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Main Job
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The Rescue
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The Ride
Kiroshi Optics MK.1
Ballistic Corprocessor

The Ripperdoc is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Ripperdoc can be acquired from Jackie Welles after completing The Rescue. This main job has a danger level of moderate. Completing  Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


If you're on the hunt for chrome, you won't find a beter ripper than Viktor. Well, all right, maybe you could, but you sure as hell can't afford them, chica. Not like Vik can afford you either, but you're lucky he's got a soft spot - says you've got a good heart, like him. But before we pay 'ol Vik a visit, we gotta decide what comes next.


The Ripperdoc Objectives

  • (Optional) Check your weapons stash.
  • Meet with Jackie. Talk to Jackie.
  • Get in the driver's seat.
  • Drive to the Ripperdoc.
  • Meet with the Ripperdoc. Talk to Viktor.
  • Scan Viktor.


The Ripperdoc Walkthrough

Crash Workaround

  • If you exit the car before you arrive at the ripper dock and walk around the other side of the building and head inside you can get through without crashing.

Rise and Shine

  • After you finish The Rescue, you start this job when you wake up and receive a call from Jackie Welles 
  • Before you head down to meet with Jackie, make sure to check the wardrobe in V's room to find some clothing that you can grab such as Leather Ankle Boots with Composite Inserts, Reinforced Baseball Cap, Old N54 Athletic Shorts, and €$ 98.
  • There's also a vending machine inside V's room which you can interact with to obtain a Burrito XXL.
  • If you want to check out your character, go inside the bathroom and interact with the mirror. Here, you can choose different facial expressions just for fun.
  • Once you're done checking V's apartment, head outside and you'll receive a call from Regina Jones who offers you a job in Watson.
  • Head downstairs and follow the waypoint to meet with Jackie. Along the way, you'll bump into Coach Fred who shows you his new "Punching Bag". If you give it a shot and spar with it, you'll unlock a Side Job (side quest) Beat on the Brat. You simply need to defeat the training bot with melee combat (bare-handed) to complete it.
  • You can also obtain The Gun Side Job when you approach or pass by Wilson's weaponry shop. All you need to do is collect your gun (the Dying Night) from him to complete it.
  • Now ride the lift down and head towards Jackie's location.

Drive to the Ripperdoc

  • Once you're on the ground floor, you'll find Jackie by a food stall, eating. Speak to him and have a small chit-chat to progress the next objective. You'll learn that Jackie seems to have another job.
  •  Now take the keys from Jackie so that you can drive your car. Get inside and drive to The Ripperdoc with Jackie.
  • The waypoint to the objective's location is automatically marked on the mini-map. Simply follow it until you reach Misty's Esoterica.
  • Here, you'll meet Misty who's by the front desk. She tells you that the doctor is ready to see you.

Meet with the Ripperdoc

  • Go to the backside of the shop and head down the stairs where you'll find Viktor's Clinic. You'll find Viktor inside.
  • Before the conversation starts, you'll be given a brief tutorial on what the Ripperdoc is and what they do. After reading it, approach Viktor and speak to him.
  • While Viktor prepares, you'll be given dialogue options, you can give him €$ 21000 and pay him for the Cyberware he's about to install, but most likely you won't have that money, so just select 'Pay you once the job's done'.
  • Next, take a seat on the chair and Viktor will ask you to [Jack in] to begin installing the Cyberware. He'll also mention that the tech that he's about to give you is Kiroshi.
  • Once you're "jacked-in" you'll be prompted another brief tutorial regarding Cyberware and you will be transferred to the Cyberware Hub where you'll see various sections that will allow you to install various implants that change and upgrade V's active and passive stats.
  • For now, the ones that are available for you to install are Hands Cyberware and the Ocular System. For the hands, you can install the Ballistic Corprocessor and the Kiroshi Optics MK.1 for the Ocular System. Install both implants and continue the conversation with Viktor.
  • You're not done yet, Viktor will now install the Cyberware, so place your arm on the armrest. And you'll go lights out for a while as he will install the ocular implant.
  • Once the implants are installed, you'll be given another tutorial on how to scan the environment. Look around and then scan Viktor. You'll see relevant data about him such as his full name, affiliation, resistances, and a brief background about him.
  • Next, you need to test out the newly installed hand cyberware. Draw out your weapon and continue talking to Viktor, he'll give you medicine to take.
  • This completes the main job and unlocks the next, The Ride.


 How to unlock The Ripperdoc


The Ripperdoc Rewards


The Ripperdoc Notes & Tips

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      Only thing that worked for me was turning around. I'm not joking, just be sure, to not look that way (down the street), it allowed me to go in and out. Just remember, when you will return there it will keep crashing.

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        I'm still having the issue even after trying to go around the building, with the crashing after you get out of the car and try to get to the ripperdoc.

        • I added extra anon tip to the page "if you exit the car before you arrive at the ripper dock and walk around the other side of the building and head inside you can get through without crashing."

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            purchased on steam, flawless playability up until immediately after parking car on ripperdoc. Game keeps crashing regardless of graphics settings. Can't find any info available online, not sure I'm the only one having this specific issue?? Assistance appreciated.

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