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Streetkid is a Lifepath in Cyberpunk 2077. Lifepaths in Cyberpunk 2077 is a Character Creation feature of the game. Upon starting the game, after choosing the game's difficulty and before customizing their character, players will get to choose V's Lifepath. There are three Lifepaths to select, which are, Nomad, Streetkid, and Corpo. Selecting V's Lifepath will heavily affect some events and provide the player with different dialogue options.


You know the urban jungle better than most. You've got connections, street cred, and street smarts. You're resourceful, and most importantly, ambitious. Life's not easy, but it's one hell of a ride.


Streetkid Information

Life Path Advantage for V: V's background as a Streetkid helps you navigate your way around some of Night City's more rough-cut residents. Gang members that might be distrustful of a Nomad outsider might be more open to talking candidly with a V who's "been there, done that" in the world of street gangs and dirty jobs. That street knowledge can help gain access to information that you'd otherwise have to spend bullets to get.


Quests Related to the Streetkid



Streetkid Related NPCs


Events & Choices Related to the Streetkid

Streetkid Events

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Streetkid Choices

  • During the Job The Ripperdoc, when you meet Jackie eating Asian food and he mentions Dexter DeShawn's job. You can tell him "Dex Ain't outta the picture?". Jackie tells you that somehow, Dex got caught up in the middle of a gang war two years ago and he remained under the radar until now.
  • When you are going to see Fingers during The Space in Between job you can say "Got a message from the Tyger Claws." to the three thugs on the outside of fingers' clinic. This will allow you to enter the clinic without fighting.
  • Inside Fingers' clinic, when talking to Judy Alvarez you can tell her "The Mox got Fingers in their crosshairs?". Judy points out that The Mox can't solve all the problems.
  • During Heroes, after the toast for Jackie Welles, you can talk to Pepe, the bartender. One of the options you can pick is "Valentinos didn't forget about him"Pepe says that although Valentinos and Jackie went separate ways,  in a moment of this, there's respect to be paid.
  • During I Fought The Law, during the Job briefing in the car you can tell them "There was an attempt on his life days before his passing". About Mayor Lucius Rhyne passing.
  • During I Fought The Law, while confronting Detective Han, you can select "Yeah. Night City born and bred." when he asks if you know how Night City functions.
  • During Riders on the Storm, once you've rescued Saul, you can answer "'Bout freedom? Quite a bit, actually" when asked about the Aldecaldos situation.
  • During the Beast in me: Santo Domingo, you can say Claire "Got a bad feeling about this..." when discussing the gangs taking part of the race.
  • During Pyramid Song, you can recognize the song Judy Alvarez sings by selecting "I know that song". 
  • During Pyramid Song, when Judy is talking about El Capitan Caliente, you can say "Gotta feel the burn". 
  • During Pyramid Song, when you are talking to Judy by the lake about her decision, you can say "Night City is not for everyone"
  • During Raymond Chandler Evening, you can tell the Valentino gangoons "Mama Welles doesn't like fights" to peacefully save the drunk corpo.


Streetkid Notes and Tips

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