Heywood in Cyberpunk 2077 is a Location in Night City. Players can access Heywood by progressing in the game's story and as part of Side Quests.


Information about Heywood

Located Middle-East, Heywood is a massive suburban housing district with a predominantly Latino population, with an underlying gang problem.

Though not the side of Night City featured in braindance or flaunted in holo-ads, Heywood exudes a subtle, yet unmistakable charm. It boasts a broad variety of shops and restaurants, from the bougie boutiques and seafood saloons along the coast to the colorful open-air markets and taco stands of Vista del Rey.

In Heywood, you’ll also find City Hall, a bustling tower of activity surrounded by the pleasant openness of an urban park. While admiring its architecture, keep your eyes open for City Council members as they dart to meetings at Corporate Plaza or simply enjoy a stroll to meet and greet their constituents. Heywood is also home to Reconciliation Park, built to commemorate the cleaning and rebuilding of Corporate Plaza and inaugurate a new era of corporate harmony. Despite rumors spread by the perpetually malcontent, it was not constructed on radioactive landfill left over from that cleanup.

Map of Heywood



Suspected Organized Crime Activities










Places of Interest

  • The Glen
  • Vistal del Rey
  • Wellsprings


Quests in Heywood


Gigs in Heywood


Shops in Heywood


Gangs in Heywood


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