Boat Drinks

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Job Type
Side Job (Major)
Night City Marina
Previous Job
Off the Leash
Next Job
+1307 EXP Points
+2941 Street Cred

Boat Drinks is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Boat Drinks can be acquired after completing Off the Leash. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


The marina, huh? Wonder what Kerry's got up his sleeve this time. Maybe he wants to get rid of someone - toss their body parts in the bay. Or maybe he just wants an audience while he waxes poetic about yachts over shrimp cocktails. Oh well, he's your problem now. Not mine.


Boat Drinks Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Meet Kerry at the Marina at 7:00 PM.
  • Go onto the deck
  • Talk to Kerry.
  • (Optional) BReak whatever you find!
  • Help Kerry.
  • Swim to the shore.
  • Wait for Kerry.
  • Talk to Kerry.


Boat Drinks Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

Romance Kerry

  • Wait for a call from Kerry after 24-hours in-game after completing Off the Leash.
  • Travel to the marina in Wellsprings to meet Kerry at 7:00 P.M where you'll find a boat by docks.
  • Approach the crates by the docks and wait for him if you're early. Once it's 7:00 P.M.. head to the deck where you'll see him.
  • Choose "Ahoy back atcha." when you speak to him on the deck. Kerry then tells you that both of you will go on a cruise.
  • Sit on the couch that's on the deck and talk to Kerry. Once the boat starts to move, choose "What's this all about?".
  • Still, on the couch and following the conversation, select "I'll bite. Tell me about the loops." followed by "And you need company for that?".
  • Next, choose "Epiphany? Sounds more like maturity.".
  • After a warm conversation with Kerry, he stands up and tells you it's time for a "breath of freedom".
  • Kerry then starts to smash his guitar on the deck. When he asks if you're gonna help, choose "[Stand] Let's play!".
  • Approach Kerry and follow him to the lower deck where he'll continue to throw things around.
  • When he starts using an axe and breaks the counter of the bar, choose "Let's rip the whole ****in' boat apart.".
  • Kerry then asks you to help smash something, select just approach the marked items that you can destroy such as the record player, the painting, and the coffee machine.
  • After destroying the things around, Kerry walks up to a lever and tries to pull it down, approach him and help him.
  • At this point as V tries to help Kerry, he loses his balance and V helps him. You'll then be given two dialogue options during a timed event.
  • Choose [Kiss] to initiate the romance with Kerry. Take note that you must be a Male V if you want to have sex with him. But if you're playing as female V, you can still choose the kiss option but Kerry won't show interest.
  • After the romance scene, Kerry starts a fire on the boat, follow him to the deck to jump off, swim to shore, and wait for Kerry.
  • While you're at the shore, Kerry mentions that you both deserve "Round two". Choose "[Hug] Pencil me in." and Kerry gives you a kiss.


How to unlock Boat Drinks Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Complete Off the Leash and wait 24-hours in-game before receiving a call from Kerry.


Boat Drinks Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077

  • +1307 EXP Points
  • +2941 Street Cred


Boat Drinks Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major side job.
  • This also serves as the last string of side jobs related to Kerry which also leads to a Romance sequence in the end.
  • Take note that players can only end up with a Romance sequence with Kerry Eurodyne if you are playing as a masculine V.


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    • I like how he says "It's not my boat, id name mine SEAMURAI, let's trash it its owned by a corpo guy" And when you get off the boat you can see a giant SEAMURAI logo on it. Kerry's crazy

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