Combat in Cyberpunk 2077 contains information regarding basic tips and tricks for the combat system of the game. Players can find information on both basic and advanced tips that can help both new and veteran players to better understand the combat mechanic as well as various actions and moves that can be executed.

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Cyberpunk 2077 Combat Information


Health is a measure of your vitality. Your maximum Health increases when you level up and can be increased further by improving your Body Attribute and investing in certain Perks and Cyberware.

Outside combat, Health will regenerate on its own up to 60% of the maximum. Also, the Nourishment status effect gained from consuming food will double your Health regeneration rate outside combat.

Armor and Resistances

Armor reduces the amount of damage you take. For every 10 points of Armor, you reduce the amount of incoming damage per second (DPS) by roughly 1 point. Gear is the main source of Armor, but some cyberware can also increase Armor as well as improve your survivability in other ways.

There are four types or resistance:

  • Physical Resistance
  • Thermal Resistance
  • Electrical Resistance
  • Chemical Resistance

Damage & Types of Damage

There are four types of damage, that correspond to each resistance. Some Enemies or Bosses are resistant to some types of damage and weak to others. Paying attention to this  information and taking advantage of this can turn an impossible fight into an easy one.

Status Effects

Weapons, Quickhacks, daemons and some devices can inflict various long-term status effects on both you and your Enemies. The duration of status effects on Enemies is displayed by their name.

Bleeding: Slowly depletes Health, disables sprinting and reduces jump height.

Blinding: Briefly reduces threat detection and hinders movement,

Burn: Continuously depletes Health.

Crippled: Severely limits combat or movement effectiveness depending on which limb is crippled.

EMP: Briefly deactivates or severily limits the combat effectiveness of mechs, drones and robots, in addition to dealing damage.

Knockdown: Briefly knocks to the ground, revealing Weakspots.

Poison: slowly depletes Health, reduces Armor and slows movement.

Stun: Briefly immobilizes, leaving vulnerable to attacks.


Stamina is used to limit the amount of attacks the player can make, all weapons will consume a measure of the stat when being used. Your maximum Stamina increases when you level up and can be increased further by improving your Body attribute and investing in certain Perks and cyberware.


Cyberdecks unlock Netrunner abilities that allow the user to quickhack people and devices as well as breach into networks.

Each cyberdeck comes with a base set of pre-installed quickhacks, a limited number of slots for equipped quickhacks and a certain amount of RAM which is required to execute them. Different cyberdeck models can vary in terms of their stats and power. Higher quality decks are able to perform more advanced quickhacks.

Cyberdeck RAM

RAM is a resource used when performing Quickhacks. When you upload a quickhack to an enemy or device, it uses up a certain amount of RAM units. A quickhack's RAM cost can be altered in different ways, such as certain cyberware abilities, Perks and differences in level.

Used RAM recovers outside of combat.

Your maximum RAM can be increased with a higher Intelligence attribute, certain cyberware abilities and Perks as well as by equipping a higher-quality cyberdeck.

Device Quickhacks

Every Cyberdeck comes with a pre-installed set of quickhacks. You can find specific details about them and about the cyberdeck in their descriptions.

To upload quickhacks, you must have enough RAM available on your cyberdeck. 

Antipersonnel Quickhacks

Cyberdecks have special slots reserved for antipersonnel quickhacks to use against your Enemies, and can be customized to suit your playstile.

To upload a quickhack into a target, you must have enough RAM available on your cyberdeck. RAM cost can be altered by different means, such as specific Perks and cyberware abilities.

New Quickhacks can be purchased from vendors, found throughout the world, earned as rewards for completing various activities, sometimes collected after uploading the Datamine daemon to network Access Points, and crafted if you have the necessary Crafting Spec. These quickhack Crafting Specs can also be purchased from vendors, found throughout the world, earned as rewards for completing various activities, and unlocked in the quickhacking Skill tree.

Combat Gadgets

The combat gadgets quickslot allows you to equip grenades and certain cyberware for quick access in combat.

Combat Gadgets can also be assigned in your inventory by selecting the Combat Gadget quickslot.


The consumable quickslot allows you to quickly and conveniently use healing items.

Consumables can also be assigned in your inventory by selecting the Consumable quickslot.

Food, Drinks and boosters can only be used from the inventory.

Food regenerates Health, while drinks regenerate Stamina.

Effects gained from consumables do not stack. Any new effect gained will automatically replace the current effect.


Scanning Enemies is an extremely useful tool for V. It provides him important information like the type of damage they deal, the type of damage they resist, and in some cases reveals their weakpoints.

How many Weapons can I carry?

You can have up to 3 weapons available at a time in the quick-access menu.

Grappling and Takedowns

You can grapple Enemies unaware of your presence. You can still move while grappling an enemy and decide to perform either a lethal or non-lethal takedown.

The enemy will struggle to free themselves from your grip, and the longer you hold them increases their chances to break free. Your Body level as well as certain Perks can allow you to grapple Enemies for longer.

You cannot grapple higher-level Enemies marked with a red skull. Although you cannot grapple higer-level Enemies and Bosses, you can still perform stealth takedowns.


Enemies and security systems may notice and react to unconcealed bodies you leave behind. Make sure to hide or dump bodies in appopriate locations (e.g. dumpsters) or in areas that are not easily visible to Enemies.

You can pick up a body and then dump it. If you perform a takedown on an enemy directly next to one of these containers, you will hide the body there automatically.

Remember that these containers have limited capacity, and once you've placed a body in one it cannot be removed. All loot from dumped bodies will be dropped to the ground in front of the container.

Combat and Alerted State

An enemy is in combat if it is actively attacking its target or approaching its last known location.

When an enemy cannot locate its target, it will fall back to on Alerted State and begin patrolling the area to search for the threat, making it more difficult to sneak around them. If an enemy finds a body, they will remain in a permanent Alerted State.

Patrols and Distraction

Enemies patrolling an area follow a pattern that can be observed and used to your advantage.

Some devices allow you to distract Enemies and divert them from their path. An enemy who is distracted will have a whilte outline.

Noises such as human footsteps or silenced gunshots can also alert an enemy, who will then try to locate the source. Louder noises such as a combat-initiating shout or a dying shout will make Enemies enter an Alerted State or enter directly into combat.

Incapacitating Enemies

There are various way to incapacitate Enemies without killing them:

  • Non-lethal takedowns.
  • Non-lethal Quickhacks.
  • Non-lethal Weapons.
  • EMP Grenades and some combat gadgets.
  • Weapon mods that change damage to non-lethal.

If a given weapon, combat gadget or quickhack deals non-lethal damage, it will be mentioned in the description.


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