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The Ride is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Ride is automatically acquired after completing The Ripperdoc. This main job has a danger level of moderate. Completing Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


High rish, high reward - as Dexter DeShawn likes to say. First rule of the Afterlife. So this is it, V. Time to go in, grab the bull by the horns and make a name for ourselves. But first, let's hear what Dex DeShawn has to say.


The Ride Objectives


The Ride Walkthrough

Talk to Jackie

  • You'll obtain this main job automatically after testing out the newly installed Cyberware given by Viktor during The Ripperdoc quest. So you'll still find yourself in Viktor's Clinic. Apart from acquiring this main job, you'll also acquire the Paid in Full Side Job which requires you to pay off your debt to Viktor.
  • Now, go outside the clinic and head back to Misty's Esoterica where you'll find Jackie and Misty. Approach Jackie and he'll give you intel regarding Dex's location. He'll mention that he's waiting for you near Gramsci Burgers.
  • Once you have the intel, the location of the next objective will be automatically marked with a waypoint.
  • Before you head outside, you'll receive another call from Regina. Answer the call and she'll just tell you about the number of cyberpsycho attacks in the city.
  • Next, head outside Misty's shop and follow the waypoint, you can drive there or just go on foot towards where Dex is parked. Head inside his car once you've arrived.

The Job

  • Now, you'll have quite a "business" conversation with Dex as you go around the city in his car. He'll ask you first how you want to be known in the city? Basically a nobody or a legend. You'll be given three dialogue options to answer him. Just humor him if you want to and answer his question. Eventually, he'll tell you about the job he has for you.
  • After asking him why he chose to meet you in person, you can go ahead and ask him more about the job which requires you to get a hold of a prototype biochip tech that belongs to Arasaka. As the conversation goes, Dexter asks you to try and do this job as clean as possible.
  • V then asks what the plan is and Dex mentions two parts, (1) resolve an issue with the Maelstrom boys and (2), rendezvous with the client. You can then go ahead and ask Dex more about the Maelstrom issue and the client. You'll learn that the client's name is Evelyn Parker. As for the Maelstrom, Dex hands you a shard. Take it and you'll learn more.
  • After Dex gives you more intel, ask about Meredith and/or Royce. Once Dex gives you more data, step out of the limo and you'll receive another call from Regina. Once you're done speaking to Regina, you'll get another call, this time from Jackie. Answer it and tell Jackie about the intel you gathered from Dex.
  • Now, it's up to you how you want to go on next. If you answer Jackie by starting off with the Client, you'll acquire the next Main Job, The Information, if you choose to check on the Maelstrom issue, then you'll acquire The Pickup main job.


 How to unlock The Ride

  • The Ride is automatically acquired after completing The Ripperdoc.


The Ride Rewards

  • None


The Ride Notes & Tips

  • Notes & tips go here


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