Skills in Cyberpunk 2077 provide the Player Character with abilities that can be used to confront situations in a variety of ways . The game will have a system that lets you use active skills during gameplay rather than just passive skills like in the books.


Skills Information


Engineering: It provides the ability to fix, dissasamble and disarm devices that the player may encounter while doing quests or exploring Night City.

Hack: It provides the ability to hack into systems and implants. Can be used to disarm or arm various traps and devices

Connect to neural sign: You can jack yourself to various networks by accessing a terminal connected to it. This may be an implant on someone or a physical terminal. When you jack into a new network, you have access to everything it connects to providing vital information. You can check the number of people connected to the network, you can hack and affect many things on the network like allowing access (quick hacks), reduce the aim of enemies, gain knowledge about weak points or disable cyberware on them.

Quickhack: Allows the player to quickly hack an enemy, providig diffrent posibilities like:

  • Jam weapon: Jam the targets primary weapon from firing

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