DB-2 Satara

Tech Weapon
 db 2 satara 4 weapon cyberpunk 2077 wiki guide
58.3 DPS
4-5x14 Damage
0.77 Attacks Per Second
Can can be charged to release a powerful shot
  • ???
  • ???

No Upgrade Slots

The Rostovic DB-2 Satara is a Tech Weapon in Cyberpunk 2077Tech Weapons can fire projectiles that are fired with an electromagnetic charge. As with Power Weapons, you must first aim at your targets to hit them. Tech Weapons can be charged to release a powerful shot so bullets can piece both armor and covers.


Faith can move mountains. Satara doesn't need to.


How to acquire DB-2 Satara

  • Loot from corpses
  • Weapon Shops
  • Crafting Spec (Obtained from start, common quality)


DB-2 Satara Upgrades

DB-2 Satara has no upgrade slots


DB-2 Satara Notes and Tips

  • N/A


DB-2 Satara Database Entry

The Satara is an unusual breed both because of its bizarre appearance and its unconventional technological foundation. Instead of firing ordinary buckshot, this electromag shotgun launches small, razor-sharp steel spikes. Critics argue the Satara heaviness and bulkiness make it unreasonably inconvenient for practical use. It's advocates, however, point out that the Serbian shotgun is undeterred by walls. MaxTac officers belong to the latter group. After many trials in the field, the Satara has provided consistently effective at bringing down even the most heavily chromed cyberpsychos.



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