Endings in Cyberpunk 2077  features different conclusions of the game that depends on the player's actions/choices made throughout a completed playthrough. These endings unlock different achievements and outcomes of the game's story.

  • Check our Walkthrough page for detailed information on the main story of the game, or;
  • You may visit the Game Progress Route page for tips and an overview of how to progress through the game.

Important Notes

Most choices throughout Cyberpunk 2077 do not have an impact on the ending the player can receive; however, like The Witcher 3, some endings are locked behind the player character's relationship with key NPCs, in this case Johnny Silverhand, Rogue and Panam Palmer. Also, your chosen Life Path and the gender of V will not pose an impact on the ending.

Since we just mentioned that the dialogue options you choose during your playthrough only implies a small impact, there are just two things that you want to look out for so that you can unlock additional dialogue options during the final job, which will allow you to open up additional endings. We will be listing those important sequences on this page.

end credits one more gig option endings cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide

Additionally, if you want to save a lot of time from going through the whole game again and you just want to start off at the last checkpoint you've saved (most likely before the final job), you can do so. Players can either create a manual save before Misty takes you to the balcony where you speak to Johnny. Or just load the game and pick up where you left off at the last checkpoint. Once you've finished the game and after the credits roll, a "Thank You For Playing" message will appear, simply just choose the 'Sure, just one more gig' option so that you can reload the last saved checkpoint.

Important NPCs

As mentioned, there are two sequences or NPCs in the game that we recommend that you spend your time in completing their line of Side Jobs, and these NPCs are Panam Palmer and Rogue.


rogue npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide

  • In order for you to unlock a dialogue option that leads to the "Path of Glory" epilogue, you need to create an alliance with Rogue, and by doing that, you have to complete her Side Jobs. Completing the last job related to Rogue will also result in a Romance, click here to learn more about it.
  • Rogue only has two Side Jobs. Chippin' In is automatically unlocked through story progression and Blistering Love becomes available after completing Chippin' In and if you call her to take her out on a date.

Panam Palmer

panam palmer npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide

  • If you want to obtain the choice of the possibility of acquiring the "All Along the Watchtower" and/or "New Dawn Fades" epilogue, you need to forge an alliance with Panam Palmer. Creating an alliance with Panam also results in an alliance with the Aldecaldos gang. You can find a guide on how to forge an alliance with her and end up with a Romance sequence by clicking here, or by checking out the Romance page.



Cyberpunk 2077 Endings



  • Choose the dialogue option: “Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it”.
  • Take the Omega-Blockers (Pills).
  • Finish Where Is My Mind?.
  • Choose between joining the program or rejecting the offer.

For this epilogue, there are two sub-endings that you can achieve depending on the choice you make when you're near the end. So first off, during the final Main Job, Nocturne Op55N1, when Misty takes you to the rooftop balcony and you talk to Johnny Silverhand, choose the dialogue option “Think trusting Arasaka’s risky but worth it” and then [Take Omega-Blockers]. This will result in completing the following missions that will lead to this ending: Last Caress, Totalimmortal, and Where Is My Mind?.

During the Where Is My Mind? job, V will end up at a space station where doctors have done procedures on him/her. Now, as you continue your progression, at some point, Takemura or Hellman checks up on you and gives V a contract, this is where you will have to choose V's fate. First, if you choose “[Sign Contract] I want to live”, V joins the Secure Your Soul program and Arasaka basically creates an engram of V's mind and puts it in "storage" until they find a compatible body. And if you select “[Refuse to Sign] I’m going back to Earth”, V prepares his journey back to Earth. Either way, V still dies, he either loses his consciousness not knowing if he will ever find a compatible body or he dies normally back on Earth from his injuries - these two sub-endings just presents two different scenes that are worth experiencing.




  • Complete Panam's Side Jobs.
  • Choose Dialogue Option: “Gonna ask Panam for help”.
  • Take the Omega-Blockers (Pills).
  • Inside Mikoshi, enter the well to return to V's body.
  • Finish All Along the Watchtower.

For this epilogue, the important sequence you must complete in order for the dialogue option to become available is to complete Panam's Side Jobs. Click here, or check out the Romance page to learn more about her side jobs and how to forge an alliance with her/the Aldecaldos. During the final Main JobNocturne Op55N1, when Misty takes you to the rooftop balcony and you talk to Johnny Silverhand, choose the dialogue option “Gonna ask Panam for help” and then [Take Omega-Blockers]. This will result in completing the following missions that will lead to this ending: We Gotta Live Together, Forward to DeathBelly of the Beast, and All Along the Watchtower.

During the Belly of the Beast job, after you've defeated Adam Smasher, you'll enter Mikoshi where Alt and Johnny talk to V. When you get to choose a dialogue option, select “Wanna live out whatever life I got left“, approach the well, and then choose [Enter well and return to body]. This triggers the epilogue for All Along the Watchtower. Basically, Johnny will remain in cyberspace, and V leaves Night City with Panam with the rest of the Nomads.

NOTE - if you want extra romance scenes with your romance of choice, make sure you have called that person in previous Mission Nocturne Op55N1 when you get a chance to call before deciding to reach out to Panam for help. If you do not call the person you romanced, they will not appear in the epilogue.




  • Complete Panam or Rogue's Side Jobs.
  • Choose Dialogue Option: “Gonna ask Panam for help” or “Think you and Rogue should go”.
  • Take the Omega-Blockers (Panam route) or pseudoendotrizine (Rogue route)
  • Inside Mikoshi, cross the bridge as V (Panam route) or enter the well as Johnny (Rogue route).
  • Finish New Dawn Fades.

For this epilogue, it doesn't matter if you complete Panam or Rogue's Side Jobs, what's important is the choice you make when you're inside Mikoshi depending on your chosen route or the cyberspace where you'll find Alt and Johnny. To obtain this ending, when you're inside Mikoshi, if you chose Panam then choose the dialogue option “Body’s Johnny’s. I’ll go“ and then just cross the bridge but, if you chose Rogue you need to complete For Whom The Bell Tolls and Knockin' On Heaven's Door, then enter the well as Johnny. This triggers the New Dawn Fades epilogue mission. This epilogue results in Johnny taking over V's body, while V remains in cyberspace.




  • Complete Rogue's Side Jobs.
  • Choose Dialogue Option: “Think you and Rogue should go”.
  • Take pseudoendotrizine (Pills).
  • Inside Mikoshi, cross the bridge as Johnny.
  • Finish Path of Glory.

For the Path of Glory epilogue, the important sequence you must complete in order for the dialogue option to become available is to complete Rogue's Side Jobs. Click here, or check out the Romance page to learn more about her side jobs and how to forge an alliance with her. During the final Main JobNocturne Op55N1, when Misty takes you to the rooftop balcony and you talk to Johnny Silverhand, choose the dialogue option “Think you and Rogue should go”.

During the Knockin' On Heaven's Door job, you'll (again) find yourself in Mikoshi (Cyberspace) only this time, as Johnny. Basically, when you're given the dialogue options, you have to make it sound like you're not agreeing to V being stuck in Cyberspace. At some point, you have to choose the dialogue "Goin' with Alt, you live on." and just cross the bridge. V tries to stop Johnny and beats him, just go through and cross the bridge. This will result in V returning back to his body and Johnny remains in Cyberspace. V then awakens and you just need to complete the Path of Glory epilogue job to acquire this ending.


The Easy Way Out

easy way out ending cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide



  • Choose the first dialogue option available when Johnny lays out a plan, either ask for Panam's help, trust Arasaka, or ask him and Rogue to finish the job.
  • When Johnny asks if you're sure about it, choose the dialogue “Could also just put all this to rest”.
  • Followed by "[Toss pills] I know exactly what we're gonna do."

As the title says, "The Easy Way Out", it literally is the easiest way to end the game. During the final Main JobNocturne Op55N1, when Misty takes you to the rooftop balcony and you talk to Johnny Silverhand, choose the dialogue option that is available on how you proceed, either ask for Panam's help, trust Arasaka, or ask him and Rogue to finish the job. It doesn't matter here, just choose one.

When Johnny asks you if you're sure about the decision you picked, choose the dialogue “Could also just put all this to rest” and then "[Toss pills] I know exactly what we're gonna do.". You'll end up with an epilogue with Johnny telling V that it was a pleasure working with him/her. And as you know it, V commits suicide by shooting himself as the scene shifts over to the view of Night City.


(Don't Fear) The Reaper




  • Complete Tapeworm, a series of quests related to specific conversations you have with Johnny when following the main questline.
  • Choose the correct dialogue options when talking to Johnny at his "grave" during Chippin' In.
  • When talking to Johnny atop the roof during Nocturne Op55N1, do not proceed with any available options for storming Arasaka or suicide and wait silently for about 5 minutes instead. Johnny will takes V's silence into consideration and offer one more option.
  • Hear out Johnny's suicide run/plan.

Johnny will empathize with V not wanting to put more loved ones in harms way for their sake and says they should just grab their "hottest iron" , walk right in the front door of Arasaka tower, and carve their own path to Mikoshi. If  V agrees, the game will immediately cut to V entering Araska tower's front door where they are confronted by security, Johnny declares "Let's party like it's 2023" and the player will then engage in a gauntlet match of the toughest enemies Arasaka has to offer, including Adam Smasher. It is highly recommended the player prepares plenty of healing items, ammunition, best armor, and their highest damaging weapons as this is the toughest battle in the game and only two save points are offered despite dying resulting in a credit roll.

Once the player has successfully uploaded Alt and connected to Mikoshi, the ending of the game will proceed as it does in other endings where Alt tells V and Johnny only one can stay in V's body but the player will control V during this decision. Choosing Johnny results in the New Dawn Fades ending where as choosing V will result in the Path of Glory ending.

(Don't Fear) The Reaper is a secret ending of the game. But in order for this option to become available, you need to choose the following dialogue lines to answer Johnny at the oil fields during Chippin' In:

  • [Inscribe Johnny's initials]. Let's do something about that.
  • The Guy who Saved My Life.
  • Nah. ****** that up too.
  • What do you want from me?
  • OK. But as second chances go, this is your last.
  • You were a real **** in the beginning.
  • When you said you let down your friends...
  • Smasher biz really got to her.
  • Yeah. I'll call Rogue.

Once completed, the side quest, Blistering Love, will begin but you do not have to call Rogue or proceed with it as triggering the secret ending is only dependent of which dialogue options you choose at Johnny's grave. From here, you can proceed with your playthrough as you wish until you talk to Hanako again during Noctune Op55N1.


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    • Anonymous

      Isn't it kinda studip that in most endings V is going to die because "his own immune system considers him an intruder" while there are literally immune system cybernetics in the game? Like, can't he fully swap what remains of his biological immunity for some fully automated solution that would not be trying to kill him? Am I missing something here?

      • Anonymous

        Path of Glory has a news story playing as you're leaving the air transport. Easy to miss. Really important. It says 'for 700k/month, you can now prevent neuron degradation' or something like that. Basically, you can stop the body from rejecting the brain. Which is a nerdy way of saying 'its gonna cost you, but you can afford it, and you're going to live.' Now if you can just get Judy to come back, or go see her, you have a legendary space casino to rob, and a perfect ending. Not sure where else to drop this important info, but it REALLY needs to be seen, I think

        • Anonymous

          I unlocked the secret ending without selecting the dialogue "Smasher biz really got to her." That part really doesn't matter.

          • Anonymous

            It seams Path of Glory is slightly different depending if you go with Rogue or alone (she is either there in Afterlife or she is missing).

            • Anonymous

              Was hoping for an ending going of into cyberspace. 6 months to live vs.living in the net, net sounded like a cool option not suicide!

              • Anonymous

                Think I might have found a new ending an ending where you get V's secret mansion no one can get to the way to get that ending is to ask Rogue and Johnny for help and to have Kerry eurodyne as a lover at the end it just spawned me in that mansion with Kerry

                • Anonymous

                  5000 base armor, 9000+ with cold blood and immunities etc is enough to be pretty much invulnerable during the solo assault on normal. Just beware of environmental explosives

                  • Anonymous

                    Well i finished my ending "Where is my mind?" and i guessed it right that this ending is not good. XD (I mean ok left side from the building when u finally meet Hanako is a Tarot Card with death so u can easiely guess what this ending means)
                    I'm working now for "All along the Watchtower" and need to finish the rest too.

                    • Anonymous

                      Even with max level, OHKO guns and 5000+ armor (after cold blood, mods etc), you can get flatlined during Don't Fear The Reaper in seconds, especially in the final two rooms. Absolutely go for survival/second chance cyber-ware/perks before starting the ending sequence.

                      • Anonymous

                        (DON'T FEAR) THE REAPER is bugged. I did every option that it says, every quest, always sided with Johnny... No option to do it...

                        • Anonymous

                          I didn't kill grayson my mikoshi percentage is 50% amd did all side missions necessary to unlock it can i access it or not i just didn't kill grayson

                          • Anonymous

                            no ending is satasfieng, v dies in every ending; i truly hope cd red makes a dlc ala blood and wine to give us the happy ending we deserve.

                            • Anonymous

                              Tbh I was kind of disappointed at the ending. I wish it was kind of like Fallout 4, where you could continue after you beat the game. I believe CDPR could've been a bit more creative. BUT! The ending is hella sad as well, and definitely got a few tears from me at the credits scene. The game was definitely worth playing, and I chose the "Just one more gig." option just so I can really enjoy Cyberpunk 2077 in all it's glory. This is Sdji, and I'll see you later chooms!

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                                We also need to write a clearer definition and solution in case V flatlined (even twice than the V's double heart cybernetics) in the suicide mission with Johnny Silverhand. Is it game over as V has to start over from the lifepath choice? This fact would be really helpful for anyone who wished to do this mission with him.

                                • Anonymous

                                  We need a list of quests that affect the relationship with Johnny Silverhand. I got:

                                  90% Edgerunner
                                  60% You Only Live Once
                                  40% Down to the Wire

                                  Can't unlock the solo Ending. I heard that you need 70% You Only Live Once. But this is where that questlist comes in handy.

                                  • Anonymous

                                    It appears you need 50% "relationship" with Johnny to fulfill the Don't Fear the Reaper ending requirement. So Johnny's "Good side" is more of a 50/50.

                                    • Anonymous

                                      In the blaze of glory path you get to witness V and your love interest finally rich and at the top. But your love interest breaks up with you and it’s revealed V is still dying. Important left out details. It’s kinda cold and heartbreaking especially when the credits roll and Judy goes yea hope you figure it out. but possible DLC teased.

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