Iconic Consumables are consumables in Cyberpunk 2077. Iconic Consumables offer powerful and permanent boosts to Stats and Abilities. Even though they don't explicitly state their iconic status they feature the same iconic backdrop in their description as Iconic Weapons and offer better effects than regular Consumables.



Cyberpunk 2077 Iconic Consumables

You can search by Name or Effect. Just type into the search box what you are looking for.

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dendritic protoplasma supplier iconic consumable cyberpunk2077 wiki guide 150px
Dendritic Protoplasma Supplier

Permanently increases RAM Recovery Rate by 1% 12000

military grade lactic acid recyclers iconic consumable cyberpunk2077 wiki guide 150px
Military-Grade Lactic Acid Recyclers

Permanently increases Stamina Regen Rate by 2% 12000

prototype pseudoembryonic cell builder phantom liberty wiki guide 100px
Prototype Pseudoembryonic Cell Builder

Permanently increases Max Health by 2. 12000


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