Build Guides for  Cyberpunk 2077 feature an arrangement of character Skills and Equipment that define a specific set of playstyle or highlight a certain natural strength for the player. Builds are created by users and as such their performance is varied, and should not be taken as a requirement or objective of the game.

Best Cyberpunk 2077 Builds

  1. Ninjutsu Gunslinger: Stealthy Gunner Build for one-shotting foes
  2. Invincible Netrunner: Quickhack Engineer Build for difficult encounters
  3. Smart Executioner: Shotgun Specialist Build that doesn't require aiming
  4. Neural Netrunner: Hacking "Mage" Build for the Quick-Minded
  5. Street Samurai: Katana Melee Build for the stylish
  6. Cold Blooded Gunslinger: Revolver Build with outstanding critical
  7. Big Brain: Quickhacks Build for broken damage
  8. T-1000 Terminator: Gorilla Arms Build for melee action
  9. Contract Killer: Silenced Pistol Build for assassins
  10. Smart Shooter: Run and Gun Build that requires no aiming
  11. Maximum Carnage: Shotgun Build up close and personal
  12. Ghost Wire: Monowire Build for the eccentric
  13. Tech Engineer: Tech Weapons Build for the crafters

Make the Best Cyberpunk Build

The Character Creation Guide explains the basic aspects of character creation and things you need to know to make your own build. Regardless of whether you want to follow someone else's ideas or make your own, this is a great starting point to understand what every lifepath does, get an idea of perks, skills and more.



Cyberpunk 2077 Builds Guide

Our Cyberpunk Builds feature the Best Builds in Cyberpunk 2077, and the most fun builds to play the game. If you are wondering if it's worth to give the many weapons and talents a try, check out our character creation guide and complete builds resource to get inspired and create your own unique builds, without the need for a build planner. With each build, we go through the best perks, weapons, attributes and overall equipment. We also provide you with tips and tricks on how to play each build to get the most out of them.

All our build guides have videos to help you see them action, but you may want to check out the recent Patch Notes to see if any mechanic has changed significantly before release, for PC, Playstation or Xbox.

Phantom Liberty Builds




Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Lucy Build Guide: Monowire Netrunner

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Raised and trained by Arasaka as a child, Lucy from the show Cyberpunk: Edgrunners is one of Night City's best netrunners. This Lucy Build reflects this with a stealthy quick hacking playstyle, but also revolves around one of Lucy's signature weapons - the Monowire. You'll be defeating enemies through quickhacks with a Legendary Cyberdeck, such as the NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5, and a Legendary Monowire when you get spotted and need to engage in fist fights. For longer ranged firefights, consider picking up a Unity, a pistol Lucy uses in the show as well. As this build mainly revolves around a stealthy playstyle, equipping cyberware that boosts your survivability is not as important and you can instead opt to equip those that boost your crit damage and rate for your monowire or improve your ability to quickhack.

The Attributes you'll want to focus on are Intelligence and Reflexes, with at least 18 points in Reflexes and 20 in Intelligence each to unlock certain Perks and maximize passive boosts. Intelligence is taken to improve your quickhacking ability and as the Monowire scales on the amount of points invested in Reflexes, that is taken too. Any remaining attribute points should go into Cool for the crit damage and resistance increases as well as Body for more health and melee damage.

Key Intelligence Perks

Investing in the Quickhacking tree will be your priority in order to maximize the damage and effectiveness of your quickhacks. Subliminal Message is a great damage boost as enemies won't be aware of you most of the time if you're playing stealthily. Weak Link and Diffusion reduce the RAM required to use your hacks, and paired with Forget-me-not, will allow you to use them more often. As the Legendary Cyberdeck NetWatch Netdriver Mk.5 allows additional quickhacks to spread, Plague has great synergy with this cyberdeck, increasing the spread and effectiveness of certain quickhacks.  The three Mass Vulnerability perks under Breach Protocol increases the damage taken by enemies after breaching them. As this build does not invest in Technical Ability, Bertmoss' Legacy and Datamine Virtuoso are key in being able to get Legendary Quickhacks.

Key Reflexes Perks

For this build, you are only going to be looking at the Blade skill trees under Reflexes. As such, it's much more straightforward choosing perks under this skill tree. All the perks mentioned above increases your damage output with the Monowire, with Deathbolt also providing some defensive capabilities in the form of lifesteal. If you invest 20 attribute point in Reflexes, Dragon Strike can significantly increase your Monowire damage as well. Whether you invest in some defensive perks under this tree is all up to your playstyle. They may be worth investing in if you find yourself forced into fist fights a lot of the time after breaking stealth.

Key Cool Perks

Under the Ninjutsu tree, most of our chosen perks are to improve our stealth. Crouching Tiger increases your movement speed while crouched, while Ghost makes it harder for enemies to detect you. Assassin is also taken here as most of the enemies you will encounter will be humans. Perks of note under the Cold Blood tree are Blood Brawl and Predator, giving increased melee damage and attack speed respectively while Cold Blood is active.

Key Body Perks

These perks take last priority in your build as you're not looking to invest much into Body as survivability is not too much of an issue while in stealth and other skill trees provide bigger damage boosts. Steel and Chrome increases damage dealt with melee weapons, i.e. your Monowire. If you find yourself dying a lot and wish for more health, Invincible is the way to go to keep your damage-augmenting cyberware.

Cyberpunk: Edgerunners Rebecca Build Guide: Run N' Gun

rebecca builds cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide 300px

In the Cyberpunk: Edgerunners show, Rebecca is a gun-loving, mayhem-causing fan favorite character. This Rebecca Build focuses on the run and gun playstyle that you would expect if you were to play Rebecca in-game, with perks and cyberware focusing on boosting gun damage and survivability in gun fights. The latest 1.6 'Edgerunners Update' patch added Rebecca's signature Shotgun - Guts. Though this build is mainly centered around this weapon, Rebecca uses a variety of guns in the show, such as the TKI-20 Shingen and the M-76E Omaha, so you don't have to feel restricted with the 'up close and personal playstyle of the shotgun' and can opt to carry longer-ranged Weapons in your secondary and tertiary weapon slots.

The Attributes you'll want to focus on are Body, Reflexes, and Technical Ability, with at least 18 points in each to unlock certain Perks and maximize passive boosts. Perks under Body amp up Shotgun damage quite significantly and those under Technical Ability allow you to craft and upgrade weapons to make your arsenal stronger. Any remaining attribute points should go into Cool for the crit damage and resistance increases.

Key Body Perks

As your primary weapon is Guts in this build, you'll want to invest in all the perks under the Annihilation tree to maximize it's damage. Blood Rush, Momentum Shift, and Manic in particular boost your movement speed and together with Speed Demon provide you with a pretty hefty damage increase. Poppin' Off boosts the shotgun's already decent dismembering chance and with Unstoppable lets you shoot it more often. The only two perks worth investing in under the Athletics tree are Divided Attention and Multitasker, both of which allow you to continue to use your gun even while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting.

Key Reflexes Perks

The perks you choose under the Reflexes trees depend on which guns you choose to use as your secondary weapons. Invest in the Assault tree if running SMGs or Rifles, and the Handgun tree is utilizing Handguns or Revolvers. Perks of note are Shoot, Reload, Repeat and Feel the Flow significantly reducing reload times, allowing you to shoot more and reload less.

Key Technical Ability Perks

Rebecca takes special care of her guns and we'll reflect that in this build by investing in the Crafting tree. Edgerunner Artisan in particular will let you upgrade Guts from an Epic rarity to Legendary.

Key Cool Perks

Though not as significant as the buffs you can get from Body Perks, several Cool Perks are helpful in boosting your damage too. Assassin is a simple damage buff against human enemies and From the Shadows gives you that extra push of damage during the first 7 seconds of combat, letting you finish fights quicker. Under the Cold Blood tree, you may want to consider taking Easy Out as you are likely to be within 5m of enemies when blasting their face with Guts.

Ninjutsu Gunslinger Build Guide: Stealthy Gunner

The Ninjutsu Gunslinger Build stealthily one-shots enemies using the Power Revolver. For Attributes, you will be straying away from the standard spread a bit such that the focus will now include Technical Ability. This not only lets you unlock doors but it also improves Armor for every level. Of course, investing in Reflexes, Cool, and Body will continue to be essential. These stats amplify your crit chance and movement speed, significantly increase stealth damage, and raise Health and Armor for better survivability, respectively.

When it comes to the Perks, the essential ones to obtain under the Ninjutsu Tree for superb stealth are Sniper and Silent and Deadly because they will significantly boost the damage you deal while remaining undetected. This is especially important with Revolvers since you only have a few rounds per clip available at your disposal. What actually helps is to equip a Power Revolver that has a high base damage and Headshot Damage Multiplier since you are going to frequently perform headshots while successfully sneaking in corners to stay hidden throughout the encounter. Additionally, you should acquire the Wild West Perk to remove the penalty you would otherwise incur from shooting with a Revolver from a distance.

What makes this Build shine even more are Multitasker and Divided Attention. These Perks provide extreme flexibility since you will be able to shoot and reload while simultaneously sprint and slide all over the place. If you intend to stealthily obliterate every opponent you see from a distance, then this Build is right for you!

Invincible Netrunner Build Guide: Quickhack Engineer

The Invincible Netrunner Build specializes in using Quickhacks while surviving even the toughest of encounters with ease. For Attributes, you will focus on Intelligence, Technical Ability, and Cool in order to primarily gain access to Quickhacking, Engineering, and Stealth. This will then allow you to, shoot enemies regardless of whether or not walls come between you.

When it comes to the Quickhacking Perks, the most important ones to prioritize are those that boost damage while increasing the rate at which you are able to use Quickhacks. These include Biosynergy, Bloodware, Daisy Chain, and Subliminal Message. The latter Perk, most especially, synergizes very well with Crouching Tiger as well as Strike from the Shadows since these not only enhances movement speed but also amplifies crit chance while you are being stealthy. This will definitely let you take enemies by surprise.

Next, you are going to want to start off by acquiring all Mass Vulnerability Perks under Breach Protocol to significantly lower the resistances of your enemies while maximizing the damage you deal with Quickhacks. As such, you will be able to kill your foes quickly even if their levels are much higher than yours. If you want to stealthily destroy them from any distance through hacking without taking damage whatsoever, then this Build would be perfect for you!


Smart Executioner Build Guide: Shotgun Specialist

The Smart Executioner Build maximizes agility and Smart technology using a Shotgun, to annihilate enemies without directly aiming at them. For Attributes, it’s best to focus on Body, Technical Ability, and Intelligence. This spread will not only enhance your survivability but it should also grant access to additional pieces of cyberware while allowing you to open any locked door you encounter.

In terms of Perks, you ought to focus on the ones that boost damage including Dead Center and Hail of Bullets. It’s also essential to invest in those, which improve your overall movement speed such as Momentum Shift and Speed Demon. Momentum Shift incentivizes you to execute more enemies, thereby allowing you to move faster, while Speed Demon increases your damage the faster you move so they synergize with each other incredibly well.

Furthermore, since you won’t be hidden in plain sight, you will take damage frequently. To counter this, you should consider taking Perks that raise your HP like Invincible and Regeneration. Remember to select both Multitasker and Divided Attention as well because these will make your Build more versatile given that you will be able to shoot and reload, respectively, while sprinting, sliding, and vaulting. If you’ve been looking for a way to charge towards enemies at full capacity in order to wipe them out in the open without worrying about your aim, then this Build is for you!

T-1000 Terminator Build Guide: Gorilla Arms


The T-1000 Terminator Build is a Build that uses the Gorilla Arms Cyberware to pummel enemies to death, while at the same time having enough survive ability to withstand a buttload of gunfire. If you’ve been looking for a good Gorilla Arms Melee Build, then you this Guide is for you.


Cold Blooded Gunslinger Build Guide: Critical Revolver


The Cold Blooded Gunslinger Build does incredible damage with Revolvers to absolute destroy enemies, even on the hardest difficulties of the game. If you’re a Night City citizen with Big Number Syndrome then you’ll want to check out this Build because you get some absolutely huge Crit numbers with this Build!

Neural Netrunner Build Guide: Quickhacks Specialist


The Neural Netrunner Build uses Quickhacks and Cyberware to turn the tide of battle, and often make challenging scenarios into much easier ones. If you’ve been wondering how to hack enemies and make a “mage” type character for all intents and purposes, then this is the Build for you.


Street Samurai Build Guide: Katana Melee


The Street Samurai Build that is a melee Build that uses speed and Katanas to shred enemies into pieces all over the battlefield. If you enjoy melee combat and you’ve been looking for away to play a melee Build effectively then you’ll want to check this Build out.

Smart Shooter Build Guide: Submachine Gun Runner


The Smart Shooter Build is a Build that uses the Smart technology of Cyberpunk 2077 to shred enemies without even having to aim. If you’re tired of dealing with cover and just want to run and gun, then you’ll definitely want to check out this Build.


Tech Engineer Build Guide: Tech Weapon Specialist


The Tech Engineer Build uses Tech Weapons to their fullest, also allowing you to craft high-quality equipment. If you like the crafting system in Cyberpunk 2077, but don’t want to gimp your damage to be able to use it, then you’ll want to check out this Build.

Contract Killer Build Guide: Stealth Assassin


This Contract Killer Build uses a silenced Pistol or Revolver to take enemies out from Stealth. If you like to creep around systematically picking your targets off one by one, then this is the Build for you.


Ghost Wire Build Guide: Monowire Stealth


The Ghost Wire Build is a Build that uses the Monowire Cyberware to whip enemies to death from a distance, either from Stealth or while in melee combat. If you’ve been trying to figure out how to use the Monowire effectively then this Build is for you!

Maximum Carnage Build Guide: Shotgun Tank


The Maximum Carnage Build is a Build that uses the Shotgun Carnage to absolutely shred enemies with pellets, even from medium distances. If you’ve been looking for a way to use a Shotgun effectively, but haven’t been successful, then you’ll want to check out this Guide.


Big Brain Build: OP Netrunner Hybrid


The Big Brain Build is a Build that has a heavy emphasis on the use of the Short Circuit Quickhack to shock the hell out of enemies. This might be one of the most broken Builds in the game, and if you like to Quickhack but don’t want your damage to suffer with guns or melee weapons then this is the Build for you.


Cyberpunk 2077 Community Builds

  • You can add your own Cyberpunk Builds to this page by creating a page on the wiki then linking it here
  • The videos and articles within are creations of Fextralife
  • We are working on adding more Builds, currently we have revolvers, quickhacking and katanas. Next up we're looking at stealth, snipers, machine guns and more!
Name Main Attributes Main Weapons Description

Arasaka Spy

  • Intelligence
  • Cool
  • Pistols (Power)
  • Monowire
  • Quickhacks
 Coming Soon

Doom/True run and gun

  • Body
  • Reflexes
  • Technical Ability
  • Double Barreled Shotguns
  • Sniper Rifles
  • Katanas

This is not done. Be back when it is. - The Terminator

Exploding Heads

  • Technical Ability
  • Reflexes
  • Cool
  • Comrade's Hammer
  • Smart Rifles (Ashura or Yinglong)

One shot everything that looks at you silly.

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