Cyberware in Cyberpunk 2077 is an integral upgrade in the world of 2077.  Cyberware is technology permanently installed int the human flesh that sometimes has the capability to interface with the nervous system. It's goal to achieve a higher performance and bring new enhancements commensurate to achieving the needed practical applications previously not available. Though it has no physical limit in terms of the number of cyberware installed the user though runs a risk of contracting Cyberpsychosis. The possibility increases as more parts of the human body are replaced or enhanced.


Types of Cyberware

Body Plating

Plastic/metal plating which covers part of the body as protection or as a mounting surgace


Linear Frames

Exoskeletons grafted onto the body.



 In any color and style you want.



 Devices plugged into the auditory nerves to enhance hearing.



 Cameras which replace biological Eyes.



 Mostly ilegal weapons implanted directly into cyberlimbs or the body



 Enhancements built along biological instead of mechanical lines



 Devices adding specific functions to the body



 Processors plugged into the nervous system in order to modify or enhance it.



 Cosmetics enhancements made to body


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