Crafting in Cyberpunk 2077 is a game mechanic that allows the player to build various items and equipment by using various materials. In Cyberpunk 2077, apart from finding weapons, equipment, and clothing in the open world, the game also contains a diverse crafting system that allows you to craft new items or use materials to improve the stats of owned items. These include Guns, Armor/Clothing, Healing Consumables, Grenades, Cyberware upgrades, and many more. This page covers a list of the various items that can be crafted and relevant information for the crafting mechanic.

Crafting to Upgrade

You’re not limited to simply crafting new items in Cyberpunk 2077. The crafting panel enables you to upgrade your items, too. Upgrading an item you already have in your inventory allows you to improve its level, which raises its stats.

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Components and Blueprints

Crafting new items takes place in the crafting panel in the character menu—no crafting table necessary. To craft particular items, you’ll need the right components, and these can be found through loot, bought from vendors, or gained by breaking down owned items in your backpack.

Like guns, components come in different tiers of rarity. Players will be able to craft Legendary and Iconic weapons in Cyberpunk 2077, but they’ll need to find the right tier of crafting components in order to do so. The quality of your components, their rarity, directly feeds into the stats and characteristics of your crafted equipment.

What you’ll also need in order to craft are blueprints. From Consumables and Grenades to rare Weapons and Armor, you won’t be able to craft without the requisite blueprints. Like components, these can be found in the open world as loot, or bought from vendors.


This list is being actively modified, following patch 2.0 items and locations may have changed.

Cyberpunk 2077 Crafting


Crafting Specs


Availability (How to get)

X-22 Flashbang Grenade Regular Grenades Random drops and weapon shops: Badlands, Japantown, Downtown
X-22 Flashbang Grenade Homing Random drops and weapon shops: Badlands, Japantown, Downtown
EMP Grenade Assault in Progress: Slightly north on the border between Downtown and Corpo Plaza
F-GX Frag Grenade Regular From the start
F-GX Frag Grenade Sticky Random drops and weapon shops: Badlands, Japantown, Rancho Coronado
F-GX Frag Grenade Homing Random drops and weapon shops: Northside, Little China and The Glenn
Ozob's Nose Reward for completing Send in the Clowns
Bounce Back Mk.1 Consumables From the start.
Bounce Back Mk.2 Medpoints once your Street Cred level reaches 14.
Bounce Back Mk.2 Medpoints once your Street Cred level reaches 27.
Capacity Booster Location: Assault in Progress in northern Japantown.  Downstairs near the quest completion shard, in a suitcase.
Stamina Booster  
MaxDoc Mk.1 From the start.
MaxDoc Mk.2 Medpoints once your Street Cred level reaches 14.
MaxDoc Mk.3 Medpoints once your Street Cred level reaches 27.
Ranged Mod: Crunch Weapon Mods Weapon shops: Badlands, Little China, Kabuki, Vista Del Rey, Arroyo, Rancho Coronado, West Wind Estate
Ranged Mod: Penetrator Weapon shops: Badlands, Kabuki, Wellsprings, Japantown, Rancho Coronado, West Wind Estate
Ranged Mod: Pacifier Weapon shops: Badlands, Kabuki, Downtown, Wellsprings, Vista Del Rey, Arroyo, Rancho Coronado
Ranged Mod External Bleeding Weapon shops: Northside, Little China, Japantown, Downtown, Wellsprings, The Glenn, Vista Del Rey, West Wind Estate
Armadillo Clothing Mods Clothing shops: Northside, Little China, Japantown.
Resist! Clothing shops: Northside, Little China, Japantown.
Fortuna Clothing shops: Downtown, Heywood.
Bully Clothing shops: Downtown, Heywood.
Backpacker Clothing shops: Northside, Little China, Japantown.
Coolit Clothing shops: Downtown, Heywood.
Antivenom Clothing shops: West Wind Estate, Rancho Coronado, Badlands.
Panacea Clothing shops: Downtown, Heywood.
Superinsulator Clothing shops: West Wind Estate, Rancho Coronado, Badlands.
Soft-Sole Clothing shops: West Wind Estate, Rancho Coronado, Badlands.
Cut-it-out Clothing shops: West Wind Estate, Rancho Coronado, Badlands.
Predator Clothing shops: Downtown, Heywood.
Deadeye Clothing shops: Downtown, Heywood.
Blade - Physical Damage Mantis Blades Mods Ripperdoc: Badlans
Blade - Thermal Damage Ripperdoc: Northside
Blade - Chemical Damage Ripperdoc and random loot in Kabuki
Blade - Electrical Damage Ripperdoc: Japantown
Slow Rotor Ripperdoc: Japantown
Fast Rotor Ripperdoc: Kabuki
Monowire - Physical Damage Monowire Mods Ripperdoc: West Wind Estate
Monowire - Thermal Damage Ripperdoc: Charter Hill
Monowire - Chemical Damage Ripperdoc: Kabuki
Monowire - Electrical Damage Ripperdoc: Badlands
Monowire Battery, Low Capacity Ripperdoc: Japantown
Monowire Battery, Medium Capacity Ripperdoc: Wellsprings
Monowire Battery, High Capacity Ripperdoc: West Wind Estate
Explosive Round Projectile Launcher Mods Ripperdoc: Japantown
Electrical Round Ripperdoc: Rancho Coronado
Thermal Round Ripperdoc: Badlands
Chemical Round Ripperdoc: Kabuki
Neoplastic Plating Ripperdoc: Kabuki
Metal Plating Ripperdoc: Northside
Titanium Plating Ripperdoc: Wellsprings
Sensory Amplifier (Crit Chance) Arms Cyberware Mods Ripperdoc: Arroyo
Sensory Amplifier (Crit Damage) Ripperdoc: Little China
Sensory Amplifier (Max Health) Ripperdoc: Charter Hill
Sensory Amplifier (Armor) Ripperdoc: Wellsprings
Knuckles - Physical Damage Gorilla Arms Mods Ripperdoc: Northside
Knuckles - Thermal Damage Ripperdoc: Arroyo
Knuckles - Chemical Damage Ripperdoc: Rancho Coronado
Knuckles - Electrical Damage Ripperdoc: Downtown
Battery, Low Capacity Ripperdoc: Japantown
Battery, MediumCapacity Ripperdoc: Kabuki
Battery, High Capacity Ripperdoc: Charter Hill
Target Analysis Kiroshi Optics Mods Ripperdoc: Kabuki
Explosives Analysis Ripperdoc: Little China
Threat Detector Ripperdoc: Downtown
Trajectory Analysis Ripperdoc: Little China
Beast Mode Berserk Mods Instant Implants ripper doc clinic in Kabuki
Sandevistan: Overclocked Processor Sandevistan Mods Ripperdocs: Northside, Japantown
Sandevistan: Prototype Chip Ripperdocs: Charter Hill, Arroyo
Sandevistan: Neurotransmitters Ripperdocs: Charter Hill, Arroyo
Sandevistan: Heatsink Ripperdocs: Northside, Japantown
Sandevistan: Tyger Paw Ripperdocs: Coastview, Rancho Coronado
Sandevistan: Rabid Bull Ripperdocs: Coastview, Rancho Coronado
Sandevistan: Arasaka Software Ripperdocs: Downtown, Wellsprings
Uncommon Components Upgrades Unlocked by Tune-up Perk
Darra polytechnic tactical balaciava Uncommon Clothing Clothing shops: Northside, Japantown
Durable Lime Speed modular helmet Clothing shops: Little China, Charter Hill
Mox gas mask with custom protective layer Clothing shops: Northside
Arasaka tactical techgogs Clothing shops: Kabuki, Japantown
5hi3id Superb combatweave aramid breastplate Clothing shops: Kabuki
Green Viper double-nanoweave pencil dress Clothing shops: Northside
Hebi Tsukai cashmere-nanofiber shirt Clothing shops: Westbrook, Japantown
Red Leopard button-up with composite insert Clothing shops: Kabuki, Charter Hill
Spotted flexi-membrane bustier Clothing shops: Little China
Golden Mean aramid-stitch formal skirt Clothing shops: Little China, Charter Hill
Durable Smiley HARD loose-fits Clothing shops: Northside, Japantown
Sunny Ammo synthetic high-tops Clothing shops: Kabuki
Reinforced biker boots Clothing shops: Little China, Charter Hill
Ten70 Bada55 polycarbonate bandana Rare Clothing Clothing shops: Kabuki
Upgraded farmer hat with gauge Clothing shops: Badlands, Arroyo
Stylish turquoise sport glasses Clothing shops: Little China, Rancho Coronado, Coastview
Trilayer steel ocuset Clothing shops: Charter Hill, Arroyo
Psycho flexiweave long-sleeve Clothing shops: Northside, Coastview
Durable Synsilk Blazer Clothing shops: Rancho Coronado
That good old red, white and blue Clothing shops: Japantown, Arroyo, Rancho Coronado
Denki-shin thermoset hybrid crystaljock bomber Clothing shops: Little China
Powder Pink light polyamide blazer Clothing shops: Badlands, Rancho Coronado
Milky Gold trench coat with bulletproof triweave Clothing shops: Charter Hill, Arroyo
Classic aramid-weave denim shorts Clothing shops: Badlands, Kabuki
Bai Long formal pants with reinforced neo-silk Clothing shops: Coastview, Rancho Coronado
Abendstern polycarbonate dress shoes Clothing shops: Badlands, Japantown
GLITTER laceless sturdy-stitched steel-toes Clothing shops: Coastview, Northside
Stylish Leather flat cap with light armor layer Epic Clothing   Clothing shops: Rancho Coronado
Laminated security hardhat with headset Clothing shops: Coastview
Graffiti thermoset synweave hijab/ Graffiti thermoset syn-weave keffiyeh Clothing shops: Corpo Plaza
Blue menpo with protective padding Clothing shops: Badlands
Gold Punk Aviators Clothing shops: Corpo Plaza, Downtown
Paris Blue office shirt and vest with reinforced seams Clothing shops: Downtown
 Padded Denld Hachi hybrid-weave bra Clothing shops: Badlands
Stylish Ten70 Daemon Hunter coat Clothing shops: Coastview
Cyan multiresist evening jacket Clothing shops: Downtown
Blue Brick reinforced hotpants Clothing shops: Wellsprings, Arroyo
Geisha flexi-weave cargo pants Clothing shops: Corpo Plaza
Green Graffiti athletic shoes with protective coating Clothing shops: Wellsprings, Arroyo
Midday Glow polycarbonate formal pumps/Midday Glow polycarbonate dress shoes Clothing shops: Rancho Coronado
Mirame reinforced-composite cowboy hat Legendary Clothing Clothing shops: Wellsprings
Durable Emerald Speed polyamide beanie Clothing shops: Downtown
Aoi Tora enhanced BD wreath Clothing shops: Downtown
Sun Spark thermoset chemglass infovisor Clothing shops: Wellsprings
Daemon Hunter resistance-coated tank top Clothing shops: Wellsprings
SilveRock bulletproof-laminate biker vest Clothing shops: Wellsprings
Deadly Lagoon armored syn-silk pozer-jacket Clothing shops: Corpo Plaza
Uniware Brass office pants with membrane support Clothing shops: Corpo Plaza
Composite Geisha Combat Shirt Clothing shops: Corpo Plaza
Chic Pink Dragon skirt with fiberglass squins Clothing shops: Downtown
Gold Fury neotac bulletproof pants Clothing shops: Wellsprings
Multilayered Kasen exo-jacks with anti-shrapnel lining Clothing shops: Corpo Plaza
Enhanced Daemon Hunter tongues Clothing shops: Downtown
D5 Copperhead Character Progression: Uncommon Reward for reaching level 6 in the Crafting skill
DB-2 Satara
Electric Baton Alpha
Cotton motorcycle cap with protective inset
Lightweight tungsten steel BD wreath
Inner Flame flame-resistant rockerjack
Simple Biker Turtleneck
Sturdy synfiber pleated pants
Classic evening pumps with polycarbonate support
DR5 Nova Character Progression: Rare Reward for reaching level 9 in the Crafting skill
DS1 Pulsar
Spt32 Grad
Steel microplated kabuto
Titanium-reinforced gas mask
Polycarbonate western fringe vest
Stylish Atomic Blast composite bustier
Venom Dye duolayer riding pants
Robust Spunky Monkey kicks
Baseball Bat Character Progression: Epic Reward for reaching level 13 in the Crafting skill
HJKE-11 Yukimura
M2038 Tactician
Boss Mafioso trilby with protective inner lining
Yamori tungsten-steel biker techgogs
AQUA universe luxe aramid-weave shirt
Ultralight Tested On Animals polyamide tank top
Heise trilayer formal skirt
Pixel Neige snow boots with canvas duolayer
Carnage Character Progression: Legendary

Reward for reaching level 18 in the Crafting skill

DR12 Quasar
Sandy Boa Shock Absorbent headband
Synleather plastic goggles
Lightning Rider reinforced racing suit
Red Alert anti-surge netrunning suit
Composite Ko Jag silk-threaded hotpants
Crystal Lily evening pumps with extra-durable soles/Crystal Lily evening shoes with extra-durable soles
Unity (Dropped by NCPD activity at Clean Cut, Northside)
Sovereign Iconic Weapons   Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Japantown
Buzzsaw Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Northside
Breakthrough  Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Rancho Coronado
Comrade's Hammer  Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Arroyo
Psalm 11:6 Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Northside
Moron Labe Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in West Wind Estate
Yinglong Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in Wellsprings
The Headsman Dropped by the leader of Suspected Organized Crime Activity in North Oak



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    • Anonymous

      2 questions:
      1) Do vendors actually sell mod crafting specs? I have been rolling vendor inventories dozens of times and have yet to see a single clothing mod spec for sale
      2) Are all normal mod specs eventually unlocked by leveling up tech skill/crafting level? It would be good to know this before wasting more of my life rolling vendors

      • Anonymous

        Wheres the section about unlocking rare weapon mod crafting because from what I know it doesn't unlock until 32 and after completion of I fought the law.

        • Anonymous

          I am unable to craft ammo. I go to crafting and it just doesn't give me any options. Do I need a perk to start craft ammo?

          • Anonymous

            So if u Safe befor u go into one of the Clothing Shops for the first time u can still randomise what Blueprints appear.
            Had to load it quiet a few times but in the end i got all Legendary Blueprints.

            PS: Game ver. 1.06

            • Anonymous

              Can someone post the materials needed to craft the legendary quickhacks? Trying to decide if I want to put points into the perk that gives you more of the components from Access Points.

              • legendary crafting specs for Crusher could be found in braindance club, next to CRESCENT & BROAD station, south part of JAPAN town

                • Anonymous

                  What is it with clothing mods? If i craft a common +X Armor mod then sometimes i get a rare (blue) one. By what is it affected? I dont get the same results for weapon mods...if i craft a common weapon mod i ALWAYS only get uncommons out of it. I have tech statt at 5 and nothing skilled in the perk tree

                  • Anonymous

                    spotted, that some of mods not stacking either in one cloth piece neither in few, like +crit chance/+crit dmg - added only once and what is more weird, if you got let say +30 crit dmg in 2 cloth pieces on you and you will remove one - stat in crit dmg will be like you dont have it in another cloth at all. *its on PC current patch 1.05.

                    • Anonymous

                      Currently there seems to be a bug where legendary clothing specs will only spawn the first time you enter a particular store and will not spawn again afterwards.

                      I'm level 40 with max street cred and haven't seen a legendary spec available at a clothing store since the beginning of the game despite refreshing several stores ~ 100 times.

                      • Anonymous

                        hate that the blueprints from vendors appear at ramdom and not always, been looking for the "Aoi Tora enhanced BD wreath" for an eternity

                        • The Hacker's Manuel and School of Hard Hacks lists are both inaccurate. They're likely bugged, but currently the two perks only unlock the following perks

                          Hacker's Manuel: Cyberware Malfunction. Request Backup, and Whistle (3 out of 11)

                          School of Hard Hacks: Contagion, Cyberware Malfunction, Overheat, Ping, Reboot Optics, Sonic Shock, Whistle (7 out of 12)

                          • Anonymous

                            The crafting spec for the M-179E Achilles (Legendary) can be found on the roof of the Afterlife in a box. After exiting the elevator you have to climb the ventilator shafts on the right side.

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