Ghost Town


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Main Job
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Afterlife, Watson
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Ghost Town is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Ghost Town can be acquired after completing Transmission. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Ghost Town Objectives

  • Go to the Afterlife.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Wait for Rogue to finish her conversation.
  • Return to Rogue with €$15000.
  • Wait until Rogue is ready.
  • Talk to Rogue.
  • Call Panam Palmer.
  • Meet with Panam.
  • Talk to Mitch and Scorpion.
  • Follow Panam and take the box.
  • Place the box in the trunk.
  • Scan the devices in the area. (3/3)
  • Discuss the plan with Panam.
  • Scan the transformer.
  • Scan the power source.
  • Wait for Panam by the substation.
  • Take the jumper cables.
  • Connect the cables to the battery.
  • Restore power in the switchgear.
  • Break the window and enter.
  • Get into position.
  • Wait for the Raffen Shiv.
  • Turn on the lights at the intersection.
  • Get the key to Panam's car.
  • Take Panam's car.
  • Go to the meeting point.
  • Switch seats with Panam.
  • (Optional) Defeat Nash and his people.
  • Join Panam and wait for her to finish the conversation.
  • Take the passenger seat.
  • Wait for Panam to strike a deal.
  • Follow Panam and sit at the bar.
  • Follow Panam and lie down.


Ghost Town Walkthrough

The Afterlife

  • You'll obtain this job after completing Transmission. Head to the Afterlife club located in Watson. The waypoint will automatically be marked on the mini-map, so just follow it.
  • When you arrive, speak to the bouncer at the entrance and head to the private room where you'll find Rogue speaking to Panam. Wait for their conversation to finish then speak to her. Before you can officially start a business with her, you need to have €$15000. If you have the cash, pay her and wait for her. If you don't have the money, then you'll have to get it. In order to progress this quest, it is mandatory that you pay her.
  • After giving her the money, sit at the marked stool by the bar and wait for Rogue. When she's ready, return to her booth and talk to her. The dialogue options here will not have any impact, so answer her as you prefer - after the conversation, give Panam a call to arrange a meeting.
  • Obviously, if you noticed earlier, she left Rogue's booth annoyed. So when you talk to her, just tell her to forget about Rogue and that you can help her in one of the dialogue options.

Meet with Panam

  • Now, travel by car and head to the marked location where you'll meet Panam. It's near the northern edge of Santo Domingo, just follow the waypoint on the mini-map. When you arrive, get in her car and ride with her to the Aldecaldos' camp where you'll meed Mitch and Scorpion.
  • After the conversation with Mitch and Scorpion, follow Panam, take the box in the tent, and load it in the trunk before riding back in her car. Next, just talk to her until she drives you to the next area where you'll go over the plan and scan three devices. Once you've scanned it, speak to Panam.
  • Now, you need to scan a few things again, the transformer and the power source. Once that's done, head back to Panam to discuss the plan with her. Your next objective is to meet her at the power substation.
  • Next, take the jumper cables from the trunk of the car, open the hood, and connect them to the battery. Now go to the building that's marked and head inside to restore the power. You can either force open the door with 8 Body attribute or break in through the glass window. Once that's all done, head up the rooftop to get in position and wait for the Raffen Shiv to arrive.

The Ambush

  • Now get ready to ambush the Raffen Shiv. Wait for Panam's signal to turn on the power. From the vantage point, use the advantage to scan and tag the enemies. This will help you identify their positions and take them out through stealth.
  • The goal is to retrieve Panam's car. And to do this, you need to steal the key from the guard that has it. You'll find the guard patrolling outside the front door of the bar.
  • The best way is to get rid of any enemies that are in your way. You should also consider entering the building from the west, take out the enemies outside and then inside of the bar. And once you have the key, just ignore the rest of the Raffen Shiv and head to the Thorton.
  • Again, it all depends on how you want to approach this sequence. If you do this as quietly as possible, once you're in the vehicle, just drive to the meeting location to where Panam is. Or you can get rid of all the enemies in the area with Panam's help and you'll drive away together with the Thorton- as you drive away with the Thorton, you'll now have to make a decision that would help to a future romance with Panam.

Panam's Revenge

  • Agreeing to help Panam will help you start building a bond if you want to Romance her and even potentially unlock an ending that involves her. Again, this is just a foundation for a bond between Panam and (male) V.
  • While Panam drives the Thorton, she'll mention that she wants to get revenge on Nash, a former partner who betrayed her. If you agree to help her, she'll drive to the mines and you'll face against Nash's men. Here, you'll also be able to grab a unique weapon from him. If you refuse to help her, V just convinces her to stick to the plan. You'll skip the battle sequence and Panam will be displeased with it.

Help Panam:

  • Panam drives V to the mines where you'll have to fight a large number of members of the Raffem Shiv. You'll have to clear the area and fight your way through before facing Nash.
  • The enemies here are positioned both in the middle of the area and surrounding the elevated platforms. The best way to approach this battle is to patiently take out your enemies with long-range weapons and thin out their numbers before facing Nash - Nash wields a strong rifle so proceed with caution.
  • Once you've cleared the area, be sure to loot the area and your enemies (specifically Nash) before returning to the car with Panam.
  • Note this tunnel, if you return after the mission there is a free black Caliburn in a shipping crate halfway in, the fastest vehicle in the game. 

The Sunset Motel

  • Regardless if you do help Panam get revenge or convince her to just stick to the plan, you'll end up at Sunset Motel where Panam makes a deal with Boz. All you have to do here is sit in the car and wait.
  • Once the deal is done and the thugs leave, join Panam in the nearby restaurant and drink with her. Later, she suggests that you both spend the night at the motel. This will be your first attempt to flirt with her, so choose the dialogue where V suggests that you share a room.
  • Of course, she becomes reluctant with the idea, but later on, she agrees to it just to save money and that you'll be sleeping on separate beds. Just go with the flow when she agrees to it, there won't be any major scenes here, but again it will add up to building that bond with her since you've started to flirt with her.
  • To complete this job, head up to the room and rest. You'll obtain the next when V wakes up in the morning.


 How to unlock Ghost Town


Ghost Town Rewards

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Ghost Town Notes & Tips

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