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Corpo is a Lifepath in Cyberpunk 2077. Lifepaths in Cyberpunk 2077 is a Character Creation feature of the game. Upon starting the game, after choosing the game's difficulty and before customizing their character, players will get to choose V's Lifepath. There are three Lifepaths to select, which are, Nomad, Streetkid, and Corpo. Selecting V's Lifepath will heavily affect some events and provide the player with different dialogue options.


You've made it. You're an Arasaka agent with a body oozing with the top-of-the-line, military-grade cyberware. There's stress and pressure, sure, but you've got perks the general populance can only experience via braindance. You've got it all. What could possibly go wrong?


Corpo Information

Life Path Advantage for V: V has spent years maneuvering through the competitive back-office scene in Arasaka, so you have the first-hand experience when it comes to dealing with corporations. This means knowing how corpo agents operate; how they manipulate people. A "Corpo V" is far less likely to be caught out by shady corporate tricks, seeing past bluffs that would otherwise land you in hot water. You can even turn the tables thanks to your cutthroat corpo knowledge.


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Events & Choices Related to the Corpo

Corpo Events

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Corpo Choices

  • When first meeting Dexter Deshawn and the topic of Meredith Stout comes up, V will point out that her situation is that of critical danger for herself and she is in a desperate state.
  • During The Pickup, V would point out the virus inside Meredith's Chip giving the heads up. You can decrypt in any life path though but the existance of the virus would not be pointed out.
  • When going to Lizzie's to meet Evelyn Parker and talking to the bouncer, V would point out the last time he was there he did not enter through the front door. In the prologue he used Arthur Jenkins' AV to get to Lizzie's
  • When meeting Evelyn Parker, V in reference to the heist mentions how the Konpeki Plaza in Japan is leagues above the rest of its foreign counterparts. 
  • When Jackie and V first gets to Afterlife , V can reference the toast they did during the prologue at Lizzie's
  • When checking in at Konpeki Plaza during the heist, V can intimidate the receptionist via corpo verbal abuse. The line was so harsh even T-Bug had to speak up about it.
  • While talking to Takamura waiting for Oda, V talks about standard Arasaka IA procedure in Night City with meets like this. Basically an army.
  • When meeting first Oda with Takemura, V can remind him of his Oath to Hanako and why it is important to inform her about the information they have.
  • When negotiating with woodsman in Automatic Love, you can mention the link between the Tyger Claws and Arasaka and implying the connection between Evelyn and the Arasaka clan.
  • While doing recon with Takemura during Gimme Danger. The conversation can turn to the many bad deeds both V and Takemura are guilty of doing for Arasaka.
  • During many instance in Panam's sidequest chain, V will mention to Saul how detestable working with corporations are.
  • When dealing with Maiko during Ex-factor, V can ask judy about Maiko's methods of Manipulation with Corpo V asking for deets of her method. Implying he is quite used to manipulation contests in conversations as a corpo. After dealing with her, V can mention to Judy that maybe Maiko is simply feigning indifference to Judy's plan.
  • When you talk to Mr. Hands about his title being the "Last Corpo of Pacifica" him and V can relate to being both former corpos now part of the new different system.
  • When talking to Nix, V can mention seeing him in Arasaka before in a meeting with another corp. Both seemed to be former Arasaka employees.
  • During the Gig: The union strikes back! Corpo V can use can say he has documents that needs to be gotten rid off and intimidate an audit on the receptionist to distract her.


Corpo Notes and Tips

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