Memorabilia in Cyberpunk 2077 are items what will  gradually appear in your apartment as you complete important Jobs, as a way to commemorate such incredible deeds. Note that there is one for each Life Path, so there is impossible to have all Memorabilia in the same playthrough. They provide no benefit whatsoever, other than looking cool in your apartment.



All Memorabilia in Cyberpunk 2077

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How to obtain

Car Model on the Desk
nomad car mem

Complete The Nomad 

Night City diorama on the desk
streetkid diorama

Complete The Streetkid

Arasaka clock on the desk

corpo mem

Complete The Corpo-Rat

Pin-up Posters

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot 2021.01.09 (2)

Complete Heroes

Lizzy Wizzy Poster

violence poster

Complete Violence

Peralez Poster

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot 2021.01.08 (2)

Complete Dream On

Augmented reality game box

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot 2021.01.08 (2)

Complete Following the River

Box with diving suit

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot 2021.01.08 (2)

Complete Pyramid Song

Record player and vinyl discs

Complete Tapeworm (unverified)

Kerry Poster

Complete Boat Drinks

Dreamcatcher near the bed

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot 2021.01.08 (2)

Complete Fool on the Hill

Monk Altar

monk altar

Complete Imagine and the following three jobs in that quest line.

Aldecaldo Jacket

Complete  Queen of the Highway

Scorpion Figure

scorpion figure

Complete I'll Fly Away

Brancesi Painting

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot 2021.01.09 (2)

Complete Space Oddity

Arasaka Troll Plushy

cyberpunk 2077 screenshot 2021.01.08 (2)

Link your game to a GOG account and obtain via My Rewards (Title Menu). 


pasted image 0 133

Complete unmarked quest "Feed the cat" / Located in shard in trash bin at corridor left (when exiting) of V's apartment. Deposit catfood into bowl and wait 24 hours. The cat will then appear at random locations around the apartment whenever you reload the area.


Complete Machine Gun and decide to not return Skippy to Regina Jones

Iconic Weapons

Certain Iconic Weapons that you store in your apartment's stash will appear on the wall

Pet Iguana

Added in Patch 1.5. Found in Yorinubu's Suite on his Iguana Habitat. There is an egg in the back left of the dais, if you're looking directly at the habitat. Place the Egg in V's in the bowl in V's first apartment. It is on the counter next to the sitting area. It takes roughly 2, in-game, months to hatch.

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    • Anonymous
      Can find the box of diving gears before finishing Pyramid Song
      Guess it makes sense 'cause V'll still need a diving suit of his/her own before joining Judy right?

      • Anonymous

        If you contact Stout during the pickup and give Royce her chip and on the way out with the bot find the terminal where it explains who the mole is, you can tell her who the mole is when you get out of All Foods. This netted me a Militech box in my apartment at the same time she contacted me in Act 2 that would trigger Venus in Furs.

        • Anonymous

          Anyone have any luck adding these via CET console? The quest flags in the save editor don't seem to dictate flair so..

          • Anonymous

            Missing the Record player and vinyl discs, Kerry Poster and Aldecaldo Jacket. Game finished with all endings done.
            Pictures would be appreciated to see where they're suppossed to be

            • Anonymous

              RECORD PLAYER AND VINYL DISCS cannot locate this anywhere either or stills showing what it should look like and where?

              • I'd love to see images on this as my playthrough is bugged all to hell I have completed many missions on this list and I don't see hardly any of them on my wall. Also missing the Space oddity mission reward of the painting that goes up on the wall as well

                • Anonymous

                  I cannot find the pin up poster after Heros if anyone has any ideas much appreciated. Looking everywhere around my apartment and its just not there.

                  • Anonymous

                    I think you're just basing this off the official guide which is not 100% accurate and you're not actually tracking this down, I have it as well, the diorama of night city and arasaka clock are mixed up in the book between street kid and corpo. the only 2 I can't find is the record player with vinyl or the aldecaldos jacket even though I finished those quests.

                    • Anonymous

                      What desk is the Arasaka clock at? By the computer? Cause the only Arasaka item I see in the tower but it doesn't look like a clock at all

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