Automatic Love

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Job Type
Main Job
Life Path
Lizzie's Bar
Megabuilding H8
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Playing for Time
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The Space in Between

Automatic Love is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Automatic Love is automatically acquired after completing Playing for Time  Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


So you've decided to find the chick who put on this first-class shitshow. She had a job and you took it 'cause there was no one else to knock some sense into your gonk head. I'm here now, but so what? This search and rescue bullshit's a dead end, but that's not about to stop you. Maybe Evelyn will, who knows? Sure seems like she doesn't wanna be found.


Automatic Love Objectives

  • (Optional) Call Judy.
  • Meet with Judy.
  • Find Evelyn at Lizzie's Bar.
  • Talk to Judy.
  • Take the cigarette case.
  • Leave Lizzie's bar.
  • Go to Megabuilding H8.
  • Head to Clouds in the evening.
  • Take the elveator to Clouds.
  • Check in at the Clouds reception.
  • Jack in at the reception.
  • Deposit your weapons and go into booth 9 or 6.
  • Ask the doll about Evelyn.
  • (Optional) Get inside Evelyn's booth.
  • (Optional) Check the security feeds.
  • Get inside the VIP area.
  • Find Tom and ask him about Evelyn.
  • Head to Woodman's Office and interrogate him.
  • Defeat Wodman - only if the interrogation fails.
  • Collect your weapons from the locker and leave Clouds.
  • (Optional) Talk to Johnny.
  • Take the elevator to the ground floor.


Automatic Love Walkthrough

Find Evelyn Parker

  • First off, call Judy as an optional objective after speaking to Takemura. Be honest with her while you're speaking to her so that you are on good terms with the Braindance Genius and then tell her to meet up.
  • Next, head over to Lizzie's Bar and look for Evelyn and/or to meet with Judy. When you arrive at the front door, speak to the Mox and ask for Evelyn. Once you're in, go to Judy's workshop, ask her about Evelyn and speak to her.
  • After the conversation, take the cig case that's on her table that has an address on it. Judy tells V to give it to Evelyn once V find her. If you talk to Judy before leaving she'll ask you to tell her if Evelyn is doing fine, just tell her you will.Judy is a character you can romance, so you gotta be nice to her. Now, leave Lizzie's bar and Johnny appears as you head out - your next objective is to haed to Megabuilding H8.


  • You can fast travel to the next location if you've already unlocked it or just drive there and follow the waypoint on the mini-map. Upon arrival, skip the time to 7:00 PM, take the stairs up and then the lift to Clouds which is on the 12th floor. You can only enter the premises at night.
  • Once you're good to go, head inside, check in at the reception and jack-in the terminal. The receoptionst will then offer you two dolls, Angel or Skye and ask you for your "safeword". There's no point in asking for Evelyn as well since the receptionist will just say she's not avaiable and insists you jack in. There is no impact to whichever doll you choose, so pick whoever you want. The only thing is, you still need to pay €$500.
  • After choosing and paying your doll, deposit your weapons in the designated security locker before heading to the booth. Once you're inside, depending on the doll you choose, you'll gain access to different dialogues that you can use to gain information regarding Evelyn. Your goal here is to get into the VIP section and interrogate Woodman.
  • Take note that forcing your way in the VIP area or triggering the alarm will result to an act of violence and you'll have to fight the Tyger Claws. Apart from that, it can also apply some minor changes  towards side jobs.

Find a way to the VIP Section

Now we will indicate a couple of steps you should take to infiltrate the VIP section without raising the alarm, starting off on the Main Floor.

  • Skye will be in booth 9, while Angel is in booth 6. During your conversation with the doll, you must ask either one of them about the incident with Evelyn when the dialogue option becomes available. Eventually, the doll will tell you that she was attacked in booth 11 and you'll be given access to it.
  • If you were able to get the details from the doll, head over to booth 11 and scan the following. The blood stains, the wall-mounted port frame by the bed and the holoview in the corner so that V can visualize the scene via the security feed. Obtaining the evidence will benefit you and you can use this against Woodman when you interrogate him.
  • Now, the VIP is locked and guarded by a bouncer. The easiest way is to steal a VIP card from a Tyger Claw. You can steal it from any Tyger Claw but the easiest one is to follow the Tyger Claw that heads to the bathroom. Wait for the Tyger Claw who briefly talks to the bouncer before it heads to the comfort room. Simply follow the man, take him out, and steal the card as well as his weapon. Once you have the card, you can just walk through the door and head up the VIP area.
  • Alternatively, if you have the sufficient Body requirement, you can force-open the door that's adjacent to the restrooms. You'll find yourself inside a backroom that is guarded by another Tyger Claw. If you do this, just wait for the guard to look away and take him out. There's also a crate here where you can find a knife

Head to Woodman's Office

  • Once you're in the VIP area, you can now find Tom and speak to him in his booth. However, your main objective is to get to Woodman, the owner, and interrogate him in his office. Remember, that you can complete this job without fighting. So it's best if you try to walk out of the premises peacefully so that you can trigger some changes to a later side job (Ex-Factor).
  • Now, the normal path to learn about Woodman's location is to speak to Tom in Booth #2. Once you're in the VIP area, the first thing you want to do is to hack into the camera that's rotating above the door and neutralize it. Alternatively, you can sneak through while it's not facing V.
  • If you have the required Technical Ability or Body stat, then you can open the locked door that leads to a shortcut to Woodman's office.
  • Another way is to enter the private lounge on the left and quietly take down the Tyger Claw that's guarding the area. You can also cause a distraction by using the nearby vending machine. The door in the private lounge will easily take you to Woodman's office as well.
  • Also, inside the private lounge, you can head inside the dressing room on the left and you can open the shutters and sneak past the Tyger Claw from the balcony. You'll also find Evelyn's jacket inside the dressing room near the Iconic weapon "Cocktail Stick".
  • If you want to obtain more information that you can use against Woodman when you interrogate him, head to the control room that's opposite of Woodman office and quietly take out the guard there. Use the computer to access the messages and files. Also, there's a locker her where you can collect Evelyn's belongings, as well as a weapon.
  • Continue reading down below to learn more about the dialogue options that you can choose so that you can successfully interrogate him without the need to fight him. If the interrogation turns out differently, Woodman becomes hostile and you'll have to kill him - you'll compete this job once you leave the premises.


Automatic Love Interrogating Woodman

Given the fact that you were able to reach Woodman without raising the alarm or fighting your way through the guards, there are multiple scenarios that you can take to get him to give you the information you need without the need to fight and kill him.

Take note that if he lives during this job, he will let you use the nearby service elevator, allowing you to exit the premises via a shortcut and you'll encounter him later on during the Side Job Ex-Factor - IMPORTANT! If you answer him aggressively, insult him, or keep asking about Evelyn, you'll piss him off and you'll fail the interrogation sequence. Resulting in fighting him and the rest of the guards as you make your way out.

Threaten Woodman

Prerequisite: Complete the gig, Monster Hunt that invovles Jotaro Shobo. The correct dialogue lines are as follows:

  • Wanna end up like Jotaro Shobo?
  • Shobo had an unlucky meeting.

Prerequisite: Watch the holoprojection of Evelyn in her booth (Booth 11). The correct dialogue lines are as follows:

  • I'll tell the media everything.
  • Gonna take this to the news.

Prerequisite: You've made acquaintances and met River Ward after completing I Fought the Law. The correct dialogue lines are as follows:

  • Could call NCPD vice right now.
  • Maybe not, but then again...

Prerequisite: Choose the following dialogue lines, provided that you havent' said anything agressive. The correct dialogue lines are as follows:

  • Your bosses should know how you treat customers.
  • You're higher-up than I thought.
  • Let's not make this harder than it has to be.
  • One way or another, I'll find out.

Cut a Deal with Woodman

Prerequisite: You need to have a high level of Intelligence or you have investigated Evelyn's booth and/or have read the files using the computer in the control room. Just take note that you need to honor your promise and failing to do so will result in fighting Woodman. The correct dialogue lines are as follows:

  • Looks like you've got a netrunner problem. I can help.
  • Tit for tat - only if you help me.

Prerequisite: V has the Corpo Life Path. The correct dialogue lines are as follows:

  • You see only Tyger Claws. Got no idea who's behind them.
  • Girl I'm lookin for is linked to Arasaka.


 How to unlock Automatic Love


Automatic Love Rewards

  • Lizzie
  • Cocktail Stick


Automatic Love Notes & Tips

  • The iconic Weapon "Lizzie" can be found on the table in the basement at lizzie's just before you speak to Johnny
  • The iconic Weapon "Cocktail Stick" can be found on Evelyn's dressing table near her jacket.
  • Notes & tips go here.


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    • Anonymous

      Prerequisite: You've made acquaintances and met River Ward after completing I Fought the Law. The correct dialogue lines are as follows:

      Could call NCPD vice right now.
      Maybe not, but then again..
      I do bot have this dialogue after mission I Fought the Law. Why?

      • Anonymous

        Don't forget to pick up the iconic Katana Cocktail Stick back in the dolls dressing room that has the big neon sign Bliss in it.

        • Anonymous

          As of this post the clouds bug is still live on PC. After going through as many options as I could, I'm guessing what causes the bug is Woodman blocking the door after coming to an agreement. Basically its a pathing error that the game doesn't know how to solve. Combat doesn't block the door.

          • Anonymous

            Ok, I figured out the cause for not being able to complete the optional "(Optional) Check the security feeds." At multiple points throughout this mission, I received telephone calls from NPCs. When I answered them, V said things like "gonna have to talk later," and it appeared that he ended the call. But the game thinks V is still on the phone. I can tell this because I have now gone down to the storage room and found an access point that, when I try to use it, tells me "This action cannot be performed during a call." I know that this is prevening me from starting the Holoview in Evelyn's room, because the command to "HOLOVIEW X | [Play Projection] Let's have a look..." has a little phone icon in front of it and the text isn't highlighted in yellow like an executable command.

            So I know the cause, but I have no idea how to convince the game that I'm not on the phone. There are no menu commands anywhere that I know of to resume a call and I can't call back because the phone is disabled, I guess because it thinks I am still using it. Pressing down on the DPad does nothing.

            • Anonymous

              I wonder if the reason I can't check the security feeds is that I have already cut a deal with Woodman. The onscreen option to check the security feeds is available in my mission objectives, along with "Leave Clouds," but maybe since the only real reason to do it besides enjoying part of the game is to cut the deal with Woodson (I did it via the Corporate dialog option). Oh well. Guess I don't get to check the holoview :(

              • Anonymous

                I can't seem to trigger "(Optional) Check the security feeds." The onscreen prompt is there - it says "HOLOVIEW X | [Play Projection] Let's have a look..." but pressing 'X' on my XBox Controller (on PC) or 'F' on the keyboard doesn't do anything. I seem to have similar problems with many interactive items (mostly loot containers and paintings) that are on the floor or ground, but I don't know if this is the same issue or a different one.

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