Founded 1800s - 1900s
Corporation Value 890 billion Eurodollars
Estimated Employees Over 595,000

 Arasaka is a Megacorporation in Cyberpunk 2077. Megacorporations are powerful conglomerates of corporations. Due to the failing U.S. Government, it had to rely on several megacorps to survive. This has given them the capability to operate as they will. This included the repeal of important anti-trust, worker/consumer protection, and environmental protection laws.



Arasaka Information

  • Founded: late 1800s - early 1900s
  • Corporation Value: 890 billion Eurodollars
  • Estimated Employees: Over 595,000
  • Arasaka Corporation is one of the most influential megacorporations in the world, `offering services in corporate security and elite banking. It rules Night City with the sleek, ultra-sharp, high-tech facade which is far cleaner than its blood-soaked undercurrent of ‘off-the-books operations’, carried out by ruthless agents and mercenaries.



Arasaka Related Quests

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  • Quests 2


Arasaka Related NPCs


Items produced by Arasaka

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Arasaka Notes and Trivia

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