Romance in Cyberpunk 2077 is a feature that allows the player to interact with specific NPCs. In Cyberpunk 2077, there are lots of possible sex and romance opportunities waiting for V. The following guide will show you when and where you can get down to a different kind of business and what romance options you have for your V if you make the right choices.

Tips on Romance

So how do you end up having sex with the character you want? Well, first, let's start off by mentioning that it's not possible to romance all the mentioned characters in just one playthrough. However, Alt Cunningham is the character with who you'll automatically romance as the game progresses. As for the rest, you'll need to be mindful of the dialogue options you choose whenever you take on their Side Jobs (Side Quests).

  • To keep it simple, flirt with the character when the opportunity arises and don't be a mean person towards them. Be nice.
  • Build a foundation by completing their related Side Jobs and be patient. Some of the characters here will take time before they become comfortable with V.
  • Answer your calls and texts! From time to time, you'll receive a call or message from them. In real life, no one wants to be ghosted, so if you see a call or a message from them, ANSWER IT.
  • Whenever you are talking to them, you'll want to make sure you defend them against other characters you are talking to.
  • Agree to their opinions, do whatever they ask you to do, and try to choose a sincere dialogue option to make it look like you're not doing a favor or a job for the money.
  • Some of these NPCs as well will lead to a long-lasting relationship and even a short-term 

Romanceable Characters

In Cyberpunk 2077, currently, we've found a total of 7 NPCs that can be romanced. There are 5 women and 2 men that are available. PLUS. If you have the cash and are willing to pay-for-action, you can also grab yourself a JoyToy (Escorts) that is available for both Male and Female options.

We'll keep this page updated if ever we find more Romance Options as we go. The characters listed below are the following NPCs that can be romanced:


Romanceable Characters in Cyberpunk 2077



joytoy escort npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide
JoyToy (Escorts)



Cyberpunk 2077 Characters Romance Guide

Alt Cunningham

alt cunningham npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Male or Female V


Alt Cunningham is the easiest character you'll have a romance with since this sequence is automatically obtained as the story progresses. During the Main Job Transmission, you'll be shown a flashback regarding Johnny and Alt's relationship during the job title: Never Fade Away.


Judy Alvarez

judy alvarez npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Female V


Judy Alvarez is introduced early on in the game. Judy acts as the operator of V's Braindance, allowing her to gather intel. Eventually, you'll come to a point near the end of Act One, where you'll obtain an optional objective to call Judy, if this shows up, make sure to give her a call.

Once you and Judy have made acquaintances, you'll need to complete her string of Side Jobs which involves liberating the establishment called Clouds. There are 5 Side Jobs related to Judy that you'll need to complete before reaching Pyramid Song. Pyramid Song is the last side job related to Judy where you'll be able to make a move.

During the Pyramid Song quest, check up on Judy inside the bathroom, comfort her, and choose [Touch] to kiss her. This will result in romancing Judy. Now, she is a potential character with whom you can have a long-lasting relationship and which can also affect the Ending of the game. The next morning, when you wake up, go outside and speak to Judy who's sitting by the docks.

She will then ask you about what happened last night. If you want to close the relationship you can choose, 'A Pleasant Distraction'. But choosing 'The beginning of something amazing.' will allow you to have a relationship with her. If this happens, Judy will give you access to her apartment where you can drop by to rest, spend time with her, and stash your equipment.


River Ward

river ward npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Female V


You may miss out on crossing paths with River Ward, an NCPD detective. In order to meet him, you'll need to wait around the second act of the story and wait for a call from Elizabeth Peralez who offers you a job. This gives you the I Fought the Law side job, if it becomes available, prioritize it and take it if you want to pursue Mr. Ward. In this side quest, you are tasked to investigate the recent death of the mayor, and it's on this job where you'll meet River Ward.

After you've solved the mystery alongside the detective, River will, later on, get in touch with you and ask for your help with finding his nephew. This opens up The Hunt side job. Make sure you rescue Randy by finding the correct barn and by choosing the following dialogue lines at the end. First, choose "Don't do it, River.", followed by "We both will." Basically, you are convincing him that vengeance is not the answer and it will not make him feel better.

Once you've completed The Hunt, you'll get another call from him and you'll acquire his unique quest "Following the River". He basically invites you over for dinner to a secluded spot in the city. During the quest, you'll be given a couple of dialogue options where you tease, flirt with him, and to kiss him. Eventually, it'll lead to him asking V if you really like him. Choosing the dialogue option of saying yes you do like him will result in a romance.

Just like Judy Alvarez, the next morning, you'll be asked again about what happened and if there's something meaningful behind it. You have the option to select a dialogue option of showing interest which will result in a committed relationship or making it look like it was just a one-night stand and nothing more. Having a relationship with River can cause implications towards the Ending of the game.


Panam Palmer

panam palmer npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Male V


Panam Palmer is a hard-to-get character you want to romance with, and you'll need to be careful with the dialogues that you choose, plus you really need to invest in spending time with her. Basically, you'll need to support her and agree to her opinions, defend her, answer her calls or texts, and spend time with her if she asks you out for a drink, or to ride with her. There will be instances during dialogue where you can flirt with her and if the option becomes available such as to [Touch] her, choose it! You'll meet her during the second act of the game.

There are two Main Jobs where you'll encounter her first and later on, you'll need to complete three Side Jobs that are related to her if you want to have the option to romance her. We will be listing the dialogue options you have to choose in order to lead up to a romance with Panam. You'll first cross paths during the Main Job: Ghost Town.

Ghost Town

  • Choose "Ok, so where's the hideout?" after getting her car back. Panam will, later on, thank you for supporting her.
  • When you arrive at the bar, choose "[Drink] To your ride" and then "Maybe we get just one room?".
  • Eventually, she'll agree to your proposal just because she wants to save money. And when you're in the room, just sleep on the other bed next to her.

Lightning Breaks

  • When you're done using the drone to scout the enemy camp, choose "Stay in the car. You're hurt....".
  • Next, after rescuing Mitch, sit next to Panam and select "I gotta get Hellman, will you help?", followed by "I’ll help you settle the score with Kang Tao”.
  • Once you've found Hellman and when Saul arrives, you need to defend Panam by choosing “It really wasn’t Panam’s fault” during the timed dialogue event.
  • You'll then receive a call later on from her sometime after completing this mission and you'll acquire Riders on the Storm, the first Side Job related to her.

Riders on the Storm

Make sure to choose the following dialogues when you start this Side Job:

  • Once you're with Saul and Panam where you've taken shelter from the storm, choose "****ty idea, Panam's right."
  • When Saul leaves you two, choose [Raise a toast] "To haboobs".
  • Still on the couch with Panam select “Pleased with your stay, ma’am?” during the timed dialogue.
  • When she puts her legs on V's lap, choose “You’d be more comfortable with your shoes off, ma’am.”.
  • Now, here's where you TRY to make your move. After telling her she's comfier with her shoes off, select [Touch Panam's thigh]. She'll stop you from what you're doing, but it's okay, you're just showing your affection towards her. Later on, just apologize or tell her you're just friends.
  • The next morning, head outside and speak to her who's sitting on the front porch. Select “So-so, back’s numb” when she asks you how your sleep was.
  • Still continuing the conversation, choose the dialogue “Thought you were gonna stay with your family”.

With a Little Help From my Friends

  • When you start this quest while speaking to Saul, you need to avoid revealing Panam's plan. Make sure to select “Forbade Panam from doing something?” followed by“Feel Like this fight’s been going on for a while”.
  • If she asks why you're helping her, choose the sincere dialogue and don't mention that you're only doing it for business or the money.
  • Once you're with the veterans and Panam, choose "OK, I'm in."
  • Next, at the control tower, after finding the punch card, approach Panam and choose “[Stand by window] Missed you” followed by "So let's start".
  • Still at the control tower and continuing the conversation, select “OK. But we can skip the tiptoeing”.
  • The next dialogue you want to answer is“So far, so good”, and then “Why’s it different with me?”.
  • Now, you'll have another opportunity here. Choose “[Touch Panam’s Hand] Next time, try following your impulse”. You'll notice that this will be a reference later on during the romance scene.
  • At night, when you're around the campfire with the Veterans and Panam, choose “[Sit] Worried about Saul?”.
  • Still, around the campfire, have a few drinks and follow up with the dialogue, “Think I’ll try and get some shut-eye”.
  • Now for the romantic gesture where V puts his arm around her. When Panam talks to you, make sure to select “[Scrooch Closer] Gotten kinda cold”.

Queen of the Highway

Queen of the Highway is the last Side Job related to Panam Palmer. You still need to select specific dialogue options in this Side Job so that you'll be able to romance Panam. However, one thing to point out is that you won't be able to have a long-lasting relationship with her but you will be able to forge an alliance with the Aldecaldos and players will also obtain the Trophy/Achievement: Life of the Road.

  • When you're inside the Basilisk, choose “Anybody get it running earlier?” during the timed dialogue event.
  • Following the conversation and still, inside the Basilisk, select “Nice and cozy in here”.
  • After taking the Basilisk for a test run by driving and shooting cars, you'll eventually obtain the dialogue option: “[Let Panam Touch You] Oh, yeah. Let’s Go.”. Choosing this will trigger the romance scene with Panam.
  • After that's done, follow Panam outside and speak to her. As mentioned, she won't be available for a committed relationship, so just answer as you see fit and select “[Kiss Panam] Thanks for being here for me” to kiss her goodbye.


Kerry Eurodyne

kerry eurodyne npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Male V


Kerry Eurodyne is encountered during the quests the Johnny gives V. There are two Side Jobs that are related to him which will allow you to make a move and eventually triggers a romance scene. If you play along with Johnny's quests, you'll eventually meet Kerry and you'll start off with the Off the Leash side job for Kerry. During this side job, make sure you flirt with him on the balcony. And at some point, as you progress through the game, you will get a call from him and acquire the last side job for him, which is Boat Drinks.

Boat Drinks

  • Travel to the marina in Wellsprings to meet Kerry at 7:00 P.M where you'll find a boat by docks.
  • Approach the crates by the docks and wait for him if you're early. Once it's 7:00 P.M.. head to the deck where you'll see him.
  • Choose "Ahoy back atcha." when you speak to him on the deck. Kerry then tells you that both of you will go on a cruise.
  • Sit on the couch that's on the deck and talk to Kerry. Once the boat starts to move, choose "What's this all about?".
  • Still, on the couch and following the conversation, select "I'll bite. Tell me about the loops." followed by "And you need company for that?".
  • Next, choose "Epiphany? Sounds more like maturity.".
  • After a warm conversation with Kerry, he stands up and tells you it's time for a "breath of freedom".
  • Kerry then starts to smash his guitar on the deck. When he asks if you're gonna help, choose "[Stand] Let's play!".
  • Approach Kerry and follow him to the lower deck where he'll continue to throw things around.
  • When he starts using an axe and breaks the counter of the bar, choose "Let's rip the whole ****in' boat apart.".
  • Kerry then asks you to help smash something, select just approach the marked items that you can destroy such as the record player, the painting, and the coffee machine.
  • After destroying the things around, Kerry walks up to a lever and tries to pull it down, approach him and help him.
  • At this point as V tries to help Kerry, he loses his balance and V helps him. You'll then be given two dialogue options during a timed event.
  • Choose [Kiss] to initiate the romance with Kerry. Take note that you must be a Male V if you want to have sex with him. But if you're playing as female V, you can still choose the kiss option but Kerry won't show interest.
  • After the romance scene, Kerry starts a fire on the boat, follow him to the deck to jump off, swim to shore, and wait for Kerry.
  • While you're at the shore, Kerry mentions that you both deserve "Round two". Choose "[Hug] Pencil me in." and Kerry gives you a kiss.



rogue npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Male or Female V


Rogue Amendiares has close ties with Johnny Silverhand. She used to work with him before she hung up her weapons after Johnny's death, and they both had an intense yet romantic relationship. So for Rogue, it doesn't matter if you are playing as a male or female V because Johnny will basically take over your body when you are doing the second Side Job related to Rogue. She can first be encountered during the main story of the game, specifically during the Main Job, Ghost Town. And later on, as you progress the story, you'll automatically acquire her first side job, Chippin' In.

Chippin' In

  • The dialogues you choose here won't really affect the outcome of the romance scene with her. So just answer as you see fit.
  • Just complete this side job to automatically unlock the next side job, Blistering Love.

Blistering Love

  • When you start, you need to give her a call and ask her out on a date.
  • You just need to head to the Afterlife and pick her up in the evening.
  • Rogue then asks about Johnny, first, you can praise her for how she looks, then choose "I'm just your driver.".
  • Next, head outside with Rogue, wait for her, get in the car, and bring her to the drive-in movie theater. The location is automatically tracked with a waypoint so just follow it on the mini-map.
  • While you're driving, you'll just have a conversation with her and talk about Johnny. There won't be any dialogue options here until you reach the drive-in theater.
  • When you arrive, you need to find a way to get inside. Go to the office that's by the entrance, use the terminal and run through the messages.
  • You'll find the code from the message that has the title "Severance". Enter the code 0000 to unlock the door. Once you're inside the theater, go up to the projection booth and interact with the Projector Panel to start the move, Bushido X.
  • Next, talk to Johnny, take the pills for Johnny to take control of V's body, and head back to Rogue.
  • As you both watch the movie, you'll now be given dialogue options. First, choose “How’d you imagine this date going?”.
  • After Rogue answers, the next dialogue you want to answer is “Sure. Lured you to the movies to get laid, by the way.”.
  • Rogue then asks you about what would you change back then. Answer her with “Do anything not to lose you.”.
  • The next dialogue option you want to answer when she shows hesitation is “Only thing that matters is I came back to you”.
  • Shortly after, you'll be given the dialogue option to trigger the romance with her. Simply choose  “[Kiss] More than I expected”.
  • After the romance scene, you'll wake up still in the drive-in theater only this time without Rogue and you'll see Johnny sitting on top ofthe car.
  • From here, just answer him as you wish when Johnny mentions that she's mad and won't tell him anything about it.
  • Completing Rogue's side quests will allow you to create an alliance with her and players will also unlock the Trophy/Achievement: Bushido and Chill.


Meredith Stout

meredith stout cyberpunk2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Male or Female V


During "The Pickup" Main Quest there will be an optional objective to contact the Corpo Agent Meredith Stout. Do not attack her or her bodyguards. Talk to her to complete the optional objective. Whether you accept the money chip she gives you doesn't matter. The key here is that Stout must prevail over Gilchrist so that she calls you back to invite you over. Follow the steps indicated below:

  • Meet with Stout but refuse the credchip.
  • Shoot Royce during the negotiation scene.
  • Fight your way through the Maelstrom. Alternatively, you can;
  • Meet with Stout and accept the credchip.
  • Use the credchip to pay Royce or shoot him.
  • Fight your way through the Maelstrom.

After “The Pickup”, you will get a phone message from Meredith Stout with a reply option. Tell her “Same, Was starting to like you.” and she’ll write back that she wants to hook up at the No-Tell Motel, 1st floor. You can now track Venus in Furs to her location. She won't be available for a committed relationship and that her intentions are only for "business".


Joytoys (Escorts)

joytoy escort npc cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide


  • Gender Preference: Male or Female V


Well, guess what, if you're having a hard time finding romance with the mentioned characters, then you have an alternative option to get some action by hiring an escort known as JoyToys. You'll have to reach the second act of the game and progress the story so that you can gain access to this feature.

If you open the map, you'll be able to find their location by looking for the lips icon that is in white. The most common area where you'll find them is Jig Jig Street in Japantown. Just approach a male or female Joytoy, speak to them, and pay them if you want to have intercourse with them. Upon paying the prostitute, a cutscene will then trigger and well... V will wake up feeling happy

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