Stats in Cyberpunk 2077 refer to player character attributes.


Stats Information


The player receives experience by doing quests, defeating enemies and through various actions. When the player reaches the experience threshold, it will level up providing increased stats and perk points.





This is a measure of your problem-solving ability; figuring out problems, noticing things, remember information. Almost every character type will need a high Intelligence.


This is a combined index, covering not only your basic dexterity but also how your level of physical coordination will affect feats of driving, piloting, fighting, and athletics. Characters who intend to engage in a great deal of combat should always invest in highest possible Reflex.


This is an index of how well you relate to hardware and other technically oriented things. In Cyberpunk 2077, TECH will be used when fixing, repairing and attempting to use unfamiliar tech. 
Cool This index measures how will the character stands up to stress, fear, pressure, physical pain and/or torture. In determining your willingness to fight on despite wounds or your fighting ability under fire, Cool (CL) is essential. It is also the measure of how "together" your character is and how tough he appears to others. 


Though not featured in the tabletop Cyberpunk 2020, it seems likely that this stat will affect the player's physical capability in the game - how much they can lift and carry, and perhaps the extent of the damage of their melee attacks. 


Another stat not mentioned in 2020, Constitution will probably be a measure of the character's fortitude - how much damage they can take before becoming incapacitated, resilience to certain types of damage, or how hardy they are to the elements, perhaps, 


Physical Determines the amount of Physical protection the player has. The higher the Physical protection is, the less damage player will receive from melee attacks and bullets.
Thermal Determines the amount of Thermal protection the player has. The higher the Thermal protection is, the less damage player will receive from sources that are either hot or cold.
EMP Determines the amount of EMP protection the player has. The higher the EMP protection is, the the lower the player will be affected by EMP weapons.
Chemical Determines the amount of Chemical protection the player has. The higher the Chemical protection is, the lower the player will be affected by Chemical attacks.

Street Cred:

Street Cred is a form of experience that player acquires by completing side missions. It is used to unlock new vendors and content throughout Night City. Some Armor and Items affect the amount of experience receives towards Street Cred.


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