Johnny's Shoes

Feet       Rare / Iconic
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Oh, to spend a day in the shoes of a legend...

Johnny's Shoes are a pair of Feet Armor in Cyberpunk 2077.  Armor in addition to protection, there will be several features that allow you to create your visual style, and your style will affect gameplay, storyline, and relationships between characters. Your appearance and your dress will change the behavior of NPCs, and will also affect the story. Style and appearance work together with the personality you create for your character.


Oh, to spend a day in the shoes of a legend...


Johnny's Shoes Information

  • Rarity: Rare


Where the Johnny's Shoes is found/bought


Johnny's Shoes Notes and Trivia




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    • Anonymous

      When does the upgrading stop? I beat the game and have all my stuff upgraded to max for my character except these shoes!

      currently Rare version at 152.1 armor (mod increases armor by 62) next upgrade needs 152 common, 95 uncommon, 76 rare (for both)

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, once they are in your inventory you can't sell them, drop them, stash them, or break them down so if you have some legendary mods then don't put them on these shoes because you won't get them back when better shoes come around.

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