I Fought the Law


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Side Job (Major)
City Center
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Dream On
€$ 11580

I Fought the Law is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. I Fought the Law can be acquired from Elizabeth Peralez. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


At least level 9 street cred before you receive a phone call to start the questline.

I Fought the Law Objectives

  • Meet with Elizabeth Peralez
  • Get in the car.
  • Watch the braindance and look for clues.
  • Exit the braindance.
  • Talk to Jefferson.
  • Call Detective Ward.
  • Meet with Detective Ward.
  • Get in River's car.
  • Ride with River to Japantown Market.
  • Follow River.
  • Ask the vendors about Christine Markov.
  • Question Christine Markov.
  • Talk to River.
  • Deal with the Tyger Claws.
  • Go with River to meet with his informant.
  • Enter the store.
  • Ask the informant about Red Queen's Race.
  • Chase the informant.
  • Enter the warehouse.
  • Find a way into the club.
  • Find a way into the Red Queen's Race.
  • Call the elevator.
  • Enter the Red Queen's Race.
  • (Optional) Incapacitate the Animal boss.
  • Look for the office.
  • Check the computer.
  • Watch the security recording.
  • Talk to River.
  • Confront Detective Han.
  • Call Elizabeth Peralez.
  • Go to Peralezes' apartment.
  • Use the intercom.
  • Take the elevator to the penthouse.
  • Talk to Elizabeth and Jefferson.
  • Leave the building.


I Fought the Law Walkthrough

Dive in the Braindance

  • First, to trigger this job, you need to complete Life During Wartime, obtain level 9 of Street Cred, and then wait for a message from Elizabeth Peralez. Once you've been contacted, head to the rendezvous place to formally meet Elizabeth and her husband, Jefferson Peralez.
  • Now, get in the car and speak to them to learn about the task and accept the offer so that you can explore the braindance recording. Now, there are three clues that you need to obtain to complete the braindance sequence. In the audio layer, listen to the mayor's conversation with the deputy at 00:15; in the visual layer, the assassin as he passes the security gate at around 01:00, and finally, in the visual layer, the CCTV screen by the gate at 01:02.
  • After scanning all three clues, exit the braindance and speak to Jefferson in front of his AV. After talking to them, you'll acquire River Ward's number. Call him to set a meeting.

Work with River Ward

  • Next, head to Chubby Buffalo's and sit at River Ward's table. All you have to do here is speak to him and then ride with him. While in the car, Ward will suggest two possible leads, by default, he'll mention meeting his CI and the other is meeting the murderer's boss.
  • If you choose to meet with the boss, you'll arrive in Japantown Market. Head to the opposite end of the market to find Christine Markov at her stall. If you're having a hard time looking for her, speak to the vendors and ask for her. When you find Christine's stall, speak to her and ask about Peter Horvath.
  • After questioning Christine, head back to River's car and you'll find two Tyger Claw gang members waiting by the car. Now, you can avoid getting into a fight if you step back and let River handle them. If you butt in, you'll most likely escalate the situation and end up fighting them. Alternatively, if you have the Street Kid life path, you can deescalate the situation by answering them with a Street Kid exclusive line.
  • After dealing with the Tyger Claws, join River in his car and head to Vista Del Rey to meet up with his informant. You'll now arrive at a sex shop. Enter the store and question the store clerk about Red Queen's Race - the man then runs away as you question him
  • Now, you can force open the door he just went to as long as you meet 6 Body attribute or smash the glass panel and jump through it. Alternatively, you can go out the back and chase him in the nearby alleyway. Once you've interrogated the informant, River will propose to V to head over to Red Queen's Race together. Now, ride with River again and he'll drive to the warehouse.

Infiltrate the Club

  • Queen's Red Race is hidden inside a warehouse, so you need to infiltrate the warehouse to reach the club. It can be accessed via a door inside a large shipping container that's in the middle of the site. Just proceed with caution since the warehouse is heavily guarded by members of the Animals gang and there are also cameras around.
  • Upon reaching Red Queen's Race, your next objective is to check the computer in the office at the far end of the club, it's on the upper floor. Again the club is heavily guarded by Animals, so proceed with caution.
  • There is also an elite Animal gang member here. If you incapacitate him, you can interrogate him and obtain additional information regarding the case. You can find him patrolling the lower floor. When you reach the terminal, use the computer and watch the footage in the "Files" folder. Now, talk to River and leave the club.

Report back to the Peralez

  • You'll return to the parking lot of Chubby Buffalo where River confronts Detective Han. You just need to listen to River and Han talk, and when Han leaves, speak to River to progress the job. Shortly after the conversation, call Elizabeth Peralez and you'll be asked to visit her at her apartment in Charter Hill.
  • When you arrive at the apartment building, use the intercom, and ride the elevator up to the penthouse. From here, talk to Jefferson and Elizabeth about the case
  • While you are talking to the couple, choose the following dialogue lines: "Got a decent picture of what went down", followed by "Holt's behind it.". You'll be rewarded and now, you need to wait for 48-hours in-game before you trigger the next related side job, Dream On - leave the building to complete this job.


 How to unlock I Fought the Law


I Fought the Law Rewards

  • €$ 11580


I Fought the Law Notes & Tips

  • This is a major job.


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    • Anonymous

      28 Mar 2021 08:35  

      Two things: 1. Finishing "Riders on the Storm" triggered the call for this quest for me, not "Life During Wartime (my st. cred was maxed) [playing on PS4].
      2. Getting shocked by the BD wreath before watching the security footage file alters the subsequent dialogue to be more humourous.

      • Anonymous

        29 Jan 2021 02:29  

        Since you need both street cred and "Life During Wartime" completion to get this job, you can infiltrate warehouse before Elizabeth's call. The cameras will be active, but there will be no one incide to get you even if they spot you, so you can turn them off, make them frendly or plain destroy them and explore/loot area at your leisure. There's assault in progress nearby which can be used as a landmark.

        • Anonymous

          11 Jan 2021 08:27  

          If you don't want to fight the tigers when they ask you to jump, just start jumping and they'll walk away.

          • Anonymous

            28 Dec 2020 00:17  

            In the room next to the office with the animal club member, there is also a BD device, if you put it on you will have get shocked badly, and Ward will come get you up. THen you comment on how the BD was probably what killes the mayor, not a heart attack.

            • Anonymous

              26 Dec 2020 13:11  

              I'm not 100% but I think finishing the Life During Wartime main story line will trigger this call from Elizabeth to start up the job or at least that is what happened for me. Just make sure you go to The Glen section of Heywood on the map and you should get the call eventually.

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