price per rarity: 7500/15000/25000
  • Uncommon version can be bought at Charles, located North-East of Kabuki Market, Watson
  • Epic version can be bought from Ripperdoc at Downtown, City Center



Zetatech Sandevistan Notes & Trivia

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    • Anonymous

      Dynalar Sandevistan MK 2
      - slow time 50% for 12 sec
      - Increases Crit Chance by 15%
      (cooldown 30sec)

      Location: Octavio's Clinic, Rancho Coronado (Santo Domingo)
      Requirements: 9 reflexes, 15000 $

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