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Main Job
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Search and Destroy
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Last Caress
We Gotta Live Together
For Whom the Bell Tolls

Nocturne Op55N1 is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Nocturne Op55N1 can be acquired after completing Transmission and Search and Destroy. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


We both knew this time would come. If we don't think of something quick, you will die - and I'll go with you. It's time for our final meeting.


Nocturne Op55N1 Objectives

  • Meet Hanako at Embers.
  • Talk to Hanako Arasaka.
  • Sit with Hanako Arasaka.
  • Leave the restaurant.
  • Talk to Johnny.
  • Take the pills.
  • Leave Viktor's clinic.
  • Talk to Misty.
  • Take the elevator to the roof.
  • Follow Misty.
  • Sit by Misty and Talk to Johnny.


Nocturne Op55N1 Walkthrough

The Point of No Return

  • Take note that you will be entering a point of no return as soon as you ride the elevator to Embers. Once you are inside the restaurant, you will be locked out from the rest of the activities in the game. So if you have any unfinished business or you want to visit shops or ripperdocs, do it before heading to Embers.
  • If you're unsure, create a manual save file so that you can just reload the data. You can also visit the Endings guide page to learn more about the dialogue choices and different endings you can unlock in the game.
  • Once you're at Embers, simply approach the piano and talk to Hanako. After the conversation, leave the area the same way you came in.

Your Final Choice

  • V loses consciousness in the elevator and he/she will wake up in Viktor's Clinic. Once you're up, take the pills and V's gun. Next, leave Viktor's clinic and head talk to Misty. Simply follow her and she'll take you to a rooftop balcony.
  • Now, this is the moment of truth. Sit on the chair and you'll now be given dialogue options that will determine how the game will end. Depending on the side jobs you've also done in the game, you will also be able to unlock additional dialogue options that will also determine the ending. The information will be noted down below, or you can hop onto the Endings page for a more detailed guide.
  • Once you've chosen your "path" simply head back down to the ground floor and speak to Misty, then follow her into her shop to close this quest.

Choose your Path

If you've somehow made a relationship with certain characters in the game that you can Romance, you can give them a call while you are on the rooftop balcony where Misty takes you. If you do this, they will make an appearance during the epilogue. If you don't call them, then they won't appear and you'll end up being on your own. The second choice you have to make is to choose who you want to ask for help when you are about to raid Arasaka Tower. Here are the following options:

  • Ask for Hanako's help: This is the default option. Provided that you didn't finish Rogue or Panam's side jobs and ended up in Romance, this is the option you will only get. V will then accept Hanako's offer and it will lead to the Where is my Mind? ending. This will then lead to the next job, Last Caress.
  • Ask for Rogue's help: To do this, you have to complete her side jobs which are Chippin' In and Blistering Love. Here, V decides that Johnny should take over and team up with Rogue. Depending on your choices in the latter part of the game, the ending will either involve Johnny or an ending that involves V's redemption. This will then lead to the next job, For Whom the Bell Tolls.
  • Ask for Panam's help: For the option to ask for Panam's help to become available, players will need to complete all of Panam's side jobs. Specifically Riders on the Storm, With a Little Help from my Friends, and Queen of the Highway. This will lead to an ending that will revolve around the Nomads where we find V finding freedom. This will then lead to the next job, We Gotta Live Together.
  • Path of Least Resistance: The fourth approach is to "end it all". When Johnny asks you if you're sure about the decision you picked, choose the dialogue “Could also just put all this to rest” and then "[Toss pills] I know exactly what we're gonna do."
  • Don't Fear the Reaper: There is also a secret ending that you can achieve. When you choose who to ask for help, you can stay quiet for a while and Johnny will offer V an alternate plan which involves V infiltrating Arasaka Tower on his/her own. It's a one-shot ending, meaning you need to survive the combat sequence because if you die, it's game over and you won't be able to do it again. Check the Endings page to learn more about the conditions on how to achieve this.



 How to unlock Nocturne Op55N1


Nocturne Op55N1 Rewards

  • Rewards go here.


Nocturne Op55N1 Notes & Tips

  • The quest title is a reference to one of Frederick Chopin's nocturnes, which are musical pieces meant to be evocative of night. Likely used here to pay tribute to Night City itself. 
  • Hanako is actually playing Chopin's Nocturne Op55No1 on the grand piano as V exits the elevator. She will continue to play the piece until V approaches to trigger the story dialogue.
  • The wait time required for the secret ending named "Don't Fear the Reaper" is approximately the same duration as the song of the same name.


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