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Love like Fire is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. Love like Fire happens when you finish Act 1 as a transition to the next Act. Completing Main Jobs (Main Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Love like Fire Objectives

  • Go on stage.
  • Grab the microphone.
  • Go outside.
  • Talk to Kerry.
  • Get in the helicopter.
  • Wait for the helicopter to descend.
  • Defeat Arasaka's forces.
  • Exit the helicopter.
  • Follow Spider Murphy.
  • Wait for the virus to upload into the network.
  • Find the elevator.
  • Defeat the Arasaka guards.
  • Wait.
  • Deploy and arm the bomb in the elevator.
  • Exit the elevator.
  • Wait.
  • Shoot the elevator mechanism.
  • Tell Rogue about your plan.
  • Find an Access Point to the network.
  • Defeat the Arasaka guards.
  • Connect to the Access Point.
  • Wait for the virus to upload into the network.
  • Return to the rooftop.
  • Get to the chopper!

Love like Fire Walkthrough

  • You'll find yourself transported back in time to August 20th, 2023, stepping into Johnny Silverhand's memories. Your journey will mostly involve navigating towards objectives with occasional interactions, all while the game flickers between these fragmented memories.


  • Gradually, you'll team up with Rogue on a helicopter as it embarks on a mission to attack Arasaka Tower. In a tense moment, the helicopter, named Shaitan, gets hit, requiring you to take control of the machine gun to eliminate incoming threats. Once the enemies are dealt with, Johnny unveils a bomb intended to destroy the tower. Your next task is to shoot your way through the tower's stairwell and the initial floor you encounter. Following this, you'll plant the bomb inside the elevator and then shoot the elevator cables, sending it crashing to the ground below.


  • But there's another objective on Johnny's agenda—to upload a critical message to the subnet. After Rogue clears the path, proceed through the nearby door, dispatching more guards as you ascend toward the access point. As you upload the message, you'll briefly be diverted to a televised report, shedding light on the chaos unfolding at the tower.


  • Your journey continues as you advance to another set of doors, only to be abruptly thrown back as Adam Smasher smashes his way through. The game shifts forward multiple times, eventually transitioning to your escape on the helicopter. A subsequent cutscene unfolds, flickering through key moments, until you find yourself interrogated by Arasaka operatives. Respond to their questions as you see fit, and then witness the entrance of Saburo Arasaka and a mysterious woman. Following a brief exchange, the sequence culminates with the initiation of the Soulkiller program on Johnny.



Love like Fire Notes & Tips

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