The Hunt

the hunt side job cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide

Job Type
Side Job (Major)
Previous Job
I Fought the Law
Next Job
Following the River
+643 EXP

The Hunt is a Side Jobs in Cyberpunk 2077. The Hunt can be acquired after completing I Fought the Law and waiting for 24-hours in-game. Completing Side Jobs (Side Quests) in Cyberpunk 2077, rewards you with experience points and may reward you with items. Side Jobs can also influence the main story outcome.


NCPD boy in blue gives you a holler and you come runnin' like an obedient dog? This ain't gonna become a habit is it? Well, whatever - sounds like he's got an errand for you, real personal kind. Least it's better than chasing dead politicians. Just do me a favor - don't get used to it.


The Hunt Side Job Objectives Cyberpunk 2077

  • Meet with River Ward in the evening.
  • Get in River's car.
  • Get out of the car and follow River.
  • Find a way inside the lab.
  • Use Kiroshi to find the right cabinet.
  • Search the cabinets.
  • Talk to Yawen Packard.
  • Return to River's car.
  • Wait for River.
  • Talk to River.
  • Talk to Joss.
  • Look for clues to help find Randy.
  • (Optional) Open the locked cabinet.
  • Learn the password to the computer.
  • Search Randy's computer for his activity on the Net.
  • View the page Randy mentioned.
  • Click on the image on the Drugs Are Bad site.
  • Search for Anthony Harris's hidden page.
  • Check the cartoon file in the file folder.
  • (Optional) Get Harris's IP Address.
  • Talk to Joss.
  • Listen to River.
  • Watch the recording.
  • Relive the braindance.
  • Scan for clues.
  • Go to the next section of the braindance.
  • (Optional) Look for clues to help find Randy.
  • Exit the braindance to proceed to the next section.
  • Plan the next move with River.
  • Drive to the farm with River.
  • Find a way into the barn.
  • Look around the barn.
  • Turn off the braindance machine.
  • Return to River.
  • Help the other victims.
  • Go to River.


The Hunt Walkthrough Side Job Cyberpunk 2077

Wait for River's Call

  • To trigger this job, you must complete I Fought the Law and wait for River Ward to contact you after 24 hours in-game. When you do receive the call, read the message he sends you as well to know where to meet him, which is on Pacificific Boulevard and Market Street - you can only meet him in the evening from 7 PM, so if you arrive early, just sit on the waiting area for him.
  • When he arrives, get in his car and speak to him. He'll then tell you the situation and that he needs your help regarding his nephew, Randy, who's gone missing. After learning more about the situation, step out of the car, and follow River across the road.

Break into NCPD Lab

  • When you stop by the entrance of the lab, you now need to find a way to break in. If you have the required level of 12 for the Technical Ability attribute, you can open the door in the alleyway to the left from the main entrance. Or you can climb up onto the wall enclosing the back yard using the poles of tires and crates. Alternatively, if you have the required Body attribute, you can force-open the main entrance.
  • Once you're in, follow River to a room and talk to him. You don't have to worry about being stealthy since the place is empty. Now, you need to find the right cabinet containing the files River is looking for, use Kiroshi to find the right one. You'll find it inside like a kid's room that has an arcade in it.

The Trailer Park

  • After you search through the cabinets, Dr. Packard will catch both V and River. Just follow her into the adjacent room and finish the conversation before heading back to River's car. Once River starts driving, just talk to him until you reach a trailer park. Just follow River inside and you'll meet Joss, River's sister. After telling her about Randy being taken, you'll head outside the trailer.
  • Your next objective is to find clues relating to Randy. So you need to scan for any items that are highlighted yellow. There are multiple clues here such as the nightstand's locked drawer. You can open this by grabbing the key in the kitchen. Inside Randy's bedroom, you'll find a laptop under the bed.
  • Once you find it, River grabs it and tries to unlock it. The password can be found from the clues around the area, but you can unlock it if you meet the required level for Intelligence. If you can't find the clue, turn on the record player on the shelves that's opposite of the bathroom. The password is "Libertum Arbitrium".
  • Next, sit with River and check Randy's computer. Read all the data in the messages and files tab, visit the site in the net tab, and click on the weird picture on the left. This will open up a hidden link.
  • Click the Files section, and then return to the files tab on the computer to find out that the "ATT_CART_VIDEO" cartoon matches the same name as the missing data on the website. Take note that you can also get Harris' IP Address by breaching the computer.
  • After checking the computer, head back inside the house and speak to Joss. After telling her what you've found, she offers V to spend the night. Just agree and go to sleep when you're done talking to her.

Braindance Investigation

  • Shortly after, in the middle of the night, River wakes V up and asks him/her to check a braindance footage. Before you find clues, make sure you relive and watch the entire footage. There are three different footage here which features Tony as a child in school, Tony as a child at his father's barn in Texas, and Tony as an adult at another barn in Night City.
  • The most critical clues you need to find are inside the third footage. Scan the solar panel at 00:27 in the room adjacent to the one with the computer. The farm model number at 01:00 which is on the wall between the two farm gates. These clues will allow you to find the correct name of the farm River is looking for.
  • You need to be able to find the vital clues so that you end up with the correct farm which is "Edgewood" in order to fully complete this job, to unlock the next side job related to River Ward, and to potentially end up having a Romance with him (only if you are playing as a Feminine V).
  • If you fail to find the vital clues and guess the name of the farm incorrectly, this will cause River to die later on and you'll fail to complete this mission and the next job won't be available.

Edgewood Farm

  • Once you've collected the vital clues from the third braindance, exit the simulation and plan the next move with River. After talking to him, head towards his car and River will drive towards the Edgewood Farm. Now, the farm is heavily protected with turrets and mines, so you can deactivate them as you wish by hacking into them or just avoid them.
  • The gate of the barn is then closed, so you need to climb on the roof by climbing a ladder on the left side and then jump down from the roof window. Approach the computer in the central room to switch off the braindance systems. This will now allow you to rescue the victims. Randy, on the other hand, you can find him close to the central room.
  • Shortly after releasing Randy, the scene shifts to the morning where officials and the trauma team have arrived at the barn. Now, if you are aiming to have a romance with River, this is the time where you have to choose the right dialogue.
  • First, choose "Don't do it, River." or "We both will." Basically, you are convincing him that vengeance is not the answer and it will not make him feel better - this closes the job, next is Following the River.


How to unlock The Hunt Side Job in Cyberpunk 2077

  • Complete I Fought the Law and wait for River Ward to contact you after 24 hours in-game. You can also skip time if you want.


The Hunt Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • +643 EXP Points
  • Iconic weapon " Tinker Bell "


The Hunt Side Job Notes & Tips Cyberpunk 2077

  • This is a major side job.


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    • Anonymous

      Go around the side of the farmhouse, and open the shutter (Technical ability 6), then go upstairs. You can disable the defenses by pressing a button under the computer. Also, there's a door that needs to be opened by the computer, with the Iconic Weapon "Tinkerbell" inside. Be sure to do this BEFORE going to the barn, because the police seal the building afterwards, and the weapon becomes unreachable.

      • Anonymous

        if you cant pass the Int 9 check to access the computer, activate the record player: Johnny will comment that the track is "Libertum Arbitrium", then you can try the 'track title' as a dialog option with River.

        • Anonymous

          Fun fact: if you've already been to the farm while exploring the game before this mission, then V will recognize it during the last braindance when she looks outside. She/he will say something like "I recognize this farm, I've been there a while ago".

          • Anonymous

            a few things with this quest
            1) when it says go to the next section in the braindances, hold X (on pc anyway)
            2) if you deactivate the security system at the farm, there appears to be one less living person in the barn when you rescue them (the body just isn't there)
            3) at the end in both the first and last farm BDs (when Anthony was a kid, and when he was pulling that guy back inside), there appeared to be a female onlooker nearby whose name seems to change every time the game is loaded. When the garage door is almost closed turn thermal on and look outside.

            • Anonymous

              You can go to the next braindance by pressing X. Also has somebody figured out where the woman in the last braindance is?

              • Anonymous

                While looking at the psychovision and making all the bags, I could not move on to the next psychovision, but only with emi will end the recording.
                Bug on PC

                • Anonymous

                  idk i cant fucking finish this game cause im stuck in this quests b raindance scene and ot keeps bugging tf out

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