Vehicle Combat in Cyberpunk 2077 is a new addition to the game's Combat systems introduced in Update 2.0 and Phantom Liberty DLC. In tandem with several Perks allowing you to gain new actions related to fast moving gunfight you can now fight from inside your vehicle of choice.

Vehicle Combat

Vehicle Combat

The new high speed gunfights are focused on vehicle combat, V can now shoot from inside his ride and his enemies will be following his queue and returning fire in kind. You can slide or jump from your vehicle while firing, you can ram enemy vehicles, you can even ram other cars while firing weapons mounted to your chassis.

Mounted Weapons

Some cars will also come equipped with externally Mounted Weapons that players and AI can use in combat, so prepare for a serious rampage on the streets of Night City and Dogtown.
Most cars with mounted guns are exclusive to Phantom Liberty; players who own only the base game will also get updated Aldecados cars kitted out with mounted weaponry.

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Vehicle Combat Perks

Each attribute now has a perk associated with vehicle combat that will modify combat mechanics in favor of its area of expertise. This makes it so that every build has a way to engage in car fights that relates to their gameplay.

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Car Weakspots

Car fights are now mucho more dynamic, you can now use car combat focused Quickhacks that will for example make an enemy crash during the fight. You can also target specific parts of their vehicles making it so that they lose control, tires can be shot at, and shooting at the drivers becomes a very useful way of losing cars tailing you.



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