Riders on the Storm

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Side Job (Major)
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Gun Music
+573 EXP Points
+1290 Street Cred

Riders on the Storm is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. Riders on the Storm can be acquired from Panam Palmer. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


OK, this must actually be pretty serious. Tough chick like Panam wouldn't call you up for some chump chore. Must be something important. Wouldn't waste any time on this one if I were you. To the Aldecaldos' camp we go./p>

Riders on the Storm Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Meet with Panam.
  • Follow Panam.
  • Take the shard.
  • Observe the camp gate and perimeter.
  • Scan the vehicle tracks.
  • Scan the truck.
  • Observe the main building.
  • Observe the garage.
  • Disconnect from the drone.
  • Talk with Panam and Mitch.
  • Get in the van.
  • Head to the Raffen Shiv camp.
  • Get out of the van.
  • Get inside the camp.
  • Go to the main building.
  • (Optional) Find info on Saul.
  • (Optional) Check the security feed.
  • Find Saul.
  • Free Saul.
  • (Optional) Find a safe way out.
  • Leave the building.
  • Leave via the maintenance tunnel.
  • Get in the back of the van.
  • Find shelter.
  • Follow Saul.
  • Restore power to the farm.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • Use the external panel.
  • Talk to Panam.
  • (Optional) Sit on the couch.
  • Talk to Panam.


Riders on the Storm Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

Quest Failure Conditions

Take note of the following conditions that you can accidentally trigger that causes the quest to fail:

  • Choosing to infiltrate the camp on your own and do not join Panam within 24-hours in-game.
  • Ride with Panam but you drive to another location. This will cause her to throw V out of the vehicle and you do not rendezvous with her at the meeting point within 24-hours in-game.
  • If ever you do fail this quest, you will receive a message from Panam and you'll be locked off from the string of quests related to Panam and you won't see her again and the Aldecaldos. This will result in being locked off from a Romance sequence towards Panam, as well as locking out one of the endings that involve the Nomads (All Along the Watchtower).

Reconnaissance Session

  • Upon receiving a call from Panam, travel to the Outskirts (Badlands) and meet her at the Aldecaldos camp. Speak to her and then accept Mitch's offer to scan the Raven Shiv camp using his drone.
  • Take this time to familiarize yourself with the camp's layout apart from scanning the required clues which are the tire tracks and the truck, the perimeter, the garage, and the main building. It's also important to note that you can actually encounter the camp prior to the mission and kill all the enemies there. This way, the enemies won't be present at the camp during this job which makes it easier for you to infiltrate.
  • Once you're ready,  accept the Spiked Superjet that is offered by Mitch and then ride with Panam to the Raffen Shiv camp. If you want to obtain that ending relating to the Nomads and even a Romance sequence with her, you have to make sure you are always with her, so join her in the vehicle.

Rescue Mission

  • Your goal is to rescue Saul. He is held captive in a cellar that is accessible via the stairs on the ground floor of the main building or the ventilation system that requires the Technical Ability attribute.
  • If you're confident enough with your gear, then you can just storm in through the main entrance and fight your way through until you reach the main building. You can also be stealthy and approach this job as quietly as you can. From where Saul was held captive, there's a chest that you can loot to find an Electic Baton Beta.
  • There's a maintenance tunnel near the cellar where Saul was held captive that you can use to leave the premises safely. It requires 9 Technical Ability to break the fence.
  • Once you've rescued Saul, return to Panam's vehicle and escape the camp. If you were spotted by enemies while you're infiltrating the camp, you'll then need to fight off the remaining pursuers in a car chase sequence. Either way, you'll reach the Ingalls farm.
  • Just follow the objectives which require you to restore power to the farm. But once you're back inside, you'll have to be careful with your dialogue lines because this is the first time you will try to flirt with Panam.
  • The next morning, go outside and talk to Panam who's sitting by the front porch. Just finish the conversation and follow her to her motorbike where she'll give you the Overwatch sniper rifle as compensation - take the sniper rifle, and talk to Panam and then Johnnny to complete the job.

Flirting with Panam

Choose the following dialogue lines when you're inside the farm with Panam and Saul:

  • Once you're with Saul and Panam where you've taken shelter from the storm, sit on the couch next to Panam and when you're starting the conversation with the two, choose "S***ty idea, Panam's right."
  • When Saul leaves you two, choose [Raise a toast] "To haboobs".
  • Still on the couch with Panam select “Pleased with your stay, ma’am?” during the timed dialogue.
  • When she puts her legs on V's lap, choose “You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’am.”.
  • Now, here's where you TRY to make your move. After telling her she's comfier with her shoes off, select [Touch Panam's thigh]. She'll stop you from what you're doing, but it's okay, you're just showing your affection towards her. Later on, just apologize or tell her you're just friends.
  • The next morning, head outside and speak to her who's sitting on the front porch. Select “So-so, back’s numb” when she asks you how your sleep was. Still continuing the conversation, choose the dialogue “Thought you were gonna stay with your family”.
  • When you both walk up to the motorcycles, after taking the sniper rifle, choose "[Stop Panam] Wait, about last night...".


How to unlock Riders on the Storm Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

The following conditions must be met in order for this job to trigger:


Riders on the Storm Side Job Rewards Cyberpunk 2077

  • Overwatch
  • +573 EXP Points
  • +1290 Street Cred


Riders on the Storm Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major side job.
  • This also serves as a string of side jobs related to Panam which also leads to a Romance sequence in the end.
  • Take note that players can only end up with a Romance sequence with Panam Pamer if you are playing as a masculine V.


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