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The Nomad is a Main Job in Cyberpunk 2077. The Nomad job is the first quest players start with upon choosing the Nomad Life Path. This main job has a danger level of moderate. Completing Main Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077 progresses the story forward.


Yo, V, every story’s gotta start somewhere, right? Even if it means that “somewhere” is in the middle of nowhere and the most nova place to hang is a dusty-ass fuel stop. You abandoned your nomad family to come find the dude who hired you, to smuggle something for him ‘cross the border. This guy will change your life, chica.


The Nomad Objectives

  • Talk to the Mechanic
  • Fix the engine, Get in the car
  • Talk to the Sheriff. Go to the telecom tower
  • Climb the telecom tower and locate the control box.
  • Connect your sat phone to the telecom tower. Return to the car
  • Head to the meeting place. Get out of the car
  • Meet Jackie Welles. Follow Jackie
  • Open the trunk, Get in the car
  • Drive to the border. Drive into the checkpoint
  • Talk to Jackie while waiting for the security check to finish. Get out of the car
  • Enter the border security building
  • Deposit weapons at the front desk
  • Head to room 2. Sit
  • Talk to the border guard
  • Collect your weapons at the front desk. Return to the car
  • Depart the border crossing
  • Fight off your pursuers
  • Go to a safe location with Jackie
  • Get out of the car. Talk to Jackie


The Nomad Walkthrough

The Nomad

The quest begins after creating your character and selecting the Nomad Life Path. Upon starting, you'll see your customized character looking at a mirror. Start off by pressing the indicated button to [Remove Patch]. The Mechanic will then start to talk to you about requiring an "Electric Coupling Module" for your car.  Obviously, The Mechanic is trying to rip V off since he/she mentions that the Mechanic told him/her that it wasn't anything serious when he/she came in.

Before speaking to the Mechanic, a "Welcome" prompt will appear. Read the message if you wish to and then speak to the mechanic. You'll then be given two dialogue options [Check Engine] or just pay him what you both agreed on. Select [Check Engine] and V will look at it himself/herself. Next, choose [Hotwire] to bypass the coupling and to rig a hotwire. Now, get in the vehicle and [Start the Engine] three times until V's car starts.

After choosing to either [Connect to Radio Station] or speaking to the mechanic, a sheriff named Andrew Jones will arrive and interrogate V. There is no right or wrong dialogue to choose from at the moment, just pick how you want to answer him when he asks you those timed questions. You can choose to answer or just stay quiet. First, he'll introduce himself and mentions that you've probably heard of him, the answer to that is just 'Nope'.

He'll still push it and mentions that he served in spec ops and asks if it rings any bells, the answer to that is 'Afraid not'. Next, he'll try to interrogate you more and bring up the Nomads running around The Badlands. Again, there aren't any right or wrong answers so just choose how you want to react. After the chit-chat with Sheriff Jones, you'll now be able to drive your way out of the garage.

The Telecom Tower

You'll now be able to drive your vehicle for the first time, make sure to look at the controls on how to drive that's on the lower left of the screen. Now, your next objective is to head to the Yucca Telecom Tower which is automatically tracked on the mini-map that's on the upper right. Just follow the course until you reach the objective. It's just about 125m from the garage. Once you arrive, get out of the car and approach the gate, it's locked, so you'll be able to [Kick] it after trying to [Open] it.

Before heading up the tower, try to look around to find some random junk items and components. Next, head up the stairs, climb to the top of the tower and find interact with the control box to connect to the radio station. V will be able to get a signal and connect with Willie McCoy who's on the other radio. Tell him that you need help regarding the location of the Jackie Welles and McCoy will mention "Right place, right time - you were there?", you can choose to tell him the truth or lie about it, either way, you'll still get the intel you need. McCoy mentions that Jackie is waiting on a farm and that he left a message.

Meet Jackie Welles

The waypoint will automatically be indicated on the mini-map where you'll find Jackie. Head down the tower, hop in the car, and drive to the meeting place. Note: DO NOT JUMP FROM HIGH GROUND SINCE IT CAN CAUSE INSTA-DEATH. The location is about 850m from the tower where you'll arrive at an old trailer. Head inside and you'll find Jackie sitting on the couch. Just answer as how you want to when the few dialogue options will appear, you'll have a small conversation first before you start the job.

Drive to the Border

After the small chit-chat, follow Jackie outside and he'll load the package in the back of V's car. Hop back inside the car and drive to the border with Jackie. Follow the waypoint that leads to the border, it's just about 300m from the trailer. When you arrive at the border, wait for your turn by the Customs Declaration lane. Security will then begin its security check, while the officials are starting, choose [Take document] and V will ask Jackie for the manifest. While you're waiting, security will announce that V is required to head to the inspection area for further questioning.

Now, you'll be given another dialogue option. Choose 'You have bribe money?' so that Jackie hands you the credits that you'll use to bribe the customs officer. Once you have the money, step out of the car and head inside the office that's just on the right side.

Enter the Border Security Building

Once you're inside, approach the front desk and surrender your weapon. The receptionist will then ask you to report to Room #2 where you'll be asked questions. Sit on the chair and the border guard will ask you for the papers. Choose whichever you want to answer the guard while you hand over the manifest.

The guard will then ask you if that's "Everything" you're trying to transport, and since you have the bribe money, select [Give Bribe] and V will give the credits as he/she mentions that there's one additional enclosure to the manifest. If you "play it cool" and give the bribe money, the guard will let you go. Next, go back to the receptionist, claim your weapon, and head back to the car where you'll see Jackie who's now going to drive the car.

Depart the Border Crossing

As Jackie drives off and you both leave the border, you'll have another conversation with Jackie where you'll talk about the interaction you had with the guard. It's a timed question, so whichever answer you choose, V will react to a suspicious feeling with how things were. Jackie then sees a couple of vehicles that blocks your path and instructs the both of you to stop and step out of the vehicle.

V asks Jackie to step on it and you'll now have to fight off the pursuers. You'll only be using your pistol here for this combat sequence, so before you start, you'll be prompted a guide on Vehicle combat. You can shoot the enemy's one at a time, but it's easier if you aim for the car and continuously shoot it until it blows up.

Go to a Safe Location with Jackie

After you've taken down the pursuers, Jackie freaks out a bit and stops by a deserted garage. Step out of the car and just speak to Jackie. Once Jackie asks what's the next move, you ask him to pay the fee for helping you cross the border. Unfortunately, Jackie mentions that he can't pay you at the moment and mentions that he was just lying about it and was thinking of double-crossing you.

Choose how you want to answer him and Jackie mentions to take a peak inside the package. You'll see inside the package that it's an iguana. Choose [Poke Iguana] and V comes up with an idea that you both should sell it and split the money. Now, again, just choose how you want to answer Jackie when the dialogue options appear. Either way, at the end of it, you'll shake Jackie's hand and this ends the main job.



 How to unlock The Nomad


The Nomad Rewards

  • None


The Nomad Notes & Tips

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