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Turf Heywood
Estimated Gang Size 6,000

Valentinos is a Gang in Cyberpunk 2077. Gangs are the various groups that take hold of different areas of Night City. From technology-obsessed fully cybered gangs, combat obsessive warrior "tribes," and even gangs centered around cults, there is a diverse array of Gangs in Night City in 2077. These ferocious beasts are not to be trifled with without impunity.


Loyalty, family, and having each-others’ backs are at the core of the Valentinos credo. The streets of Heywood are their haven, decorated with colorful murals and shrines devoted to their idol, Santa Muerte, as well as being the venue for full-throttle drag races and all-night street parties. They know how to have fun, but cause trouble on their turf and you’ll have a whole lot of barrio to answer to.



Valentinos Information

  • Estimated Gang Size: 6,000
  • Turf: Heywood, The Glen, Wellsprings, & Vista Del Rey.
  • Considered as Night City's largest gangs who has control over swathes of Latino sections of Heywood. The Valentinos are bound by a powerful moral code and treat values such as honor, justice, and brotherhood seriously.


Valentinos Related Quests

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Valentinos Related NPCs

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Events & Choices Related to the Valentinos 

Gang Events

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Valentinos Notes & Trivia

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