Merchants in Cyberpunk 2077. The right tool is needed for the right job. As a mercenary V would be facing numerous and unique situations in which would need a specific touch. Enter merchants which are individuals who would provide for the right price.


Weapon Merchants Information

Weapon Merchants provide with Weapons, ammunition and Weapons Upgrades. You can find them around Night City and may be unlocked through Street Cred. They only provide with legal services.

Name Location Where to find Services Provided
Wilson Watson You can find him infront of the elevator outside V's starting appartment Weapons, Weapons Upgrades


Rippdoc Merchants Information

Ripp doctors provide cyberware upgrades (implants) for the player character. You may need to reach a determined amount of Street Cred to unlock them. They can provide both legal and ilegal implants.


Name Location Where to find Services Provided
Doctor Victor Watson You can find him inside an undergroud basemnt Eye Implants, Hand Implants, Neural Implants


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