Johnny Silverhand

The leader of the Samurai band and a war veteran
Role ???
Location ???

Johnny Silverhand  is an NPC in Cyberpunk 2077. He was the leader of the Samurai band and a War Veteran.



Background Information about Johnny Silverhand

 Johnny Silverhand is shown in a trailer trying to help V after a twist in the plot. In the original Cyberpunk 2020. Johnny Silverhand was a central character and the leader of the rock band "Samurai". Presumably dead almost 53 years ago, he might be the real one or an AI that V can see through her implants (In the preview video you can see Johnny glitching for a second).




 Currently unknown




Notes and Trivia about Johnny Silverhand

  • Played as Keanu Reeves
  • Johnny Silverhand was a central character on the original Cyberpunk 2020. He was a soldier in the Second Central American Conflic (you can see the dog tags around Johnny's neck in the trailer). In that war, the US experimented on its own troops with combat drugs and cybernetics. Because of this, Johnny deserted and moved to Night City under a new identity where he started the bad "Samurai" that later became one of the most popular of the world. After the band broke up, a rival tried to blackmail him by threatening to talk about his past as a deserter. Johnny decided to make a solo album called "Sins of your brothers" talking about his war experiences that made him more famous.
    Johnny had a girlfriend called Alt Cunningham who was a netrunner that created a program called "Soulkiller". This program allowed for the digitalization of people's minds and the transfer between bodies. A corporation by the name "Araska" kidnapped her to recreate a newer version of the program for them. When Johnny found about it, he assambled a team of edgerunners to attack Araska HQ. When they finally got inside, they saw Alt body being carried away. What Johnny didn't knew is that she had uploaded her mind to the HQ computer in order to destroy Araska from inside and then go back to her body and escape. This wasn't possible because of Johnny's incursion.
    Some years later, Johnny finds out that Alt was still alive as an AI, and that she was being forced by Araska to build a new "Soulkiller" version. He once again assambled a team of edgerunners to attack Arakas HQ. They were defeated by the security forces led by a cyborg named Adam Smasher. Johnny sacrificed himself as a discratcion providing the Edgerunners a chance to save Alt by transfering her into the net.
    Johnny was cut in half by a Shotgun in hads of Adam Smasher. After this, a nuclear head was detonated in the bulding, presumably vaporizing Johnny.
    We can presume that the Johnny we see talking to V in the trailer is a digital version of him uploaded with the "Soulkiller" software.



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